Guest Author: Rhonda Joy Eagle

Many of us have had the wonderful experience of being in the presence of a master, someone who is an expert in his or her field, open and totally willing to share their gifts and insights. We often comment on how open and uplifting just being in their presence can be. It feels as if their very being vibrates with vitality and inspiration.

In my experience, this is absolutely the case. This individual, who is so vital, inspired, open and open hearted resonates all of these qualities in their very being, as if their cells are infused with this energy. Yes, they actually are. His energy field is imbued with the vibration of these attributes, so that every cell of his being is them. Someone who has found and developed their innate gifts and is actively sharing them with the world, has this beautiful, vibrating, aura about them.

And this is possible for each and every one of us, because we have each come here with our own unique gifts to contribute to ourselves and the world.

So how do you find and develop these gifts?

Ask yourself what really excites you, what you identify with and makes you the happiest. Go for anything, even (and sometimes especially) if it doesn’t seem practical or attainable. Leave the practical stuff aside. That will unfold if you are truly aligned with your purpose.

Write down what comes up uncensored and without judgment.

Think about things that people have appreciated about you, no matter how insignificant they may seem. It could be something as simple as your smile, your love of animals, the aesthetics of your home. Many times the reflections of others come as really good clues as to how our vibration is already manifesting in the world.

Begin to allow yourself to feel these things in your life more and more. It’s not just about writing them down, it’s about practicing the deepening of what you are already about. In this way, as we become more “ourselves”, other things will begin to manifest in a synchronistic manner in our lives. That’s when the magic begins!

As we develop our inner mastery, life begins to reflect it more and more and we are called to fulfill it more and more.


About the Author:

Rhonda Joy Eagle is a body/mind therapist and Shamanic Sound Healer, specializing in the treatment of trauma and related physical and emotional pain. She incorporates personal empowerment and cutting edge vibrational techniques, including sound and voice as a vehicle for deep and lasting healing along with Shamanic practices.



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