Do you want to get out of Overwhelm?  Who doesn’t?

Yes, sometimes I get a bit overwhelmed too, but currently it’s in a good way. I have several fun projects on the horizon. So now I’m just trying to prioritize since I can’t do them all at once.

I recently attended a beach retreat with 34 other entrepreneurs and I got really sick… from exhaustion. Why? I had been traveling too much and I have huge plans for 2018 already that I’ve been focusing on. What I realized at that beach retreat was that I needed to STOP, breathe and figure out how to do less.

Soon after the beach retreat, I hired a new in office, local personal assistant to take a LOT of things off my plate. Whew! I cancelled two events – one this month and one in December that I originally thought I REALLY “needed” to attend but realized that I really don’t.

I also changed my plans on what I would launch starting this November. It’s so hard to keep up the pace I have been and still be here for my clients, my family and myself.
By stepping back and looking at my BIG PICTURE, I realized that what I need to double my business is already inside me!

I needed to take my own advice! PRIORITIZE – that’s what is necessary to getting me where I need to be “IN ORDER OF IMPORTANCE” and I just need to stay focused.

Having an assistant and regular team meetings will keep me focused. You may not have that kind of a team just yet and that’s ok but who’s going to help YOU stay focused much less help you DETERMINE YOUR “ORDER OF IMPORTANCE”.

My experience is that you may not know what you don’t know and therefore may not see it exactly clear as to what and how YOU should prioritize to do this for yourself. Am I right?
Many of my mastermind clients and 1on1 clients are feeling overwhelmed right now too. One thing I think that I’m really good at is helping them FOCUS and PRIORITIZE on their immediate next steps so it helps take away the OVERWHELM! (for now, don’t get me wrong, it comes back which is why they hire me on an ongoing basis).

There are a few suggestions that I give to my clients that I want to share with you today. I hope you find these helpful.

    • Remember your BIG PICTURE VISION – is what’s on your plate now and what you’re spending time on now going to help get you to what you truly want your business to look like?
    • If you need to generate money and cash flow right now then – is what you are doing every single day lead generating, moneymaking activities that lead possible people to buying your products, programs and services?
    • Are you talking with people 1on1? This leads to more sales, referrals, speaking gigs and more opportunities. Don’t be shy, reach out and just call people.
    • Say NO to things that won’t serve you, even if you already committed, you can back out of some things and no one will die or think you’re a horrible person.
    • Take care of your personal needs! Get enough sleep, I know that for me, if I don’t get my 7-8 hours a night I drag through the day and am less productive no matter how much caffeine I have. Eat well too, no junk food and don’t drown your sorrow or overwhelm in alcohol (I’ve been there, done that too!).
    • Don’t worry about things that don’t affect the cash flow right now like updating your website, designing a flyer or logo, creating curriculum (without paying clients you don’t have a program!), writing blogs, attending big conferences possibly where you aren’t there solely to network for business. They will get done in due time. Push off deadlines you set for yourself for writing that book or whatever if it’s not going to produce the result you want now (unless that type of thing is your big vision).

If you want even MORE help to get out of overwhelm and stay there, then I would love to speak with you privately and we can discuss all the irons you have in the fire right now, what goals you want to accomplish and what needs to come OFF your plate. If you’re ready to STOP THE MADNESS, you can set up a complimentary call with me here:

There’s another solution too. Seriously change your plans and get to my next live training November 3, 4, & 5 in Sacramento.

I know, you’re probably saying “but Kat, going to events is why I have all these ideas in the first place and am overwhelmed!?” If you haven’t been to one of my events before, let me assure you that I do it differently. It’s more than creating BIG PICTURE IDEAS. At my events, we get you laser focused. We look at EVERYTHING you’re doing in your business and I mean EVERYTHING so that we can really help you determine YOUR BEST NEXT STEPS.

Other events usually focus on sharing how to or why to do ONE thing. Although it may sound like it’s just what you need, that ONE THING may not be your next best step!

In case you haven’t experienced me before in an event, speaking gig, webinar or other training, you may not realize that one of the things I specialize in is being able to look at your BIG PICTURE plan and goals, review what you’re selling, who you serve and how you want to design your life and business. AND THEN, only then, can we determine YOUR BEST NEXT STEPS. Once we know that, I show you how to do it all and hold you accountable… yes, for once you can have the type of mentoring that you really need.

People who don’t look at EVERYTHING you’re doing and then give you advice on what to do next are not really seeing the big picture and therefore often “misdiagnose” so to speak what they suggest you need to do next.

I get that you’re overwhelmed now and that not good!

I get that you might be stressed about money too, not making enough right now or wondering how to ever get ahead.

You may have enrolled in other people’s programs, bought products, attended live events and even coached with other mentors before. Maybe some of that was helpful, perhaps none of it was. Or maybe you are still trying to find time to complete the program or training. But how is that working for you? Are you seeing results? Are you getting clearer on how to really build a consistent money-making business? Do you have all the pieces or are you just learning things bit by bit?

All I can say (and my clients will tell you the same thing) is that I’m different. I’m the answer to you finally getting CLEAR, FOCUSED DIRECTION & HOW-TO ADVICE on what order of importance you want to do things in to:

  • Get out of overwhelm
  • Get more clients
  • Make more money
  • Work less and finally get things automated
  • Enjoy a better life!

Sound Good?

Are you ready to finally get out of overwhelm and stop grabbing at every bright shiny object that comes your way?

Join me at my next event – find out more here:

OR come to a call with me and we can discuss it all first here:

Either way, you can decide to change your circumstances if you want to. You don’t have to stay stuck.

Reach out and let me help you!!

Here’s to YOUR Sucess!


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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Are You Ready to Start Building a Profitable Business but don’t know how? I’ve got your solution – my new 2 Hour Masterclass!

Are you an entrepreneur who is starting a new business? Are you frustrated because you don’t have ANY money to spend on marketing but need customers RIGHT NOW? You need to know what to do right out of the gate to build a consistently profitable business fast, right?

Have you been struggling with trying to make the income you need to support your business and yourself?

Are you so focused on working IN your business that you’ve become blind to opportunities that are in front of you – opportunities that, depending on your business, could literally make you thousands more dollars each month or each year?

There’s one thing I’ve learned that is typical of most entrepreneurs. They know a lot about their area of expertise but they know very little about what makes a CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE BUSINESS. I know what’s that’s like – I’ve walked in those same shoes.

I learned so much about building my business during the past 15 years by investing in mentors, masterminds, coaching, workshops, online trainings, conferences, and more. But the One-On-One coaching and access to my coaches really made the difference by catapulting my SUCCESS FASTER.

You see, what makes the difference is for someone to look at everything in your business, to find where the holes and opportunities exist. Many entrepreneurs are so close to what they do in their business, they are unable to clearly see where they can optimize their profit potential.

This is why I’ve created my 2 hour Masterclass that begins this Friday, Sept 29th and continues every month thereafter. Each month’s Masterclass will be held on the last Friday of each month from 9-11 am PST / 12-2 pm EST.

If you want to earn a consistent, 6 figure business, there’s no better time than NOW to start. If you want to work less and make more money doing what you absolutely love to do – now is the time to do that too.

You have to take the time to work ON your business but you NEED to know what to do and when to do it or you’ll just find yourself spinning your wheels and wasting your valuable time. Who wants to do that?

So come “TRY ME OUT” in this 2 Hour Masterclass where we will hone in on just what YOU need to work on in YOUR business right now so you can FOCUS your time and efforts more succinctly with less effort. Each Masterclass session is limited to 30 people.

Jumping on a One-on-One Call with Me is one of the FASTEST Ways to Get the Advice, Resources, Ideas and Support that you NEED when you NEED IT!

Attendees of these MasterClass calls will receive:

  • Recording of the Masterclass that you attend.
  • Feedback and support from not only me, but from everyone on the call – it’s a mini mastermind!
  • The information you need to know what to do, what to say, what to post, send, share, write, record and more!

If you are looking for high quality coaching at a value price, this is for YOU. Sign up and attend any ONE Masterclass for an investment of only $79. (You read that right, for under a hundred bucks you get to pick my brain and get a lot of direct advice for your business).

Head over to my 2 Hour Masterclass detail and registration page by clicking here. You will select the date you would like to attend, but when that class is full, you will have to wait another 30 days for the next one. Don’t delay – get signed up today!

Talk to You Soon!


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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If your website is NOT bringing you lots of quality leads EVERY MONTH, then you may want some advice on how to FIX it so your site does it’s job. Your website should be designed, written and positioned to bring in leads and convert them successfully into paying customers consistently every month.

Just because you have a website doesn’t mean people know it’s there – you have to market it. And just because people come to your website, doesn’t mean people will buy, contact you or sign up for anything – most of the time, they won’t.


The TOP 3 THINGS to Look For On Your Website Are:

  1. Does my website speak directly to my ideal target client within 3 seconds of them landing on my site? Seriously? Whatever they were searching for or have problems with or needing solutions for has to be so visible and obvious and stand out like a sore thumb when they land on your site. You can’t make them read paragraphs of information before they know if they’re on the right site or not; they won’t do that. They won’t call you either the first time they land on your site, you have to get them to engage immediately with video, forms, and other interactive functionality and headlines, etc.
  2. Do I ask visitors to take action on EVERY page of my website for something I want them to do? You have to invite them to engage with you, sign up for something, send in information, buy something, etc. If you don’t ASK them or entice them on the pages they won’t take action, plain and simple.
  3. Do I have a clear and easy way for someone to get FREE information or resources IMMEDIATELY when they land on my site? On ANY page of my site? Building a list of interested prospects should be your #1 goal of your website. Most websites I look at do not do this effectively.

Go watch this video I recorded recently that shares a few key things that your website should have on it, do and more. CLICK HERE TO WATCH OR CLICK THE VIDEO IMAGE NOW.

Find out how to Jumpstart Your Website fast and affordably on this video now and stop wasting valuable time!

There are 2 ways I can help you FIX your website and fast!

  1. Join me in my next Jumpstart Your Website Webinar happening Monday, March 25 from 12-2 pm PST. I only take 10 business owners on this webinar because there is a little bit of training involved during the two hours but most of the time is seriously devoted to talking out changes to each participant’s site on the spot on the phone. This is priceless information that you can’t get access to often. I give you the sales and marketing strategy side of what needs to happen with your site to get more consistent leads and paying customers. Find out more about this webinar at
  2. The second way is to work with me one-on-one to help you update your site. On a 1 hour+ recorded call with me, we will talk out all the necessary changes or pages to add, copy to fix, functionality to add, and so much more. You can take that recording back to your web designer if you want or I have people who can make the recommended changes also if need be. For info on this option, go to

I look forward to helping you grow your business to its full extent this year!

Let me know if you have any questions, post a comment below or contact me today!

Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach
“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”P.S.  Get your FREE Entrepreneur’s Success Kit plus a couple other Free Gifts online at

I’m Katrina Sawa, many call me The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach because this is exactly what I LOVE to help seasoned business owners do and what I’ve learned over the last 9+ years in my business is that this all takes effort. Something busy business owners don’t always spend time working on.

A lot of times we’re so busy in our businesses that we don’t stop and focus on where we’re headed and how we can get there. Instead we focus on the day-to-day stuff since it’s right smack in our faces. But making huge shifts like this, takes looking at everything in your business – the BIG Picture – and figuring out where the holes are, the opportunities are and basically what else is possible for you that you may not have thought of before.

Would you like to be introduced to a whole new way on how to build, market and totally transform your business so that it gives you more free time to do the things you love while still making all the money you want?

It’s not easy being an entrepreneur and it certainly isn’t easy getting your own business to the 6-figure mark either although so many people think it will be when they start out. Only 5% of entrepreneurs are making over $100,000 a year in their business, how do you expect yourself to be in that group if you aren’t actively investing in yourself, your business and learning exactly how to get there. Watch this video and listen in on a few key things that I share about getting yourself to that level.

Introducing the….
6-Figure+ Business Makeover – 6 Week Advanced Business Training & Transformation Program

What You’ll Get Out of This Program

  • Most entrepreneurs find that you will learn new ways to build and market your business on the very first call
  • Feel more confident and clear on what you’re providing/offering
  • Be more confident to charge what you’re really worth and stop undervaluing yourself
  • Learn how to monetize better what you’re already doing
  • Learn how to systematize things you’re already doing so you can get more done and reach more people
  • Understand where to focus your time and on which money-making tasks so not to waste time on things that will not lead to success
  • Create a roadmap for your business success, for reaching your desired goals in income, lifestyle and even your give back needs

I’d love to invite you to find out more about a NEW private group coaching program I’m offering this year !! To register and get more details of what you’ll receive in this class go to

Did you forget?

Did you forget to registering for my FREE Teleclass “How to Attract More Clients and Make More Money in Your Small Biz, Plain and Simple!” The bad news is that the call has already happened but the good news is you can still listen to the recording.  Just hop on over to and register to receive the recording.  But hurry and do it now because the call link will only be active until Tuesday, January 17th at noon pst.

What I covered on the call was:

 – How to take your business ‘idea’ into a full-fledged business in less than a week!

–  The simple 3-step system start-up biz owners need who don’t know where to start, what to do or how to get it all done.

–  What technology and marketing you MUST invest in and what you can wait to do until you get up and running (do you need a blog, website, shopping cart, social media marketing, ezine and more?)

–  2 Simple Secrets to building a large, responsive database of prospects and clients

–  The number one way to find and hire the right resources and vendors so you don’t waste a bunch of money and time.

Whether you’ve been in business for some time yet you’re working too hard still yourself for not enough money or you’re just starting out in your business wondering which things to do, implement, etc. you’re probably ready for one of the NEW classes I just launched.

Here’s a sneak peak of some information I shared on the call.  I’ve taken my Jumpstart Your Business in 90 Days Virtual Bootcamp that I’ve been running for 2 years now and I broke that down into TWO NEW 6-week training classes – one for newer businesses and one for existing, advanced businesses.

I’ve even reduced the length of the program, so now the price is also reduced and therefore it’s all much more manageable. Enough content for you to make some BIG shifts in what you’re doing to make more money and at reasonable pricing for your budget.

Here’s what I’ve developed – please click on and find out more about the one that applies to you and where you are in your business:

1. The Jumpstart Your New Biz Now – 6 Week Entrepreneur Basic Training & Set Up (For businesses within first 2-5 years of their business or in idea stage too) – $497

I designed this 6-week intensive coaching program to give the newer business or business in start up mode the tools, plan and steps you MUST HAVE to get started turning a profit. They don’t teach this stuff in business school, you need to learn it from someone like me who’s been there and done it and doing the type of business or worked with the type of business you want to create or expand.

This is a very affordable program since I know there are a ton of things you need to do in the first couple years of your business. I guarantee by enrolling in this program you will SAVE money on things you probably would have invested in that you DON’T NEED because so many new business owners get taken by this or that or sold into things you don’t need (yet).

First you need to get the basics in place – basic technology, lead generation systems, marketing systems and get your head on straight and clarity around what you’re selling, doing, etc.

2. 6-Figure+ Business Makeover – 6 Week Advanced Business Training & Transformation Program (For businesses over 2 years into their business and who also have a current website of some sort – otherwise do the New Biz Program above first) – $997

I designed this 6-week intensive coaching program to help give current business owners and entrepreneurs your NEXT STEPS. In this changing marketplace you need to change too and so does your business, your marketing, your operations, some systems, your technology, your mindset, your team.

If you’re tired of working so hard in your small business or you’re not making the kind of money you thought you would by now in your business then you definitely want to attend this group program. I will show you FAST and in depthly all the things you can do to monetize more of what you’re already doing plus leverage your offerings, maximize your own time and so much more so you can go GLOBAL with your business even!


To get access to the call just go to and register to receive the recording.  But hurry and do it now because the call link will only be active until Tuesday, January 17th at noon pst.

You said you wanted to learn from me via video…so here is a series of 3 videos I recorded in Dec 2010 where I talk about the 3 types of marketing every business owner needs to be doing including referral source marketing which I’m guessing you are highly falling down on doing right now in your business…take a look.

Video Tip From Kat — 3 Types of Marketing, Focus on Referral Sourcesclick here

Video Tip From Kat — 3 Types of Marketing, Focus on Your Databaseclick here

Video Tip From Kat — 3 Types of Marketing, Focus on New Businessclick here

Ready to take some action now?

1. Do a free strategy session with me ASAP – go to to fill out the form.

2. Attend my NEW Jumpstart Your New Biz Now – 6 Week Entrepreneur Basic Training & Set Up Program – classes start this Tuesday.  Find out all the details here now, it’s $497.  The next 6 people will get a special bonus so go check it out now if you need any or all of these types of marketing implemented, set up and monetized in your business.


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Jumpstart Your Business NOW – Focusing and Planning Tip #1

–>> Connect with 1000 or more NEW prospects EVERY MONTH one way or another.

Yes I said 1000 and it IS possible to do this yourself…but you’ve got to have key strategies in place and the systems to manage this kind of volume.

Face it, you’re NOT doing enough marketing to see the results you want for revenue! 

Plain and simple.  In my experience too, most small business owners don’t know which marketing strategies are the quickest, easiest to implement and the least expensive.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to show you a few my clients and I use every week to generate business.

4 Possible Ways to Connect with 1000+ prospects every month include:

  1. In person networking events – have a plan for generating and converting leads and follow up and get to as many events as possible if you need more clients fast. (In person relationship building is the FASTEST way for someone to build trust and connection with you.)
  2. Create your own free teleclass or webinar – these are easy and fast to initiate and market and you’ll have a way to educate, inspire and urge prospects to take action with you once they hear more about what you do and how you can help them.
  3. Get booked for speaking gigs either in person, on the radio, telesummits or other people’s teleclasses or online platforms. This is quite easy if you’re prepared with your speaker sheet, outline of what you talk about, headshot and bio.

Go on a social media networking rampage – you can’t just post, comment and update on social media to reach the masses, you want to reach them one-by-one which is way more personal and it will get a much better response rate. Treat your social media like an in-person networking event, messaging them one by one with a prewritten template message asking them to talk. (This strategy takes a lot longer to explain and you don’t want to mess it up and spam people the wrong way, you can find out more about it here –>>

Ideally you want to delegate as much of this initial connecting as possible but if you can’t right now, that’s ok, just plot time on your calendar every week or every day to make this happen.

This is a revenue generating marketing strategy and it works if you do it!

© Copyright 2011 K. Sawa Marketing International Inc.

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? To publish this article in your ezine or website please include the following blurb: Katrina Sawa is an Award-Winning Author, Speaker and International JumpStart Your Biz Coach who’s helped hundreds of small business owners take dramatic steps in their businesses to get them to the next level in business, revenues and their personal life. She offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching and do-it-yourself business-building products. She’s been featured on various news talk shows and radio shows including Oprah and Friends XM Radio. Go online now to get started with her F.ree Entrepreneur’s Success Kit at!

How could this be you ask?

Business owners or wanna be business owners have so many options these days, it’s amazing.

With the Internet, you can reach millions of people to sell your products or services, you just may not know how to do that and need to learn.

In fact, it’s been tested by some of the big internet players out there that much of the marketing and advertising options that cost money don’t work as well as the free strategies that are available to anyone.

Therefore, it’s true, you can start a business with no money.

Now of course it’s important that you have a website and some business cards and those may cost some money. However, if you have the right, product, program or service that people want and you go out and talk to people about it, you can literally sell it if you provide the value and give a good offer.

Meaning you can take payment on the spot! I’ve done it, most of my clients have done it. We don’t just sit around waiting for the website to be done to start selling; you can sell immediately.

When people like, trust and connect with you, they don’t always need to see your site, references or any print marketing materials before they are willing to invest.

For those of you who aren’t as comfortable talking about yourself and what you offer then this can be a bit more challenging so you want to learn how to get over this. Makes sense right?

Now don’t get me wrong you do want all the basics building a business the right way from the start can give you but you can do that while or shortly after you start making money with ‘your thing’.

Now the challenge becomes either what is ‘your thing’ or how to offer/sell ‘your thing’ because what you may think is going to work may not.

That’s not your fault though, we aren’t born with the skills we need to be a successful entrepreneur. We aren’t really even taught those stills in college or masters programs in fact.

Entrepreneurial skills are more effective and up-to-date when learned by someone else doing what you want to do, someone who’s been where you are and can show you how to get where they are now, they could be teaching what you need to learn, making the kind of money you want to make or living the lifestyle you want to live.

That’s how I got to where I am in my business. I started with a shoestring budget which was basically a few thousands dollars I borrowed from my mom. I hired a coach who helped me FOCUS on WHAT to do and went out and networked every week and I followed up; and I got clients! As I grew the number of clients I had, I began investing in the other basic business necessities I needed like a website, marketing materials, an assistant, other technology and systems, etc.

That first coach helped steer me in the right direction but even then, they didn’t have the type of entrepreneurial training program or process that I really could have used, hardly anyone does even still to this day.

That’s what I saw a couple years ago that was missing…

No wonder some small business owners and entrepreneurs still don’t really know how to build a successful business or what it takes to start getting clients or what the basics of building a successful business really are!

That’s why I’ve been running my Jumpstart Your Business in 90 Days Virtual Bootcamp for almost 2 years now with such success for its participants – its exactly what most entrepreneurs need to fill in the gaps, lay out the entire plan, show you the how to do everything, set up the basic systems and marketing to build a successful business and more!

I look forward to working with you to help you get a jumpstart on your marketing and your business!

© Copyright 2011 K. Sawa Marketing International Inc.

WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? To publish this article in your ezine or website please include the following blurb: Katrina Sawa is an Award-Winning Author, Speaker and International JumpStart Your Biz Coach who’s helped hundreds of small business owners take dramatic steps in their businesses to get them to the next level in business, revenues and their personal life. She offers one-on-one coaching, group coaching and do-it-yourself business-building products. She’s been featured on various news talk shows and radio shows including Oprah and Friends XM Radio. Go online now to get started with her F.ree Entrepreneur’s Success Kit at!

I woke up this morning thinking that so many small business owners are thinking WAYYYYY TOO SMALL. There are so many opportunities for those of you who want to step it up big and lead your field, do bigger things, serve more people, teach and support more people about whatever it is you’re an expert in.

If you’ve been following me for some time then you know I take a no-holds-barred approach to business and marketing and I tell it like it is.

Where do you want to take your business??
What do you want to become an expert in (or be known as the expert in)?

What’s stopping you from GOING BIG?

I’ve offered up some complimentary Strategy Sessions to the entrepreneurs who follow me more, only because I know YOU are more serious about your business then random ‘friends’ on facebook.

But if this is you and you are NOT on my ezine (email newsletter) list then you’ll want to jump on it now if you’re interested at all in chatting with me about what’s possible for you in this never-before-offered Strategy Session opportunity.

I’m only giving details in my ezine and you can register for that and get some other freebies too on my home page at – now is the time to take charge of your life and business, let’s kick it up to 6 or 7 figures this year together, shall we??

— Kat Out

I woke up this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep without writing this because I think it’s so important…this was confusing to me a couple years ago too when I first started joining mastermind programs and high level coaching programs.

I think it’s appropriate and timely to talk about it too because I’ve been getting lots of questions about the new programs I’m offering and how they compare to ‘other people’s mastermind and coaching programs’. In fact I decided to do a ONE-TIME TELECLASS on the subject this coming Thursday, December 3rd at Noon PST….enter your name and email here now and get access to that call.


I know many of you are reading other people’s ezines and promotions and following other coaches and mentors as well….as you should; but I’m hearing that you’re confused.

With all the coaching and mastermind options out there right now, all of the 2010 groups are now forming…not only mine but a couple of my mentors’, other coaches like me and more; you’re confused as to which one is right for you?
Which one should you join?

I know they are a big investment, not only in yourself but in the direction of your business too so you want to make the RIGHT DECISION on which one to join, correct?

Ok so let’s talk about and compare the Mastermind Groups and High End Coaching Programs that are out there, that you’re seeing…. Mind you I’m doing this to show you that I care enough about you to lay it all out on the table; I’m not trying to just tell you that you should join my mastermind group but I truly want to EDUCATE YOU on what you’re seeing out there and what the differences are and what to look for in choosing a program so it ends up being what you truly need in the coming year, not something way ahead of you or maybe even behind where you are….let’s compare….

** NOTE ** If you’re not interested in a mastermind program for yourself for next year, why not? It’s the most amazing way to fast-forward your progress, success and income this year. Check out the video I did and maybe you’ll understand more why to consider this for yourself… click here for the video.

First of all, WHY should you want to join a Mastermind group or coaching program?

It’s simple really and most of us who’ve been in them would say it was the best thing we EVER did in our business (and that’s the truth).

Being in a Mastermind Group, like my Live Big Platinum Mastermind for example, can give you:

  1. An influx of new ideas, strategies and fresh perspectives for your business. Sure you can come up with plenty of ideas on your own but will you know which ones to act on, spend money on or how to turn those ideas into big money pay days all on your own? Having a focused group of entrepreneurs and a lead mentor who can see bigger visions for you, additional opportunities and wider possibilities helps you put your big ideas into reality much faster and with more surety.
  2. Motivation and positive powerful thinking. The greatest challenge a business owner may face is staying positive and motivated on a day to day or month to month basis. We need to surround ourselves with highly motivated, energized and positive BIG thinking like-minded entrepreneurs constantly or we can easily lose steam. What happens when you lose steam? You don’t make a lot of sales right? You don’t attract a lot of clients easily do you? Instead, working with and interacting with your Mastermind group and lead mentor on a regular basis can clear those negative thoughts and replace them with positive, motivating, inspired and passionate thoughts and actions.
  3. Accountability and responsibility. One of the most difficult things for many of us entrepreneurs is to actually ‘get stuff done’. We do have many ideas like I mentioned but we don’t always know how to put them into money-making plans, products, programs, etc. and even if we KNEW HOW to get them implemented, we have no time so they still don’t get done, am I right? Your Mastermind group can help hold you accountable to your goals and project timelines plus provide a certain level of competition that will motivate many entrepreneurs to make sure they had their ‘thing’ done before coming to the next meeting.
  4. A big leap in time. In an era where time is money, we have to learn double the things in half the time. By connecting with peers and a lead mentor in a Mastermind group who have similar experiences, you tap, learn and benefit from others’ input. Especially learning from a Mentor who has been where you are and is now leaps ahead of you, they are where you want to be; it makes sense to learn what to do and NOT to do directly from someone who’s been there, made mistakes and then had successes who can show you the right path for you. This greatly shortens your learning curve by a huge margin.

Trust me, I lucked out when I first started doing these types of programs because the mentors I chose were just starting out with these types of programs themselves pretty much and their fees were still very low compared to what they are today (although still a big stretch for me at the time). I got a lot more for my money than you can typically get today in most of the programs out there.

However, there are still programs like mine; the Live Big Platinum and Platinum Plus that ARE true mastermind programs with 10-12 people in them all year long who get one-on-one access to me AND that are still affordable for the newer entrepreneur or the entrepreneur who has never done anything like this before.

I’ve now upleveled myself to offer these types of programs to you as MY next step in my business.

THE #1 REASON I did this is because being in these types of programs for me was the single best thing that catapulted my business so fast in the last few years. I wanted to offer that same type of accelerated learning, access and implementation to a select group of entrepreneurs like you who want to get there FASTER as well.
Now I mentioned a TRUE Mastermind, what is that you might ask and what’s the difference?

Aren’t all Mastermind groups the same? NNNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!

To me, a true mastermind is NOT:

  • A group of over 15 people
  • More self-learning modules in the program than one-on-one access with the lead Mentor
  • Being coached by the lead Mentor’s co-coach, not the lead Mentor themselves
  • A program where you don’t feel like someone is truly ‘with you’ working on your business all year long (Trust me, I had this issue in one of the masterminds I was a part of and I didn’t feel like my Mentor cared too much about me or what I was doing in my business hence the advice I got was not always in my best interest.)

A true mastermind to me IS:

  • A group of 8-15 like-minded entrepreneurs who are there to give as well as receive.
  • Working hand in hand with your mentor to achieve the big goals and big picture dreams for you and your business and having a good amount of monthly access to them one-on-one
  • Feeling like you are a part of a family who truly cares about you, who inspires and loves you and who would do anything for you (and people you stay in touch with for years after your group experience is ove

Either you absolutely know you want to get into ONE of these programs and you are deciding NOW which one you will join…..

Or you aren’t sure if this is the next step for you and your business, it’s a big investment and you’re not sure HOW it will pan out if you do it; meaning what will the return on investment be? This is a common question but very hard to answer because it will depend on you. It will depend on if you get into the right program for where you are now in your business and then how you commit to the group and to yourself to working the program for all it has.

If you follow many coaches and mentors and you’re finding it hard to choose then you’re not alone. We all have so much to give and very different programs and it is difficult to differentiate between what we all offer in order to make the BEST DECISION for you this coming year.

I know that many others who have mastermind programs are also very good at sales and they ‘get you in’ before you even know you’ve been gotten.
What the other guys/gals don’t tell you is:

  • They want you to believe that their Mastermind program is a TRUE Mastermind like I mentioned above, but most of them are not. Most of these types of groups are set up to coach one-to-many (a lot of manys in fact). They charge fees that they used to charge for their one-on-one masterminds (the true ones) but now for more people, typically 35-50 or sometimes 100!
  • Yet they offer NO one-on-one sessions (or just a couple per year) with the lead coach or mentor. They tell you you’ll get a true mastermind because on their sales page they show you testimonials of their ‘top’ clients who’ve worked closely with them all year and gotten huge results. These are NOT usually the people in the larger group mastermind program, they’re usually their top, high paying one-on-one clients (many now call their ‘Diamond’s’).
  • Most of us coaches/mentors can only manage 10 or so ‘top’ clients where those clients pretty much have us ‘on speed dial’ so to speak (monthly 1on1 calls, emails, emergency calls and much more 1on1 attention – usually the ONLY 1on1 monthly attention by the lead mentor/coach). This makes sense though because as we uplevel ourselves, just as you will also uplevel yourself….there are bigger visions for the company, for us, for our mission, etc. therefore our time becomes more and more limited which is why we introduce more leveraged programs – those that leverage our time more to teach many. But there just isn’t enough time in the day or month to serve hundreds or even 30 coaching clients each month or year in a one-on-one capacity.
  • They tempt you with the ‘mastermind’ concept, show you that this is truly what you need and then they offer mass group masterminds for lower, affordable investments which aren’t the same….they are like going to a big workshop 2-3 times per year and networking with the group, asking questions in the audience of the lead mentor but no real one-on-one time with the lead mentor yourself.
  • Others have added a co-coach who actually will break up the large ‘mastermind’ group into smaller groups and the co-coach will work with them on a monthly basis…but you’re still not getting the lead Mentor one-on-one.
  • You’d have to pay six times as much or more to get the one-on-one coaching sessions with them in what a lot of them call their ‘Diamond’ Mastermind programs. These are their true mastermind groups yet there are typically 10-15 max of these people. Many coaches offer this for a 6-figure investment or fee for the year which is fine and I just actually entered into one of these myself this year…but this was MY next step….it wasn’t my FIRST STEP.

You see the difference?

And I’m sure I’ll eventually uplevel myself again and get to that level (possibly sooner rather than later) of an investment for my programs as well but for now….they are still very reasonable and actually my Platinum and Platinum Plus Programs are the BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK right now if you’re looking for a TRUE Mastermind Program that will inspire you, show you the HOW, get you implementing, shift your mindset so you can think bigger and then give you the one-on-one access to ME for as much advice, resources, feedback, ideas and more that you can handle!

If this is the first or maybe second time you’re considering entering into one of these programs…my Live Big Platinum Mastermind could be just the right fit for you.

The confusion between all these different levels of so-called mastermind programs and group memberships is crazy I know. I put together a chart for mine because members were asking and my team needed it too to make sure every member received all their benefits, etc. You can view my program chart of benefits when you download the Program Information Sheet – enter your name and email here and you’ll get instant access.


What it all comes down to is how do you most like to learn and how are you most productive?

You have to know your best learning style so you choose and invest in the programs and products that fit you and how you best learn so you don’t waste your money.

I, for example, am NOT a good product learner.  I don’t have good luck purchasing a home study kit or other listen to/read type of product and then actually sitting down working my way through it. It will sit on my shelf forever unless I pass it on to an assistant to read and learn and then THEY can implement whatever it is or give me the ‘cliff notes’.

Instead, I learn best by working one-on-one with a Mentor who’s doing what I want to do or going where I want to go. Someone who’s still in the trenches themselves. Someone who’s investing in themselves as they ask me to invest in them. Someone who’s learning from other big thinkers and money makers so that knowledge will trickle on down to me as well. I learn well in a workshop atmosphere too but then if I don’t quickly act on the information I learn, it just sits on my shelf once again. Having a Mentor and true Mastermind group to hold me accountable, help guide me in all my big ideas and implementation is truly the glue for me that holds my business together while it accelerates at the speed of light from one level to the next, and the next, and the next.

Do you learn best by teleclasses, group trainings, workshops and online self-administer recordings and interaction or do you need or want more one-on-one mentoring, advice, guidance, resources, feedback and recommendations from your mentor or coach?

That’s where your decision should lie in whose mastermind or coaching program you should join.
You want to go where you’ll have the best experience, implement the most, learn and achieve the most and feel the most supported.

If you’re ready to find out how to become one of the 10-12 big thinking entrepreneurs that I accept into my highly interactive Live Big Platinum Mastermind or one of the 4-5 highly motivated, fast-moving, big thinking entrepreneurs that I will mentor personally in my Platinum Plus Private Mentoring Program in 2010 then request your Program Information Sheet here now AND get access to the FREE ONE-TIME Informational Teleclass that I added to review and compare my programs and others too – it’s Thursday, December 3rd at Noon (12:00 pm) PST.


I hope this cleared up a little confusion for many of you who’ve been questioning whether to join an annual mastermind program for 2010 or which one is the right fit for you?

I’m excited to speak to those of you who are ready to step up and LIVE BIG with me in 2010!

Those who personally download the Information Sheet and submit your application to me no later than Friday, December 18th at 5:00 pm PST will ALL receive an Interview with me to make sure this program is a good fit for you just as much as you’re a good fit for my style of coaching and what you can contribute to the group as well.

Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!
Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach
(916) 872-4000

© Copyright 2009 K. Sawa Marketing International Inc.
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