I can’t tell you how many entrepreneurs (or those who want to start up their own business) I see or speak to every week who don’t know enough about TECHNOLOGY.

The technology in your biz is what I’m referring to. Of course you may know how to use your cell phone, apps, ipad or computer…. But do you really know the best software for your business?

We need software and certain systems to support us, help us to be more efficient, help our customers and prospects get information from us while we’re sleeping and just overall make our life easier.

My goal though is always to find the most affordable solutions for you – not show you the next trendy gadget or software! It may not be what you need.
Besides when you switch from one system to another often you take time away from really building your business. I don’t always recommend getting in on the “newest fad” of a system! I personally like to wait to make sure it sticks around (because many don’t).

Technology is something that is a very specific thing I would need to discuss with you privately about however because there are literally TOO MANY OPTIONS to choose from. And boy oh boy can you definitely choose the WRONG ONE if you’re not careful.

I hate to see that happen to people. I want your systems and software (if you need it) to be simple to use, learn, update, and delegate frankly.
If that’s what you want also… and you’re in the middle of deciding which software, system or service to use for some of your technology needs right now, please reach out to me. I want to be a resource for you and I don’t want to see you spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on something you may not need, do you?

My advice? Get a second and/or third opinion…. definitely call or email me, you know I’ll tell it to yor straight.

One way to do that is to come chat with me in a complimentary business strategy session where I can review your overall business needs and what you’re selling or planning. I’m really good at helping you hone in on what you really need to do to attract more clients and make a lot more money doing what you love.

I can also direct you in the right direction for systems to make your life easier and to deliver your message in a more efficient way.

Sign up here now and let’s chat! www.AskKat.biz

katrina sawa

Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



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One thing a lot of entrepreneurs avoid doing in their business is implementing systems and structure. Why is that? 

  • It could be that you aren’t sure how to be more efficient or automated or what to do to get you there.
  • It could be that you’re more of a free spirit and systems and structure sound hard, foreign or horrible at best.
  • Or it could be that you just don’t recognize that you need them.

Systems and structure (sometimes only need to be done one time too!) if put into place in various areas of your business will definitely help you get out of frustration and overwhelm about so much to do!

What I mean by systems and structure is not specific software or programs of some kind necessarily. It’s the strategy and process behind what you’re doing in your business, marketing, follow up and sales. Systems and structure like the ones I’m referring to could lie on your website, shopping cart, software or even offline systems for things that need to happen to run and market your business more effectively and efficiently.

Typically, entrepreneurs who are more creative types of big picture thinkers don’t tend to gravitate towards these types of details whereas those more educated or detail oriented entrepreneurs take too much time with these details and often don’t get to the necessary sales and marketing activities which is not good either.

Let me share a few key reasons why, if you’re someone who’s a bit more resistant (or oblivious) to creating and implementing systems and structure, you want to start paying attention pretty quickly.

You will:

  1. Gain more hours back in your day.
  2. Reach and impact many more people and prospects.
  3. Sell more and make more money regularly.
  4. Become more known and elevate your expert status.
  5. Get more exposure and visibility.
  6. If something tragic happens in your life you will have the time and ability to handle it.

No one thinks anything tragic will happen to them of course, but I’d like to have you please rethink that. If I was talking to you right now in person I would tell you my story and why it’s made me so passionate about helping other entrepreneurs embrace and implement more systems and structure into their business. What I can tell you is that things were going along great about two years ago.  In fact, I had just met the man of my dreams.

But within two years, I had to have two full hip replacement surgeries (at age 42 and 43) and my fiancé has had kidney stones and now an even more urgent medical issue, he developed cancer in his tonsil. (If you’re worried about him, it seems as if he will be ok with a couple surgeries, we’re hoping for no radiation and chemo.)

All of these issues we never anticipated or thought would happen to us but they did. All of them also took us out of our work or business for a minimum of a week if not a lot longer in the case of my surgeries and possibly the current situation.

Luckily I do have many systems and structures in place as well as a pretty decent size team that helped me get stuff done and keep the marketing going while I was out of the office. It did still however cause my income to drop during those times regardless since most of my sales are still made personally by me. My fiancé doesn’t necessarily have a lot of systems in place however.  He has one or two people in his office that he can ask to do things for him if necessary but not too much automated marketing or structure to consistently bring in more leads.

I wanted to talk about this today because if anything, I mean anything, happens to you or someone you love (not to mention unforeseen issues due to mother nature or home repairs), you could be faced with challenges with continuing to generate leads, sales and revenue. I want to make sure YOU are prepared as much as possible just in case. Trust me, do this now, don’t put it off; you just never know what’s going to happen or when and life is too short too to not enjoy it as much as possible now. Systems will do that for you also.

Action Step:  Watch a recent video I recorded all about Embracing Systems, then come talk, with me



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