It was so fun being on the same stage (technically) with the great Les Brown this week! Technically I stood on the stage when I spoke but he stood in ‘front of’ it. LOL

His mannerisms and the style in which he speaks is so like what I like to do. He’s totally transparent and authentic. In fact, it was hilarious, but he even pulled some waterproof mascara out of this pocket during his talk, and groomed his head and beard with it saying that’s how he gets rid of the “grey”! Only he would do that I think but it just proves that you do have to be yourself and that’s when people will LOVE you the most. Read more about this on my blog and see more pics too!

I got a chance to talk with a lot of other speakers and my peers, it was good to have more time to really get to know those of them who stayed for most of the two day event.

That brings me to the topic of today’s video too – being more authentic in your business, brand, marketing and just in general.

I’m sure you’ve been to events where the speaker breezes in, speaks, sells you into their program, then breezes out without even getting to know you or who’s in the room a little more. And there are plenty other business professionals who show a lack of authenticity, it’s not just speakers.

Now it’s hard when the event is a short lunchtime event, etc. there is only so much time to network and mingle. And granted, sometimes you just have other events you have to get to or of course for Les Brown, he was paid to be there so he wasn’t going to stick around or come early.

But it’s the speakers that could be there, they could connect more with you, they could take the time to get to know the audience by showing up early and leaving late. Maybe it’s just me, but this is what I do and I think those who don’t frankly are selfish and more out for themselves than the greater good. I’d be careful if I were you following people like that.

Here’s my video of the week on Being Authentically You – Click here to view it now.

Here’s a video clip of someone in my community that I highly respect for his involvement and contribution to others and what he said about hearing me speak last week – Click here to view it now.

Have a great weekend!

Katrina Sawa
The JumpStart Your Biz Coach

PS – I just did a blog post about the most popular ways in which you can work with me in case you’ve been thinking about it and aren’t sure which program, product or service is right for you. Keep in mind, some of them recently changed and some programs are starting soon! Go read more here.

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This week I had the pleasure of speaking on stage alongside a very powerful motivator and speaker….Mr. Les Brown!

It was exciting to not only hear him speak again but to be in a lineup with him this time was utterly amazing. Of course as the busy man that he is we didn’t have a whole lot of time to truly connect but he was excited to receive my book, Love Yourself Successful, maybe he’ll read it and see what I’m all about? One can only hope that it inspires him or someone he loves and shares it with just as he inspires me.

This week was the Unleashed Biz 2013 event here in Sacramento. There were 11 other speakers including me and Les who were phenomenal. While we all made our unique offers to continue the conversation with us, it didn’t feel like the other “pitch fests” out there, you know the kind I’m talking about. I think the difference between the speakers (almost all of them) who spoke at this event and many other multi-speaker events out there is that we all truly care about helping the small business owner. We’re not just out for the money (like I said, most of us…and I say that because it’s true, I tell it like it is), money is only the tool that allows us to be able to help MORE people FASTER. It’s important to be well compensated for whatever you do so hopefully you charge what you’re worth.

I actually gave a talk I’ve never given before. It was my 7 Steps to Attaining Great Love and BIG Money….Finally How to Have It All! While I’ve talked about that content and the 7 steps before on teleclasses or my own events, I’ve never given the talk like I did this week. I poured my heart into this one. A few of my friends and clients noticed too that something was different this time.

You know what it was? It was complete happiness.

It’s what I talk about in my book, Love Yourself Successful….how LOVE + MONEY = COMPLETE HAPPINESS in my mind….

Everyone in the audience was really receptive of what I was talking about, at least the women were and some of the men too. My goal with the book and my mission on this planet is to create happier people all around.

 <<<—–  Check out the video where the event producer talks about his experience with my talk – CLICK HERE.

How do we become happier? Well it could be a combination of many things that can bring you more happiness….complete happiness.

It could be:

  • Being in a love-filled, passionate and supportive relationship with your significant other. A relationship where neither party is settling in any way, that’s the key. If you settle, you’re missing out on some of the things that you really want and you may not end up being “completely happy”.
  • Being in a career, job or business that you’re so passionate and excited about that you jump out of bed every morning to do it.
  • Being in love with yourself. That means knowing that you’re good enough (or better than good enough) no matter what size you are, height you are, how smart you are, how sexy you are, and whatever other head trash is going through your head….it means that all stops. You will have to love yourself no matter where you are in life or business if you want to become completely happy.
  • Other things that could add to your happiness depend on you and what you enjoy doing or who you enjoy being around. I love to be around kids, they make me laugh. I love to be around friends who support me and lift me up; I’m very social. What makes you happy? Do more of THAT!

Here are a few pictures and videos from this week at this event….I wanted to share it personally with you today in hopes to inspire YOU to create your happiest life ever!


Katrina Sawa, Rebekah Richards (left) and Grace Bermudes (right)

My honey Jason Bittenbender and Les Brown

Want to find out why Love & Money should be the two things you focus on? Read my blog post about: If you had this one thing, EVERYTHING would change!

If you want to talk with me more about how to do this, how to transform areas in your life or your business….then let’s talk! Go fill out the questions on this page first so I know a little more about you and what your goals are in life and business and then I’ll be in touch to schedule that call with you. Don’t wait or you’ll be prolonging your complete happiness! What have you got to lose – let’s talk ASAP!


Katrina Sawa, The JumpStart Your Biz Coach

Katrina Sawa, The JumpStart Your Biz Coach

Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach


“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”


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Hi Everyone!

I hope you join me for the 2013 Unleashed Biz 2-day business and networking Event in Sacramento, CA!

It will be so great if you do, there are 13 awesome speakers, I know most of them personally myself and we give TONS OF GREAT CONTENT. PLUS the highlight of the event (I know you think it’s ME – thanks!) is Les Brown, yes, THE Les Brown! Wow, can’t wait to see him speak again, he’s fantastic.

But of course you’ll want to hear what I have to share too – so watch this video for more info:

Then go get all the event details here:

And register with this link:

I’ll see you there!




For a recap of the event – go to this blog post: 

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