What do you do when a prospect says no?

What do you do when a prospect says no?

  • Do you give up the first time and say okay, bye?
  • Or do you ask why?
  • Do you try to get to the heart of the real reason they’re saying no?

If you give up too easily, or too soon, then you’re missing out on thousands and thousands of dollars in sales in your business.

For most prospects, their first no is just to see if you can overcome their objections. It’s not that they do this consciously, but unconsciously. Many people innately want to protect themselves from buying, so their subconscious triggers the standard responses that may not even be the real reason or real response they truly want to give.

When you’re in a sales conversation one-on-one with somebody there’s a lot more to do than just present the features and benefits of your program product or service and ask them if they want to buy.

The sales conversation is a dance that you have to learn, it’s not a skill we’re all born with. Some are better than others at this dance but we all have to learn how to do this better and more authentically to us. You can’t avoid learning more about sales and honing your sales skills just because you don’t want to be considered “salesy”. You just need to learn how to do it in a way that makes you feel good about it and that ALSO gets you the RESULTS that you want.

There are many phrases, words, and strategies to use within a sales conversation and it varies depending on your industry, type of business, level of confidence, skill, and opportunity in which you are engaging with a prospect.

If you don’t know what those are, and when to interject which, then you could lose the sale more often than not and you definitely are probably a little ill prepared on what to do when the prospect says no.

The words that you use and the things that you say in the sales conversation are critical to your success, and frankly critical to you serving your new customer or client. I’m assuming here that you have an amazing program product or service that is going to benefit your prospect tremendously here, I’m not just talking about selling people at random or because we are just out to “sell” someone. Selling is serving though and you do have to embrace that if you’re a business owner or you will most likely never get ahead.

Without sales your business cannot survive. Without clients, you cannot serve or help others so I urge you to do whatever it takes to hone your sales skills… sooner rather than later.  

If you know that handling objections, conversations like these, and even writing copy for your web pages where you want people to go click and buy, are things that you should probably be working on then you want to take a look at what’s going on this weekend. Check it out…

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Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

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When is it time to raise your rates (OMG)?

Do you feel valued for what you get paid right now in your business?

I hope so!

Unfortunately, too often, I see entrepreneurs who don’t feel valued, or they feel a bit resentful even sometimes. OR I see entrepreneurs who don’t REALIZE what they’re worth – THAT happens most often actually. You just don’t know what people really will pay you for your time, expertise or a product or offering.

AND… if you leave it up to YOUR mindset about what to charge, sometimes we say things to ourselves like “Well, no one will pay THAT of course” or “people don’t have that kind of money” as you prejudge others as to what THEY will invest!! WTF? Seriously?

Stop it. Stop prejudging your potential customers and clients on what you “think” they can afford. Instead you need to STAND IN YOUR OWN TRUE VALUE & KNOW YOU DESERVE TO BE PAID THE AMOUNT YOU CHOOSE.

Many of us can charge whatever we want, that’s just how it goes with being an entrepreneur.

Others of you could have jobs or businesses that are regulated like Financial Planners or Insurance Agents perhaps or even Realtors (Don’t get me started on Realtors – they work WAY too hard before even getting paid a dime. I would never be a Realtor just because of that.)

So for those of you who CAN set your own rates, how do you know when it’s time to raise them or change up your business model perhaps and do something different?

I think, as soon as you even remotely start feeling undervalued or resentful for sure, but every year or couple years at least in most cases.

What about those of you who have the regulated type of business? Well, YOU can create other income streams perhaps. You can always write a book, or get paid to speak or do a training that can be outside your normal working services. You can host an event perhaps too or deep dive retreat if that’s more your thing. You just have to think “outside the box” and/or talk with someone like me who can help you strategize ideas and possibilities!

For those of you who maybe are unaware of what you could truly get paid for what you’re already doing, you need to start talking to people like me and others in other industries or in entrepreneur groups to get bigger ideas, see proof of others making more – they’re out there, you just may not come in contact with them!

For those of you who are NEWer in business, often times you think just because you’re new you have to start lower and that’s TOTALLY FALSE! You don’t. Many of the people I talk to who think this have so much darn expertise or experience in the area they’re now building a business around that they could charge 4 times as much as they’re initially thinking but they don’t see how that experience plays into their new business (yet). It does and you can come out of the gate at a much higher rate.

Either way you slice it, most of you who are reading this are probably NOT charging enough OR there are other ways you can easily sell your knowledge or experience but you just don’t know how to get that going.

It could be to launch a course or group program? A live event or start speaking. There are so many ways to make more money in your business but if you aren’t having conversations around this, then you’re not seeing those ways or seeing that it could be YOUR REALITY too.

I always say, “You’ve got to stay in the conversation” to continue learning, growing and expanding around your worth, your value, your skillset and more.

And another fun saying I say to people at my events and when I work with them is this: “You want to charge as much as you can possibly say without stuttering!” (Because when you stutter then you don’t look as confident of course.)


Do it, raise your rates! What have you got to lose? Besides, you can always negotiate when talking with a potential client if you want? “Start high and go low” is another thing I say. Don’t start with the one time call when you’re making an offer – start with the annual program and go down from there, then everything else seems like a much more doable option.

Getting really good at the “SALES CONVERSATION” is a critical skill that all entrepreneurs must learn, I don’t care what business or industry you are in. There is NO way around learning this and becoming better at sales. So no matter what you’re charging, you have to be able to show the value of what you offer in that conversation. The other person has to feel your worth and confidence, plain and simple.

If this all makes sense to you and it could be POSSIBLE that there are some “missing pieces” to YOUR business, your offerings or your sales process then why not “TRY ME OUT”!

Let me help you figure out what those are for you (sooner than later)?

Here are 3 options – PICK ONE!

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Here’s to creating and enjoying a life full of lots of LOVE & MONEY!!



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Your Words Matter – How to Navigate the Sales Conversation

The other day I was on Zoom with a client and we were talking through the “sales conversation”. What wording she would use on calls with people who wanted to find out more about her services. What questions to ask them on the call and what she would want to gather ahead of time on an online sign up form that she would automate through her website…

Some of the things that we talked through and ideas generated would have NEVER occurred to her on her own. She left that call feeling more energized to go networking and talking with people about what she did because she knew what then to say with them when she got them to take the next step with her, something she wasn’t asking them to do until now because she didn’t know “what to say”.

IT’S THE WORDS that often stump us, squash our confidence and our motivation.

IT’S THE WORDS that allow perfect clients to walk away without being served by us.

IT’S THE WORDS that we have to learn so that we can be effective and successful in business.

If you don’t know them, they aren’t just going to come to you. You must learn them. You have to brainstorm them with people, many people sometimes to see what works and what doesn’t, then keep tweaking them until you see bigger positive results.

I LOVE helping people find YOUR RIGHT WORDS, those that feel like you (not me), that resonate with you and your ideal clients.

This is one of my ZONES OF GENIUS. How can I help you?

Honestly, this is probably the hugest topic that comes up on my coaching calls is how to navigate that sales conversation. I would say 95% of the Entrepreneurs I talk with have no clue how to take people through that type of call or conversation properly so it’s not salesy, so it also serves the other party AND it converts. By no fault of their own, they either came from a corporate environment or maybe were stay at home moms prior to starting their own business. Even some experienced sales people or marketing types who had jobs before and then now are starting their own business, have to learn to words to use. They have to learn new ways to hold sales conversations and new words to use because selling YOURSELF is a whole new ballgame!!

Fears crop up. Doubts surface. If you work from home it can even be worse because your only lifeline is your mind and sometimes that is very negative… I call it “headtrash”. Don’t listen to yourself if you are ever negative. You are worth way more than you think you are. Which is another thing that comes up too when we’re talking about sales conversations… and that’s WHAT TO SELL & FOR HOW MUCH!? Most Entrepreneurs, especially newer ones, under charge for their services; often times thinking “I’m new, I can’t charge more” when that’s just a big ol’ lie that your crappy mind tells you is all.

Don’t let the lack of sales experience, confidence around your worth and any crappy headtrash slow you down from making the bigger impact you’re meant to make on this world (and your family along with that). Get support.

I’d love to invite you to a complimentary business strategy session with me where you’ll get some new clarity on how you can uplevel and jumpstart your business quickly. This is for serious entrepreneurs who want support, please fill out the short questionnaire here

Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

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