Hey there, it’s my 45th BIRTHDAY today!! And I have some FUN DEALS FOR YOU!!

When I thought about doing a Birthday Sale this year and choosing ONE of my popular products or programs to give you a discount on or bonus with, etc. I thought “How do I choose which one people want? Everyone is working on different things in their life and business right now.” Then I thought, I could do a variety of special deals to satisfy all of your needs!

So it’s a “You Choose Your Deal” Birthday Sale! (3 packages to choose from)


Do you need to work on your:

– Follow up?

– Social media?

– Website?

– Overall Marketing Plan?

– Email Marketing?

– Self Confidence for going after what you want in life or charging what you’re worth in business?

– Getting support from loved ones or finding the love of your life?

– Starting up a new business

– Getting more speaking gigs or getting started speaking?

There are solutions for ALL of this individually you know on my website!


Here Are Your Options:

INSTRUCTIONS: You can click on all blue links in bullets to see the description or more info for that particular item but click the BUY NOW button for the option you wish to purchase and all the other goodies will be delivered to you via email.


1) Jumpstart Your Biz and FAST – $250



2) Love Yourself Successful Package – $197



3) Try Me Out to Get More Love & Money – $97


It’s that simple, click and take advantage now of these HOT DEALS! You must take advantage of these deals today only however, Monday, April 6th, 2015.

Here’s to creating and enjoying the business and life of your dreams!

Katrina Sawa

The JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



“Kicking YOU and YOUR Business Into High Gear!”


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About Katrina Sawa, The JumpStart Your Biz Coach

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. She works with highly motivated entrepreneurs that want to maximize and fast-track their business to make more money and enjoy more free time. Katrina uses online and offline Relationship Marketing Systems & Strategies to leverage your resources, contacts and your expertise; plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too! Katrina was named “The Networking Queen” by her peers and clients since she founded her business in 2002. She was always found out mingling at chamber of commerce mixers, business networking events and expos and any event she could attend where her target market would be in attendance. Consistent networking and follow up is the primary reason Katrina has been so successful in her business. Since 2006 however, Katrina has transformed her local, hourly-fee based business into an international online marketing coaching and info-product company. Nowadays you’ll find her everywhere on the Internet plus she’s an award-winning business coach and author of the book, Love Yourself Successful. In 2008 she discovered THE MISSING LINK in her business and ultimately what she credits being able to DOUBLE HER REVENUES that year. Love + Money = Complete Happiness & More Success in your business!


What Some Of Kat’s Clients Say:

Before I met Katrina, I was a personal trainer/ group fitness instructor in Manhattan running around like a madwoman all day long. By the time I came home I had just about enough energy to stare at the wall and drool. I knew I couldn’t go on like this forever. And I was planning on having a child, so my time for running around was about to be, well, cut out completely. How was I going to make more money than I was making, and work less??? I had no idea, and I am so fortunate that I stumbled into Katrina Sawa! She spelled out exactly what I needed to do, step by step, and supported me along the way. Before I knew it, I had launched my first online fitness program, and it was successful! Before I met Katrina, I would never have thought I could do this, but she prompted me to keep taking steps, whether I thought I could or not! I now run fun and effective online fitness programs regularly and end up helping many more people in much less time! And I have plenty of time to spend with my son :)~Miranda Zukowski, The Fitness Coach for Entrepreneurs


“I have recently had the absolute pleasure to work with Katrina Sawa to breathe some new life into our marketing and sales focus.  Wow!!  What a difference just even four months so far makes!  In that four months, between our 1 on 1 strategy calls and an amazingly beneficial ½ day planning session, we were really able to map out the direction that we wanted to go.  The ½ day session was intense and so incredibly productive, the ideas and thoughts just seemed to come forward effortlessly for Kat who was focused and on point with what we wanted to accomplish. Katrina was able to take a peek into our business life and help us work smarter, not harder!  Even right down to simplifying and updating our order taking / accounting processes, getting everything into one place!  Talk about a timesaver! I sincerely feel much more confident now with our efforts both online and offline in our marketing and how we can easily generate leads through multiple strategies we have implemented because now we know how to do it all!  We are  even delegating too! Thank you Katrina for your top notch and invaluable services!” ~ Lisa Lemus, (formerly with) AP Products


Katrina is a master at internet marketing. It was Katrina that introduce me to having a business that can be global and mobile. She gave me the tools to launch and build my online empire and create my very first tele-seminar that feature me interviewing top 6 & 7 figure women entrepreneurs including Kat the Kat-alyst herself.  All of this has allowed me to receive and sell $10,000 coaching program within a week. I would not be the entrepreneur I AM today if it weren’t for my coaching session and connection with Katrina. I highly recommend working with her if you are serious about becoming successful and abundantly prosperous in your life. ~Dorris Burch






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