As a small business owner, what I’ve seen is that you typically could use more direct advice, feedback and training, specifically for YOUR business in order to know what to do and how to do it. You don’t need huge group programs where you get lost in the shuffle. Regardless if they are less expensive, trust me, it’s not the best route to go if you need to make money pretty quickly and you need to know where to focus to do that (i.e. marketing activities, website, etc.).

Today I’m talking about How to Maximize Your Money When Growing Your Business in my New Video!


I know you’ve got less money than ever to invest back in your business so you want to be very careful how you invest it right? I talk to hundreds of small business owners every month and most are wasting thousands of dollars in the wrong places, especially within the first 5 years of your business.

In this video I share the things you want to consider the “cost of doing business” and what you’ll have to continue investing in for the life of your business I’m afraid.

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Upcoming Show

My next show will air on Tuesday, March 12th and I will be doing a SPECIAL SOLO SHOW on “Start Up Business Basics: How to Maximize Your Time and Money Within the First 3 Years of Starting Up Your Small Business”

Developing Big Picture Goals and Vision for your company: What do you really want to build and when?

Choosing the Right Leveraged Business Models: We’ll talk about coaching programs, masterminds, live events, info-products, brick and mortar and more.

Positioning Yourself as the Expert in Your Industry

Massive Lead Generation and Exposure: We’ll talk about your website, social media marketing systems, affiliate marketing, joint ventures, publicity and more.

Advanced Sales Strategies & Processes: Sales and marketing are the two most important activities you’ll do in your business so learning how to close more is crucial.

Team Building for Freedom: Recommendations on how to delegate, what to delegate and to whom.

You can listen to the interview by clicking here

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