Being Okay Not Being Perfect

Do you feel like you need to be perfect? 

Like you need to at least “SHOW” or “LOOK LIKE” you’re perfectly put together, organized or in some other way?

Do you feel like an imposter sometimes and find it hard to “fake it til you make it” so they say?

Well I hate to burst your bubble, but we’ve all got S**T that’s happened to us, even me.

We have stuff from our childhood that creeps into our subconscious, then we take (or don’t take) action based on those thoughts and beliefs all our life. All while we continue to get roadblocks (sometimes huge ones) just tossed in our way that we have to figure out how to navigate around.

This is called LIFE.

And whether you’re running a business or you have a job or you’re in a transition state right now, life happens. It’s how you deal with it and what you do about it or afterwards or when you’re going through it all how you react or don’t react through it all that makes you the person you are today and in the future.

We need these “lessons” in life frankly. There is NO way we can all be perfect so just realize that sooner than later and show your imperfections to the world so they know you’re human.

That’s just a little thought for the day as I share my own life’s journey with you in a quick, condensed fashion on today’s video – go take a look!



I could share hours of this frankly but one of those “beliefs” of mine that I inherited was that no one wants to hear about me which is why I always focus so much on giving value, content, tips and resources…

I share a lot more like this at my live events and in my coaching programs but not always via video or email so I wanted to give a glimpse behind the curtain today. I hope this is helpful for some of you!

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