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I created this Masterclass coaching program for those of you who are looking for quick access to me to get laser coaching about whatever business problem or challenge that has you stuck. It’s a great way for small business owners and entrepreneurs to get expert marketing and sales guidance for your business without making a big time or money commitment!

Think about it. We are now in mid-December and I’m sure many of you have been working on your 2018 plans and goals, right? I’m a coach who likes to look at the BIG PICTURE to see if there is anything missing in your business that will affect its effectiveness and profitability. I love to sort out what you are currently doing and find opportunities to help you start making money right now! Let’s face it, we all can use cash flow.

Are you a new business owner? I can help you get started on a path where you will know what the priorities are in marketing and the steps to take in your business to start making money fast! Why spend months and years of your time, struggling to figure it out alone, trying to make an income that will adequately support you?

After 15 years in marketing and sales, one thing I know very well is that most entrepreneurs are experts in their business, but they struggle with creating and developing a CONSISTENTLY PROFITABLE BUSINESS!

Some people know they need coaching but they aren’t ready for a long-term commitment because they aren’t sure whose coaching program will be the best fit for them. This is the beauty of my 2 Hour Masterclass. You will get coaching from me for a low investment of $79 per session!

These sessions are usually scheduled for the last Friday of each month, but due to the holidays, December’s session will be held tomorrow, Friday, December 15th from 9am to 11am PST. That’s actually a benefit for those attending because they will have time to work on all of the tips I provide before the beginning of 2018!

Attendees of my Masterclass Sessions will receive:

  • Recording of the Masterclass that you attend.
  • Feedback and support from not only me, but from everyone on the call – it’s a mini mastermind!
  • The information you need to know what to do, what to say, what to post, send, share, write, record and more!

Have you been thinking about finding a mentor to work with but aren’t sure who would be a good fit for you?

Have you been wondering how group coaching can benefit you?

Are you looking for high quality coaching at a Value Price? 

Go to my Masterclass page and review what a few people have experienced when they attended my Masterclass. If you’ve been looking for someone to give you real life solutions without the fluff or hype, I encourage you to “TRY ME OUT” in my NEW 2 Hour Masterclass! You can get access to me for a low investment of just $79 per session!

Get more details and register for December’s session or a future session, (you select the session) by clicking here.

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Today, I’m featuring a guest blog post.

“Personal Leadership: Leadership from the Inside Out”

By Mooniek Seebregts, CenterOfinnovationForLeaders.com

leadership moonriek seebregtsWe see that the title of leadership, whether CEO, manager, entrepreneur or supervisor doesn’t mean that the person is courageous, honest, authentic and aware. We hope they will be but it is often not the case. Being in a position of power and leading from expectations, ego, and the desire to control is NOT leadership. Who wants to follow someone who leads from a place of dominance instead of understanding? And then we secretly reject or don’t want to follow that person. Have you known mediocre leaders who don’t function well because the are not inspiring?

So what is the confusion? The confusion is this – most of us think that leadership is about “controlling others,” that leadership “looks a certain way,” that leadership is about “delegating,” “telling others what to do,” “having authority,” “talking a certain way,” “having a certain lifestyle.” That is an old, persistent way of thinking and acting. Did that thought start in the Industrial Revolution?

At the Center of Innovation for Leaders we believe that you cannot lead others successfully until you lead yourself first. We are passionate about bringing a broad understanding about Personal Leadership to every individual, so that every person can thrive instead of survive. So that you can thrive. So that you can grow versus repeating your past over and over again. Great things happen when people understand Personal Leadership: teams become successful and individuals feel fortunate!

There is inner work that must be done to become a successful leader who others want to follow. It is not something one can learn by reading about it and then adopting a different leadership “style.” It requires self-exploration and the bringing forth of our best qualities and expression of our core values. When the outer leader reflects the expanded inner human being, growth and success in all areas naturally follows.

This year, on October 27, 2017, we are having Sacramento’s 4th Annual Personal Leadership Conference. This year’s theme “Personal Leadership: Our Stories” will focus on the stories that make us take a stand, become significant, put our best forward, and inspire others?

Sign up to get updates about the conference and other news from our Center by emailing us at contact@centerofinnovationforleaders.com or by getting on our email list.

If you want more information about Personal Leadership right now, download our free report “The 10 Steps Towards Personal Leadership” at www.CenterOfInnovationForleaders.com.

If you’d like to implement more Personal Leadership techniques for yourself, take advantage of a FREE 15 minute laser coaching with Master Coach, Mooniek Seebregts. Email her now at contact@centerofinnovationforleaders.com.

Here’s to Your Success!  


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



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