Business Owner: Are you getting what you need in a Mentor or Programs you’ve invested in?

Are you an entrepreneur who has invested in programs, events, and masterminds that haven’t really gotten you to where you really need to be yet in your business?

Are you wondering why that is?   What could you be doing wrong?  Were they just the wrong programs at the wrong time?

So, what’s next for you?  You’ve got to keep going right?

You don’t want to go back and get a JOB… so what’s next for you?

What I’ve found over the last 15 years of business coaching with thousands of entrepreneurs is that most of us have invested in the WRONG thing every once in a while and don’t get what we need.

Unfortunately that’s pretty normal. It sucks but it happens!

The key is to pick yourself back up from that, don’t get jaded and go invest in the NEXT THING!  Hopefully this time, the thing that will really help you with what you need to do NEXT, RIGHT NOW.

One of the things I’m really good at is helping entrepreneurs like YOU determine what IS your next move. What you DO NEED to do next to grow your business.

They don’t just call me the Jumpstart Your Biz Coach for nothing you know… I know how to laser in and focus on what is the single most important for YOU to be spending your time on right now to get you to create a smooth-running, moneymaking business. Plain and simple.

I don’t recommend any ONE thing to all however, it’s not a cookie cutter approach. I’m not going to tell everyone to do THIS xyz thing, because that doesn’t work.


I can help you with that but you have to get over the fact that you need to yet again… invest in yourself and your business.

You have to know that you will ALWAYS have to continue investing in yourself and your business. There is no way to do and learn all there is to do and learn on your own for free; it’s not possible, even with youtube. 😉

Click here to view the video and hear more about how to get Just What You Need.


Although I’ve invited you to listen to this video, I recommend that you do more than just listen.  Come talk with me.  Let me see what I can do to help set you on THE RIGHT PATH to your successful, and consistently profitable business, shall we? Just go to to schedule a complimentary Strategy Session with me.

Come on! It’s YOUR Time to shine!!

xoxo Katrina

Here’s to Creating the Business of your Dreams!



Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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Today I want to talk to you about Mastermind programs. I’ve just made a special offer to the attendees at my Live Event who are interested in joining a mastermind. I always offer special deals to my Event attendees so I’m sorry if you didn’t get your ticket before the Event sold out! But, if you act within the next couple of weeks, I’ll be happy to extend a special invitation to you, so read on and watch the video below.

thinking of joining a mastermindI’ve been in a few masterminds programs offered by highly successful people and for the most part, it’s what got me where I am today. I can’t imagine where I’d be if I didn’t have those experiences in the masterminds I was a part of.

I’ve been leading a mastermind, my Live Big Mastermind since 2009 and it’s grown significantly. It’s just the right size – there are lots of joint ventures going on, we’ve got buddy systems and a very supportive environment. My group also receives lots of training and access to ME as well!

My Live Big Mastermind is geared to take the guesswork out of how to get things done! The areas where I provide the most help with the group is what I call the JumpStart Phase, the foundational, get everything set up to work for you phase.  We work on your technology, your online presence, your offline marketing strategies, your mindset, and more so you can have the life you really want and make a lot more money doing what you want! And if you already have systems and revenue generating products set up, I can help you get to the next level with speaking, webinars, Live Events, etc.

Check out the video below for more detail about Thinking About Joining A Mastermind!

Thinking About Joining a Mastermind? Watch this Video First!

If you are looking at some of the mastermind programs being offered, I encourage you to go to to see all of the benefits that membership in this mastermind offers you! There’s a sign up box on that page for you to schedule a time to talk with me so we can determine if it’s a good fit for you.  And, there’s NO OBLIGATION just to have a chat with me, REALLY!

And for those of you who didn’t get into my LIVE BIG EVENT to receive my special offer and who are interested in joining a mastermind program, those of you who are interested in making more money doing what you love, I encourage you to sign up at for a phone chat with me within the next two weeks because I’m feeling generous and will make a special offer to you too!  But you have to ACT NOW!

If you are not ready to commit to a mastermind, I can also offer you so one-on-one coaching and I have some training programs online that may interest you.  You can find them at

If you need help now: 

free session Need to talk to someone who can help you get a JumpStart to making better decisions so you can start making more money?  I’d be happy to have a conversation with you. If you’d like to discuss YOUR Marketing or Business Plan I would love that. I offer a complimentary business strategy session that people DO get big clarity in, it’s not just a sales conversation I promise. I want to be a resource for you, help steer you in the right direction to make SMART MARKETING DECISIONS and NOT see you fail or have to go back and get a J.O.B. because you weren’t able to jumpstart your business fast enough….let me help you now! Sign up here –>> 

Coming Soon:  JumpStart Your Biz in a Weekend Intensive – in Sacramento, Mar/Apr 2017!  

jumpstart your biz in a weekendBe a part of an intimate group of highly motivated entrepreneurs and business owners at my JumpStart Your Biz in a Weekend Intensive!  If you need better marketing results & a better overall business plan FAST, here’s your chance!  Check out all of the training you will receive at this Event in Mar/Apr 2017.  And if you ACT FAST – you can sign up for a FREE scholarship!  (FREE SCHOLARSHIPS ARE LIMITED and this offer ends very soon! Check it out NOW at:

Wishing you Success! 



Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear Making a LOT More MONEY Doing What
You LOVE!”

P.S.  Get your FREE Entrepreneur’s Success Kit at

jumpstart your biz in a weekendP.P.S.  Do you want to be in an intimate group of highly motivated entrepreneurs and business owners? Do you need better marketing results & a better overall business plan FAST?  Do you Want all of this for FREE?  Check out all of the training you will receive at my next Live Big Event in Mar/Apr 2017.   It’s my JumpStart Your Biz in a Weekend Intensive Event and you can sign up for a FREE scholarship!  (FREE SCHOLARSHIPS ARE LIMITED and this offer ends very soon! ACT NOW!




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Hi there, its Katrina Sawa here with a special blog post for subscribers and followers and friends!  

With the half way mark of 2013 just a few weeks away, I know that many of you are looking at ways to finally jumpstart your business into high gear.


Maybe you’re getting to the point where you know it’s finally time to take your business seriously and get the training and help you need. Maybe you’re just at a crossroads and aren’t sure which path to take without some personal direction.


Well, you’re not alone. I don’t know anyone who’s built a successful, smooth-running, consistent lead-generating, moneymaking machine of a business without getting the training and/or coaching they need for their specific situation. There’s a lot to do, set up, build and manage as a small business owner and boy can it be overwhelming….I know, I’ve been there too and every once in a while I still reach out to coaches and mentors to help me through a rough patch.


I‘ve received quite a few emails and I’ve spoken personally with dozens of you in the last few weeks and I hear that you’re a bit confused as to which of my programs, products or services is the best fit for you based on where you’re at right now or what you need help with most. You want a big picture business and marketing coach but you aren’t sure who or if I am the right fit for you?


Therefore, I thought I’d put some of my most popular programs and services in ONE email for you today so you can get a better feel for what’s available for you! (They are in order of price low to high FYI but I definitely wouldn’t make your decision based on that.)


Option 1: Jumpstart Your Website Webinar – Happens Quarterly! 
Growing your business by having more repeat business and referrals isn’t hard to do! But you ABSOLUTELY MUST have an effective, professionally designed and professionally written website as ONE very important component of your entire, overall marketing plan! No matter what type of business you’re in, this is really important….on this webinar I work closely with just 10 of you to show you EXACTLY what to do to uplevel, change up, develop new and/or tweak your site for more response.


Option 2: Silver Mentor Program – Monthly Coaching and Membership 
Need ongoing accountability, resources, advice and ongoing trainings to help you get to the next level in your business, then the next, then the next? This month to month membership programs teaches you NEW and PROVEN marketing and business building strategies to help you grow your business. Plus you have access to my advice, laser coaching and more with the online member forum and open Q&A Calls.


Option 3: Jumpstart Your Biz Workshop Series – Online Marketing Focus!– Happens June 1st! 

The second workshop of this series is happeningJune 1st and it’s all about ONLINE MARKETING, WEBSITES, SOCIAL MEDIA, BLOGGING, VIDEO MARKETING & Anything Electronic or Techy in Your Biz. I have 20 seats open if you want to regsiter and get this stuff “handled” or in place in your business. Saturday, June 1 – Topics Discussed: web design and development, technology needs training, copywriting for websites and marketing materials, social media and online marketing to direct traffic to your site, converting and opting in more subscribers to your site, systems for marketing and sales within your site or backend, blogging, video marketing and more (this will be good even if you don’t have control over your website like in a network marketing situation so you need this too, trust me) 



Option 4: 6-Figure Business Makeover – Entrepreneurial Group Training Program – Next class runs June 3 – July 8
This short-term, high access group program will only be 20 entrepreneurs max so that each of you get laser coaching on each call for 6 weeks. This program is for current business owners and seasoned business owners to get the specific advice you need to tweak what you’re doing and monetize or systematize more of what you’re already doing. It’s 6 weeks of all laser coaching calls with me so it’s very focused on what YOU need NOW most.


This is a do-it-yourself at your own pace type of program BUT it’s my most powerful, all inclusive training that I’ve ever done AND it includes TONS of BONUSES right now in launch mode so I threw it in here because you can also “work with me” when you invest in this program if you do it quick and are one of the next 6 people to sign up for this – you get all the bonuses listed on the page which include the 6 Figure Business Makeover, the Silver Program and 24/7 access to me personally through mid-July.


Option 6: VIP Day with Me 
If you like getting advice FAST and all at once for the most part, this VIP Day is for you. It will be big picture planning in person near my home in the Sacramento, CA area (or I could do them virtually as needed but in person is way more fun and productive). It’s also the how-to, nitty gritty detailed advice you need to get all the big plans done and in place. We can plot out your next big program, product or launch, we can turn you into a speaker in one day, we can help you outline your book and how to get it marketed, we can also help start ups get systems and client attraction activities in place. It depends where you are and what you need but we work fast and furiously in one day plus a couple follow up calls to give you and your business a BIG jumpstart.


If you know you need ONE mentor for a while and you need to “get stuff done” then this could be the perfect fit for you. I’m all about implementation and getting stuff done that will help you attract more clients, make more money and enjoy a happier lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones. You receive homework after our calls every other week, you have constant access to me throughout our time together and occasionally I also throw in other bonus programs, products or event access to my 1on1 coaching clients too.


Option 8: The Live Big Mastermind – Enrollment Open Now, 8 Spots Available!
This is my only annual group and 1on1 coaching program, this is A-Z as well but you get me on speed dial all year plus the support of up to 11 other highly motivated and caring entrepreneurs along the way. This program you get all my templates and resources that I use to make your life easy. There are 3 group calls a month so you are never alone in the running of your business. There are live retreats and masterminds, you have full FREE Access to just about all my other programs and events too to maximum growth and success!



If you have any questions on ANY of this please don’t hesitate to email or call me. I’m happy to discuss any of these options (or other products, etc.) with you if you still are unsure. I look forward to partnering with you on your journey to complete happiness and success this year! 


Katrina Sawa 
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach 
And Love & Money Mentor 
(916) 872-4000


P.S. I hope to have the chance to work with you this year! 



“I have been a member of Katrina’s Mastermind group for the past year. I cannot tell you what a blessing this has been to me and my business. Being a very creative right brained Astrologer, Intuitive reader, healer and silk painter, I had no clue on how to promote my business. I now have a beautiful, functional website, I am doing teleclasses and newsletters monthly and I have learned how to promote myself. My business is growing steadily and I cannot tell you enough good things about Katrina and her style of coaching. I would not be where I am today without her expertise! Her coaching style is so nurturing and she gives so much!  Her knowledge of marketing just blows me away! Joining Katrina’s mastermind group was one of the best decisions I could have made for my career. Through this program I have gained the confidence to see success for myself.” ~ Debra Sholly, Astrologer, Intuitive Healer, Baton Rouge, LA


“When I first began working with Katrina, I had some serious gaps in my knowledge of how to market my business online. Not only did I not know how to do anything  but the few things I did know how to do I had HUGE resistance to. I couldn’t get myself to do anything. Well, the other day I kicked off a new program, and something clicked into place. I feel like this has become TREMENDOUSLY easier for me. It was such a huge hump to get over and was so overwhelming- from coming up with a program, doing a call, planning emails, marketing on social media, reaching out for help, reaching out to individuals- and not to mention actually creating the darn program. Now it not only feels more simple, but it also feels FUN! I wasn’t expecting that. Ha. And that’s all because I hired Katrina. No way I would’ve gotten to this point on my own.” ~ Miranda Zukowski, Fitness Coach and Personal Trainer, New Jersey



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I woke up this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep without writing this because I think it’s so important…this was confusing to me a couple years ago too when I first started joining mastermind programs and high level coaching programs.

I think it’s appropriate and timely to talk about it too because I’ve been getting lots of questions about the new programs I’m offering and how they compare to ‘other people’s mastermind and coaching programs’. In fact I decided to do a ONE-TIME TELECLASS on the subject this coming Thursday, December 3rd at Noon PST….enter your name and email here now and get access to that call.


I know many of you are reading other people’s ezines and promotions and following other coaches and mentors as well….as you should; but I’m hearing that you’re confused.

With all the coaching and mastermind options out there right now, all of the 2010 groups are now forming…not only mine but a couple of my mentors’, other coaches like me and more; you’re confused as to which one is right for you?
Which one should you join?

I know they are a big investment, not only in yourself but in the direction of your business too so you want to make the RIGHT DECISION on which one to join, correct?

Ok so let’s talk about and compare the Mastermind Groups and High End Coaching Programs that are out there, that you’re seeing…. Mind you I’m doing this to show you that I care enough about you to lay it all out on the table; I’m not trying to just tell you that you should join my mastermind group but I truly want to EDUCATE YOU on what you’re seeing out there and what the differences are and what to look for in choosing a program so it ends up being what you truly need in the coming year, not something way ahead of you or maybe even behind where you are….let’s compare….

** NOTE ** If you’re not interested in a mastermind program for yourself for next year, why not? It’s the most amazing way to fast-forward your progress, success and income this year. Check out the video I did and maybe you’ll understand more why to consider this for yourself… click here for the video.

First of all, WHY should you want to join a Mastermind group or coaching program?

It’s simple really and most of us who’ve been in them would say it was the best thing we EVER did in our business (and that’s the truth).

Being in a Mastermind Group, like my Live Big Platinum Mastermind for example, can give you:

  1. An influx of new ideas, strategies and fresh perspectives for your business. Sure you can come up with plenty of ideas on your own but will you know which ones to act on, spend money on or how to turn those ideas into big money pay days all on your own? Having a focused group of entrepreneurs and a lead mentor who can see bigger visions for you, additional opportunities and wider possibilities helps you put your big ideas into reality much faster and with more surety.
  2. Motivation and positive powerful thinking. The greatest challenge a business owner may face is staying positive and motivated on a day to day or month to month basis. We need to surround ourselves with highly motivated, energized and positive BIG thinking like-minded entrepreneurs constantly or we can easily lose steam. What happens when you lose steam? You don’t make a lot of sales right? You don’t attract a lot of clients easily do you? Instead, working with and interacting with your Mastermind group and lead mentor on a regular basis can clear those negative thoughts and replace them with positive, motivating, inspired and passionate thoughts and actions.
  3. Accountability and responsibility. One of the most difficult things for many of us entrepreneurs is to actually ‘get stuff done’. We do have many ideas like I mentioned but we don’t always know how to put them into money-making plans, products, programs, etc. and even if we KNEW HOW to get them implemented, we have no time so they still don’t get done, am I right? Your Mastermind group can help hold you accountable to your goals and project timelines plus provide a certain level of competition that will motivate many entrepreneurs to make sure they had their ‘thing’ done before coming to the next meeting.
  4. A big leap in time. In an era where time is money, we have to learn double the things in half the time. By connecting with peers and a lead mentor in a Mastermind group who have similar experiences, you tap, learn and benefit from others’ input. Especially learning from a Mentor who has been where you are and is now leaps ahead of you, they are where you want to be; it makes sense to learn what to do and NOT to do directly from someone who’s been there, made mistakes and then had successes who can show you the right path for you. This greatly shortens your learning curve by a huge margin.

Trust me, I lucked out when I first started doing these types of programs because the mentors I chose were just starting out with these types of programs themselves pretty much and their fees were still very low compared to what they are today (although still a big stretch for me at the time). I got a lot more for my money than you can typically get today in most of the programs out there.

However, there are still programs like mine; the Live Big Platinum and Platinum Plus that ARE true mastermind programs with 10-12 people in them all year long who get one-on-one access to me AND that are still affordable for the newer entrepreneur or the entrepreneur who has never done anything like this before.

I’ve now upleveled myself to offer these types of programs to you as MY next step in my business.

THE #1 REASON I did this is because being in these types of programs for me was the single best thing that catapulted my business so fast in the last few years. I wanted to offer that same type of accelerated learning, access and implementation to a select group of entrepreneurs like you who want to get there FASTER as well.
Now I mentioned a TRUE Mastermind, what is that you might ask and what’s the difference?

Aren’t all Mastermind groups the same? NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!

To me, a true mastermind is NOT:

  • A group of over 15 people
  • More self-learning modules in the program than one-on-one access with the lead Mentor
  • Being coached by the lead Mentor’s co-coach, not the lead Mentor themselves
  • A program where you don’t feel like someone is truly ‘with you’ working on your business all year long (Trust me, I had this issue in one of the masterminds I was a part of and I didn’t feel like my Mentor cared too much about me or what I was doing in my business hence the advice I got was not always in my best interest.)

A true mastermind to me IS:

  • A group of 8-15 like-minded entrepreneurs who are there to give as well as receive.
  • Working hand in hand with your mentor to achieve the big goals and big picture dreams for you and your business and having a good amount of monthly access to them one-on-one
  • Feeling like you are a part of a family who truly cares about you, who inspires and loves you and who would do anything for you (and people you stay in touch with for years after your group experience is ove

Either you absolutely know you want to get into ONE of these programs and you are deciding NOW which one you will join…..

Or you aren’t sure if this is the next step for you and your business, it’s a big investment and you’re not sure HOW it will pan out if you do it; meaning what will the return on investment be? This is a common question but very hard to answer because it will depend on you. It will depend on if you get into the right program for where you are now in your business and then how you commit to the group and to yourself to working the program for all it has.

If you follow many coaches and mentors and you’re finding it hard to choose then you’re not alone. We all have so much to give and very different programs and it is difficult to differentiate between what we all offer in order to make the BEST DECISION for you this coming year.

I know that many others who have mastermind programs are also very good at sales and they ‘get you in’ before you even know you’ve been gotten.
What the other guys/gals don’t tell you is:

  • They want you to believe that their Mastermind program is a TRUE Mastermind like I mentioned above, but most of them are not. Most of these types of groups are set up to coach one-to-many (a lot of manys in fact). They charge fees that they used to charge for their one-on-one masterminds (the true ones) but now for more people, typically 35-50 or sometimes 100!
  • Yet they offer NO one-on-one sessions (or just a couple per year) with the lead coach or mentor. They tell you you’ll get a true mastermind because on their sales page they show you testimonials of their ‘top’ clients who’ve worked closely with them all year and gotten huge results. These are NOT usually the people in the larger group mastermind program, they’re usually their top, high paying one-on-one clients (many now call their ‘Diamond’s’).
  • Most of us coaches/mentors can only manage 10 or so ‘top’ clients where those clients pretty much have us ‘on speed dial’ so to speak (monthly 1on1 calls, emails, emergency calls and much more 1on1 attention – usually the ONLY 1on1 monthly attention by the lead mentor/coach). This makes sense though because as we uplevel ourselves, just as you will also uplevel yourself….there are bigger visions for the company, for us, for our mission, etc. therefore our time becomes more and more limited which is why we introduce more leveraged programs – those that leverage our time more to teach many. But there just isn’t enough time in the day or month to serve hundreds or even 30 coaching clients each month or year in a one-on-one capacity.
  • They tempt you with the ‘mastermind’ concept, show you that this is truly what you need and then they offer mass group masterminds for lower, affordable investments which aren’t the same….they are like going to a big workshop 2-3 times per year and networking with the group, asking questions in the audience of the lead mentor but no real one-on-one time with the lead mentor yourself.
  • Others have added a co-coach who actually will break up the large ‘mastermind’ group into smaller groups and the co-coach will work with them on a monthly basis…but you’re still not getting the lead Mentor one-on-one.
  • You’d have to pay six times as much or more to get the one-on-one coaching sessions with them in what a lot of them call their ‘Diamond’ Mastermind programs. These are their true mastermind groups yet there are typically 10-15 max of these people. Many coaches offer this for a 6-figure investment or fee for the year which is fine and I just actually entered into one of these myself this year…but this was MY next step….it wasn’t my FIRST STEP.

You see the difference?

And I’m sure I’ll eventually uplevel myself again and get to that level (possibly sooner rather than later) of an investment for my programs as well but for now….they are still very reasonable and actually my Platinum and Platinum Plus Programs are the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK right now if you’re looking for a TRUE Mastermind Program that will inspire you, show you the HOW, get you implementing, shift your mindset so you can think bigger and then give you the one-on-one access to ME for as much advice, resources, feedback, ideas and more that you can handle!

If this is the first or maybe second time you’re considering entering into one of these programs…my Live Big Platinum Mastermind could be just the right fit for you.

The confusion between all these different levels of so-called mastermind programs and group memberships is crazy I know. I put together a chart for mine because members were asking and my team needed it too to make sure every member received all their benefits, etc. You can view my program chart of benefits when you download the Program Information Sheet – enter your name and email here and you’ll get instant access.


What it all comes down to is how do you most like to learn and how are you most productive?

You have to know your best learning style so you choose and invest in the programs and products that fit you and how you best learn so you don’t waste your money.

I, for example, am NOT a good product learner.  I don’t have good luck purchasing a home study kit or other listen to/read type of product and then actually sitting down working my way through it. It will sit on my shelf forever unless I pass it on to an assistant to read and learn and then THEY can implement whatever it is or give me the ‘cliff notes’.

Instead, I learn best by working one-on-one with a Mentor who’s doing what I want to do or going where I want to go. Someone who’s still in the trenches themselves. Someone who’s investing in themselves as they ask me to invest in them. Someone who’s learning from other big thinkers and money makers so that knowledge will trickle on down to me as well. I learn well in a workshop atmosphere too but then if I don’t quickly act on the information I learn, it just sits on my shelf once again. Having a Mentor and true Mastermind group to hold me accountable, help guide me in all my big ideas and implementation is truly the glue for me that holds my business together while it accelerates at the speed of light from one level to the next, and the next, and the next.

Do you learn best by teleclasses, group trainings, workshops and online self-administer recordings and interaction or do you need or want more one-on-one mentoring, advice, guidance, resources, feedback and recommendations from your mentor or coach?

That’s where your decision should lie in whose mastermind or coaching program you should join.
You want to go where you’ll have the best experience, implement the most, learn and achieve the most and feel the most supported.

If you’re ready to find out how to become one of the 10-12 big thinking entrepreneurs that I accept into my highly interactive Live Big Platinum Mastermind or one of the 4-5 highly motivated, fast-moving, big thinking entrepreneurs that I will mentor personally in my Platinum Plus Private Mentoring Program in 2010 then request your Program Information Sheet here now AND get access to the FREE ONE-TIME Informational Teleclass that I added to review and compare my programs and others too – it’s Thursday, December 3rd at Noon (12:00 pm) PST.


I hope this cleared up a little confusion for many of you who’ve been questioning whether to join an annual mastermind program for 2010 or which one is the right fit for you?

I’m excited to speak to those of you who are ready to step up and LIVE BIG with me in 2010!

Those who personally download the Information Sheet and submit your application to me no later than Friday, December 18th at 5:00 pm PST will ALL receive an Interview with me to make sure this program is a good fit for you just as much as you’re a good fit for my style of coaching and what you can contribute to the group as well.

Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!
Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach
(916) 872-4000

© Copyright 2009 K. Sawa Marketing International Inc.
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I’m SO EXCITED to share with you information and an opportunity that could literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE starting RIGHT NOW!

I’ve been hinting to those of you on my list about some new programs I was launching at my recent Love and Money Business Summit and now I’m finally ready to reveal them to YOU, my loyal subscribers because there are some opportunities for YOU to take your business to the next level in 2010!

And for YOU to join me and step up and play BIGGER so that you can LIVE BIGGER!

Make this YOUR year for change, transformation and BIG SUCCESS!

If you want to just hurry and download your Program Information Sheet then enter your name and email address below and you’ll get instant access to all the program details right away PLUS you’ll get access to a FREE ONE-TIME Informational Teleclass too!

I added this call quickly since so many of you had questions about this program and what else I’m offering for 2010. Plus you had questions on how my programs compare to other coaching programs out there right now.

We’re going to cover ALL of this on the Free Call Thursday, December 3rd at Noon PST – be on it live for a special announcement you won’t want to miss!! (Remember, these programs are limited so time is of the essence if you’ve been waiting for me to launch this – you’ll want to ACT FAST!) Enter Your Info Below for Access NOW!


Visit my website to take a peek at the video that I launched at my event and then below that if you want to hear more…I’ve recorded a very special message for you and three clients of mine also wanted to share their success stories with you, click on and listen to whichever ones you would like.

Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams (this year)!

Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach

Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear This Year!”


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