Learn to Monetizing your Mission, Your Purpose, Your Passion for better business results!

Do you have a passion or mission to bring out to the world that will help others? Do you need to know how to monetize it?

Business coach, speaker, and author Nicola Grace, known as The Mission Mentor and I recently discussed these topics to help you understand how you can make more money doing what you LOVE!

During this interview, Nicola shares why knowing your Purpose and being in total alignment with your Purpose is key in today world of marketing and business.

Are you aligned with your Purpose?

Are you an entrepreneur who is marketing yourself and your business, but you are not getting results? You are not alone. This is a common problem that is shared by many entrepreneurs. One of the problems is their message is not clear or they are having problems articulating it clearly and it’s missing the mark with the people they want to serve.

Those are symptoms of your not being clear on your Purpose – what you are here to do, who you are here to serve, how you show up in the world and what message you are here to deliver.

Are you truly Authentic?

How do you come across to others? Is it possible that programs you’ve sold in the past no longer work for or resonate with others. The world has shifted and authenticity is critical. Faking your results just won’t cut it anymore. People are tired of investing in programs that no longer work.

Are you in the Right Niche, are you saying the Right Things, are you Expressing Yourself according to your Purpose?

When all of these are in alignment and the Monetization piece is in place, you’ll find your business will thrive instead of finding yourself in debt in a couple of years.

Do you know how to Monetize Your Mission?

In the older business models, you had a product or service that you exchanged for money. It’s different in today’s world!  Now you have to factor into that exchange how to make people feel they are contributing to the greater good. Contributing a percentage of sales to charity alone is no longer adequate.

Do you know your Purpose? Are you having trouble trying to discover what your Purpose is? Do you have an Attractor Factor?

Click the video below to learn how to” Jumpstart Your Purpose – Grow Your Business and Get Better Results!”

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