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The other day I sent an email out about the expert series I’m a part of all about creating extraordinary love in your life (if you missed that and want that, click here). Some of you have extraordinary love already which is amazing and I’m so happy for you. A lot of you however messaged me back saying how it really hit you just how unhappy you are being single. I hate to see anyone being unhappy in their love life. Frankly, having an amazing husband like I do, is probably one of the single best things that I have going for me. It allows me to be more confident in what I’m doing, who I am serving, it allows me to be proud and bold in my actions in my business and with the decisions that I make to grow my business every year.

I remember when I was single and dating, and I longed for a loving relationship like this so badly. It was on my lines pretty much every day which affected my ability to really work my business the way it needed to be worked. I wasn’t as motivated, I wasn’t as confident, and I wasn’t taking the action steps that I needed to take on a regular basis because of whatever reason. Sometimes I was in a funk, sometimes I was just plain depressed, and sometimes I just felt sorry for myself and didn’t want to talk to anybody copy.

Getting more love in your life as well as money in your business are the two single most important things that I see us entrepreneurs need to focus on, on a daily basis.

This is where my next event comes in… Announcing Love & Money LIVE! 2020 is now open for registration!

Too many people I see however only focus on one or the other, usually it’s the business stuff because they’ve given up on finding love, or they’ve tried dating and “it doesn’t work “. What I like to do is help people focus on both. I have quite a few clients right now who are single and dating and it’s fun to give them advice on what to do and how to navigate the dating world, creating systems so they can meet more people and get to finding the right one faster. It’s also fun to see them seeing some success, and finding people that they have things in common with, have fun with etc.


So, in case you haven’t heard, I run this event every year called Love & Money LIVE! It’s an amazing event where for three days, we focus on both: getting more love in your life and getting more money in your business. Ultimately, it’s about creating the business and life of your dreams. I believe you can design your life however you want if you believe it’s possible. Love & Money LIVE! will share strategies, tips, and even exercises that will take you from where you are to where you want to be, with more confidence, more clarity, and more excitement and passion for what you’re doing in your business and for where you are in your love life.

Love & Money LIVE! is not just for people who are unhappy in their love life or single. It’s also for people who are happy and who just want more, or who want to make a bigger difference with what they’re doing. It’s for people who want to learn exactly what steps to take in your business to move it forward as well as perhaps with your relationships with not only your significant other, but your family, friends and even the relationship with yourself. Because the relationship with yourself is really the only one that truly matters.

I’d love to invite you to consider attending my next Love & Money LIVE! event happening April 20-22, 2020, in Sacramento California. It’s three days of really mastering all of this and more.

Like I said I’ve been running this event since 2009 and every year it gets better and better, plus every year there are new speakers that I bring in that share insight on a few key things we need to do or be as an entrepreneur. Plus, I change up the content based on what new things I’ve learned and have implemented in my life and business.

Many people come back to my events over and over and over again because they always are at a new place in their life and their business and are ready for the next steps, and that’s exactly what they get.

You can read more about it on this page, watch the video to see a little bit about what you’ll learn and experience. Plus, during the event attendees get to share what they do, they get to make easy yes offers to other attendees, and the majority of people walk out with more money in their pocket then when they arrived.

You’ll be amazed how different this event is from other business, marketing, or inspirational events are. It’s worth thousands of dollars to transform your business the way that we show you how but luckily that’s not what you have to pay!

This year I’m doing something different too, I’m giving a FREE GUEST TICKET with every ticket purchased ONLY FOR MY SUBSCRIBERS AND FRIENDS LIKE YOU!! 

So, you can bring a friend, you can bring your significant other which is a really good idea to do frankly, or you can even bring an assistant who can help you get the details organized of the moneymaking activities that you will want to add when you get home.

To get your FREE GUEST TICKET YOU MUST REGISTER by the last day of Janaury though… no exceptions. There’s a 3 month payment plan if you need it also by the way so I’m making this super easy for you. When you register I’ll contact you for your guest’s info or you can decide who that will be later even, just get yourself signed up now!

Find out more and register here now, only 60 seats total being sold including guests.

Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

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I had collapsed on the couch when we got home last week until my husband, Jason, announced there was a German Shepherd Rescue Dog event in our area and it was happening right then!

Honestly, we’d been thinking about getting another dog since we moved in February because we have a bit more room and a little more time now. And we thought our dog, Willow, would love a friend. So we were off to the German Shepherd Rescue Dog Event. A few days later, after I flew home from my trip to Austin, we finalized the adoption – just last week.    rescue dog

Introducing….Duncan! He’s an 18 month old, 85 lb German Shepherd

We love to rescue dogs but there are SO MANY who need good homes that never get them.  We couldn’t believe it when the rescue organization told us that WE were the ONLY ones who had adopted a dog out of their whole weekend of live events!  That is SO SAD!

We were both shocked and brokenhearted to hear that.  There were so many dogs to choose from, it was actually very difficult to make our decision. Duncan spoke to us though and he seemed to connect more with Willow, our other rescue German Shepherd. We thought it was a good fit; a great additional to our home and family. rescue dog

Here’s a photo of Duncan and Willow together as they continue to adjust.  Willow is starting to warm up to him. 😉  

So who is a Dog Lover here???  Leave your comments below!

Here’s to creating and enjoying a happy life full of LOVE & MONEY!!

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Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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I’ve been throwing a lot of strategies at you lately on how to do certain types of marketing, marketing, marketing so I thought I’d change it up a bit this week. I’ll get back to more build-your-biz type of videos and articles next week but the topic I’m sharing today is very important also in building a successful business – trust me on this! Try to hang in and read the whole thing today because you may be surprised…

Just in the last couple weeks I’ve been talking to dozens of women who are not happy in their personal lives, their love life or have some beliefs about themselves they know need to change in order to be totally happy and confident.

One thing I don’t necessarily teach on is how to change your limiting beliefs….there’s a lot to that subject and many ways to alter or squash your limiting beliefs. I can recognize them in almost any client of course as they are probably the thing that’s stopping you from…

  • Getting your marketing done
  • Doing more on social media
  • Writing more content
  • Recording more (or any) videos
  • Speaking more
  • Doing your follow up calls
  • Redesigning your website and brand
  • Getting a new headshot
  • Raising your rates
  • And so many other things that would help you jumpstart your business!

So, if you think you could benefit from altering slightly or completely squashing some of those limiting beliefs you may have then I recommend you sit in on a Free Webinar that two of my friends/client are hosting very soon. Watch my emails for info on that.

Then, where I can help you is in your personal life…in addition to advising you what to do and how to do it in your business and marketing, I work with many clients with creating a happier environment for themselves so you CAN do all the above mentioned action items with more confidence and ease (revenue producing activities mind you that you want to be doing).

Clarity and Confidence are two very critical components to having a successful and profitable business.

Some things that hold us back from being 100% at both of these is “other people”. It could be a close friend, family member or loved one who doesn’t “get” what you do or you’re trying to do with your own business.

  • They don’t “get that you have such passion for something that you’re willing to not take in a paycheck for a while, while you build the business of your dreams”.
  • They may not “get why” you want to invest in yourself, training, a mentor, books, CDs, workshops and a new website and they may say things that sound hurtful to you yet they believe they’re “helping”.
  • They say or do things that squash your own belief in yourself, make you doubt yourself or worse yet, forbid you to move forward in some way.

This is why I have most of my clients “evaluate” their own relationships when I find a little lack of confidence or clarity or lack of drive too. Often times we find one or two people who “just don’t get them” who are influencing them in some negative way for the entrepreneur, yet they think they’re doing it because they love you.

So one thing I’m REALLY GOOD AT is helping you communicate your needs, visions, passions and purpose with your loved ones (or significant other if it’s them) so they start to really “get you” more and what you need from them (if anything), to help you communicate better with them and manage your energy when around them.

I know this first hand because my ex-husband didn’t “get me” when I first started up my business either. We were married when I started it after quitting my last job outright and telling him I was just going to start my own business. He was fearful that I wouldn’t bring in a steady paycheck anymore and was always saying things to me, little digs, that hurt very much and didn’t encourage me at all. In fact, I would go out networking during the day with a big smile on my face saying everything was ok and then I cried myself to sleep many nights because I felt like I wasn’t loved and supportive.

I ended up divorcing him after two years of trying to make him understand how I’d changed and what I really wanted to do and be now but he didn’t have any interest in knowing what it was that I did or in understanding me at that point at all.

I just don’t want anyone I know or any of you who are reading this to be in this or a similar situation at all. It hurts not to be supported for what you really want to do or be. I wasn’t willing to settle any longer being with a man who made me feel that way and I hope you aren’t either.

I also had a father who I rarely saw mind you, but when I did he would find something wrong with me. He would tell me first how proud he was of me doing my own business and making a decent living at it (since I never asked him for money he assumed I was doing ok, although he did always ask) but then he would find something like my weight or my crooked teeth to comment on and asked “why haven’t you fixed that yet?”.

I’m getting a little vulnerable with you here because apparently there are hundreds of you if not thousands of you out there hiding with these types of people in your life. And you’re trying to build a successful business around something you’re very passionate about yet you can’t understand why it’s really not taking off yet or why you’re not as successful as you wish you were or why you keep working so hard at it and you’re going no where fast.

It very well could be because of something going on with you personally. You may not even see it just yet but it could be there. I would love to help you identify if or what is keeping you stuck in your business and how to get through it so you can finally take charge of your life and design the business of your dreams!

I have a video that I recorded this week (my hair isn’t that great in it but I had to sit and record it the day it came to me) that I’d love for you to watch, it’s not that long.

Here is the link to the video:  http://youtu.be/WtJtgWZOEfA 

I also have a 3 hour, 3 part tele-training that I recorded a while ago but is a very powerful experience that I know those of you who are still reading this probably need extremely bad. I’ve lowered the price on it from $197 to $97 for this week AND I even threw in a slew of bonuses too, I urge you to go take a look at this page and go grab it. It has some powerful and deep experiential exercises that I want you to go through. When I went through these myself it opened me up to the kind of loving relationship (the one I have now) that is completely supporting, love-filled and passionate, just what I wanted.

And if you’re single and don’t have that special someone yet, then it will help you identify who WILL BE the perfect partner for you, what you really want and need in a relationship so that you’re completely supported as an entrepreneur too.  (Plus a few of my online dating tips!!)

Here is the page again to watch the video:  http://youtu.be/WtJtgWZOEfA

Here is the page to grab the 3-Part Tele-training + bonuses for $97 this week:  http://www.LoveAndMoneyTeleseries.com

Please let me know how I can support you in growing, systematizing, marketing and monetizing your business! Sign up to talk with me 1on1 for free to see how it could be possible to get some help….there are many affordable options!
Have a great week!

Katrina Sawa 
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach &
Your Love & Money Mentor
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Thanks for all your well wishes and prayers for me and my honey this week on Facebook and email.

For those of you just reading about this, he found out last week that he has some sort of neck or throat cancer that’s pretty rare but very treatable. It’s still very scary for him and I’m doing my best to stay focused myself. So we appreciate all the good thoughts you can send our way for a speedy and full recovery.

It’s not easy having to share that with so many of you but I feel like I have to share it, you’re my “people”. Some of you have been following me for over a decade. Some of you have been hiding in the shadows for a while too and I may not even know who you are?

It’s about time you spoke up though, don’t ya think?

I mean if you know anything about me at all it’s that I’m very open, loving and accessible. Not all coaches and mentors out there are. Some don’t take time to read your responses, but I do and I appreciate knowing what you think about one of my videos or what I say or do. Maybe you don’t realize that? Maybe you think “you don’t matter” to me? I hope not.

I tell you, things around here are going to change and that’s for sure.

I’m tired of sending out quality, content-rich video ezines, doing free calls and webinars, writing articles and blog posts if many of you aren’t even going to open the emails or read/watch my stuff. And of course I’m not talking to those of you reading this, it’s those who aren’t.

I’m about to make a shift and PURGE my entire database. I want to talk with and to those of you who are serious about starting, building and growing your business. Who are passionate about your business and about helping others and getting your message, products or services out to many more people in the world. Who also want to make money doing what you love to do because you have a family to feed, goals to achieve and good to do in society that you need money for.

I want to talk with those of you who want to be completely happy in your personal lives too and STOP SETTLING because you know now that you deserve so much more.

If you do NOT resonate with my video today or with me please just go read someone else’s emails or blogs. It’s ok, I release you. 😉 I’m not going to resonate with everyone, I realize that and we also evolve as I am now too. I no longer put up with inauthentic BS from gurus who are making a bunch of money just because they’re making a bunch of money for example. To me, it’s more important WHO you ARE than who you say you are, your big why plays a big part in that.

For those of you who DO resonate with me, my videos, my mindset, my way of delivering content, my thought processes, my vision, my values of love, faith and passion to create your happiest life ever (because maybe you feel the same?) then great, please stick around. But make sure that you’re also on my email list please, so much more happens over there than on the blog here. I try to deliver similar content on the blog too for those of you who are subscribers of the blog but not the ezine. Open my emails regularly or comment on my blog posts if you can please and respond too, let’s make this an interactive relationship can we? I will respond! I’m really here to help you ya know…I love you guys!

I’m starting a NEW chapter in my life and I’m changing up the business focus too.

I haven’t gotten it all worked out yet but I’m on this planet to do a lot more than just jumpstart someone’s marketing if you know what I mean. Often times I’m called to “heal the hearts of women”. What does that mean exactly? Well, I believe it has to do with the messages and concepts in my book, Love Yourself Successful. I am a healer at heart and a business mentor on the surface.

The marketing and business stuff is just the part that helps you DO what you need to DO to make the money and create a smooth running system of a business and it’s very necessary work for sure and I love it and am very good at it. Of course I’ll continue to share more about that – the MONEY side of it all. But the real work, the ‘BEING’ WORK, is the stuff that FEEDS the doing…without a good sense of being, you may not want to do. Get it? That’s where the LOVE lies, love for self, love in your relationships, love for what you’re doing, etc.

I thought I loved myself enough way back when I was still growing my business in the beginning but little did I know the journey around LOVE that I would have.

If you’re curious about that, make sure you have watched the video I sent out a couple weeks ago about not settling. It’s really powerful, I’ve had a lot of people tell me they’ve shared it with friends…watch or re-watch that video here now.

Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams,

Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear to Create Your Happiest Life Ever Full of lots of LOVE & MONEY!”

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