This form of marketing (or model if you will) can be extremely lucrative you know? Have you given this any thought for your own business and marketing funnel?

Almost any type of business could potentially add some kind of membership model to their business – both retail or store front, online businesses or almost any service professional and probably many product based companies too.

Some examples of membership programs that many of you might already be a member of and not even realize it (or see it as an opportunity for you) are:

  • Netflix – movie rentals in the mail
  • Wine club
  • Online service such as, or – I use these services (among many)
  • Door to door dry cleaning service
  • Product refill orders such as for Juice Plus or beauty products
  • Your website hosting services
  • Memberships in networking or professional organizations
  • Some advertising you might do like yellow pages for example

Each of these companies or services are charging your credit card (most likely) each month based on your signup and agreement to receive their offer/products/services on a monthly basis for an agreed upon fee. They will continue to charge your card unless you cancel which you have to either do in writing or online most often but continuation or cancellation is up to you.

They don’t have to keep selling you each month; it’s recurring income for them – hence constant cash flow!

You can do this too most likely with a little creativity – you just need to brainstorm on:

  • WHAT this would look like in YOUR business.
  • Who it would be attractive to (who’d want to buy it/sign up for it).
  • What you would offer (that wouldn’t take up a lot of your time and be cost effective)
  • How to best set it up so you can automate this as much as possible.
  • How much to charge.
  • How to structure and market it to your list

Other examples of this include memberships such as:

  • My Silver Marketing Mentor Program – get all the details at basically it includes one teleclass each month that you can listen in on, get the CD by mail, access to personal 1on1 time with me once a month over the phone for laser coaching, my backend online Mentor Resources page which houses all my past teleclass recordings, articles, samples, templates and tons of resources just for my Mentor Members – ALL FOR ONLY $47/MO (best deal with my personal coaching of all these 3)!

  • One of my coaches, Alexandria Brown, Silver Motivation Mastermind Group – get all the details at AlexandriaBrown.comher program includes access to her monthly teleclass and the CD by mail, her printed newsletter and access to her online forum – ALL FOR ONLY $47/MO TOO!
  • My other coach David Neagle’s Silver Level Coaching Program – get all the details at – his program includes 1 teaching call each month and the CD’s mailed plus 10% off his programs (after 3 months) – ALL FOR ONLY $97/MO.
  • Yes, these examples are all for coaching and consulting services primarily (see how easy it could be though?), however there are many business owners I’ve consulted with that had ‘regular type businesses’ who we were able to come up with a cool membership idea for as well to give them extra cash flow such as:

    • Day spas and Medspas
    • Home furnishings and decor stores
    • Gift basket companies
    • Network Marketing companies
    • Fitness Trainers and Gyms
    • Bookkeepers
    • Photographers
    • Virtual Assistants
    • Chiropractors
    • Personal Makeup Artists

    It’s really just all about leverage – leveraging your time, expertise and packaging it in such a way that it benefits your customers AND it helps to provide YOU the type of lifestyle you want to lead.

    Put your thinking cap on or
    contact me and let’s brainstorm on some cash flow generating ideas for YOUR business ASAP!!

    –Kat Out.

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    –Kat Out

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    Hi! It’s Kat here, The JumpStart Your Biz Coach! I decided to update my business photos – got to do that at least every 18 months or so (unless you change your hair more often of course!).

    So, here they are. Feel free to post a comment on which ones you like best. I’d love to know because I’m building a new website too and am going to incorporate ONE of these into the top banner area….so please help me out!

    Here’s my current site for reference.


    brown closeup –> red2

    brown standing black/white

    Thanks! And if anyone wants to know who my photographer is…it’s Michelle Lipowski in Folsom, CA

    — Kat Out

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    I realize that when you first started your business you may not have thought about EVERYTHING that would be involved with running a successful business, right?

    You had a passion and interest in a particular product or service that you could offer and that you believed others would want. But there’s a LOT more to running a successful business than what meets the eye.

    Here are some very common mistakes I see my clients and others I meet making every month in their businesses. The ones who end up being successful are the ones who REALIZE this and take steps to FIX their issues.

    What mistakes are YOU making?

    1. Not marketing to everyone you know
    2. Not having a consistent follow up marketing system
    3. Being afraid of networking and not learning how to overcome it
    4. Thinking if they build it, they will come
    5. Cutting back on marketing first when times are tough
    6. Lack of understanding of what types of marketing will work for their business and what won’t
    7. Planning too much and not DOING anything
    8. Giving up too soon
    9. Not estimating enough start up costs and expenditures
    10. Letting their own opinions about marketing get in the way of what they decide to do to market their business
    11. Thinking they can do it all themselves and need to
    12. Not asking for help
    13. Spending too much time on things that are not making them money
    14. Not getting professional help from the start with certain aspects of their business
    15. Compromising quality and professionalism to save money
    16. Not really knowing and understanding their target market
    17. Not knowing their competition or following them too closely without knowing if what they’re doing is working or not
    18. Making decisions in their marketing based on what types of marketing THEY like or don’t like to be targeted with
    19. Not continually learning about new techniques and practices
    20. Not keeping up with technology to better build your business
    21. Thinking that marketing = expensive

    What are YOU going to do about the ones you identify with?
    I hope this gives you some things to think about. Remember, to get a plan in order so you DON’T end up making these common mistakes and to get a more specific and targeted approach to your marketing and business growth I’m happy to sit down with you in a 1-on-1 Planning Meeting. I recently changed the format of these meetings by the way, now you get 3 meetings, each 2 weeks apart from each other so you can better implement the strategies we discuss – all for one price! Go to to find out more.

    Do you have a question you want an answer to??

    Submit it online to me right now!

    © Copyright 2008 K. Sawa Marketing

    –Kat Out !

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    Many of you have written in questions in the last few months and I wanted to answer some of them for you.

    Question: What are the lowest cost ways to promote my business in my local area?

    Answer: Of course that will depend on the area but if you are a retail or storefront business and your target market is maybe a 5-10 mile radius, then typically it would be best to do an effective direct mail campaign to a list of ONLY your target market in households, preferably to drive them to your website which should be designed to capture those leads. Let me know if you need to find a good mailing list to do this with.

    If you are a home-based business with a local target market the answer could be similar however I’ve found that networking at local organizations, chambers and associations where your target market is in regular attendance is the best way (and least expensive) to build relationships with new prospects. But you must have a very thorough follow up system in place or you’re wasting your time networking!

    Question: I’m a part of a franchise and we are very limited on what and how we can market our local business with, do you have any suggestions we could implement to help get around all the rules we struggle with? (this could also be good for network marketing companies too)

    Answer: Well, I don’t necessarily recommend ‘breaking’ the rules however there might be some things you can do to enhance your exposure online and off. You’ll have to check what’s ok or not for your company. Some suggestions I’ve given before for some franchisees and network marketers are:

    • If your page on the main website or your site is limited to what you can do, start your own blog where you can say anything you want about you and your biz and you can get more personal, add photos and links to other sites, etc. from there.
    • To drive more traffic to your site or special page – do social networking on MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Fastpitch and other sites and forums where you can interact with your target market more on a personal level – make sure you have a good signature line with call to action and links. Say hello to ME too when you’re there!

    Network, network, network like crazy making sure to do all kinds of personal follow up afterwards such as handwritten notes, greeting cards, gifts and calls.

  • Do displays at events and tradeshows where your target market is in attendance, I find that in person you’re open to a lot more possibilities.
  • Figure out what you can speak on and offer to speak to groups of your target market; when people get to know you better, they tend to want to do business more with you.
  • I hope this helps you! Remember, these are somewhat generalized answers and for a more specific and targeted approach to your marketing and business growth I’m happy to sit down with you in a 1-on-1 Planning Meeting. I recently changed the format of these meetings by the way, now you get 3 meetings, each 2 weeks apart from each other so you can better implement the strategies we discuss – all for one price! Go to to find out more.

    Kat Out —

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    For many entrepreneurs networking is a must to build your contact list the fastest way possible. After all, networking is one of the least expensive, most effective forms of marketing that you can do!

    Besides if you have no customers yet and nothing to do – you have to do something! Networking is also the best way to build relationships; no other form of marketing or advertising can do this for you. People buy from people they like and connect with.

    I’ve been self employed for five years and I’m still networking; I’m just more selective now on where and who I network with. When I first started out I joined four local chambers, a women’s organization and a leads group and I was at every event all the time.

    As my business started picking up, I reduced the number of groups I was involved in and remained in only those that were the best fit for me and that brought me the most clients. I was extremely active in those that I stayed in so that I would be well known; basically I became the Go-to-Gal for my industry and associations.

    This is what you want. You want for others to see you as the expert in your field. The key is though to be selfless, generous and knowledgeable in the process.

    These days I’m networking even online through various social networking sites, business networking sites and other membership sites that I belong to but this takes time and finesse as well.

    Rarely do I see very many really good networkers though so I urge you to learn more, practice your skills, focus on giving to others and really work at becoming the best networker you can because it will pay off with more customers and bigger profits.

    Here are a few habits that a good networker typically exudes; they will:

    • Go with a goal
    • Be prepared, mentally and with materials
    • Arrive early and stay late
    • Work the room
    • Master their ‘commercials’ and alter them as needed
    • Introduce others around
    • Pass people off nicely and move on
    • Ask questions of the other person
    • Know to listen more than they talk
    • Take notes on cards
    • Quickly and repeatedly follow up

    So, how to you match up? What are you doing?

    One thing I want to remind you of is that no matter which ones you are doing if you are NOT doing the very last one listed – the FOLLOW UP – then I can tell you right now that you are absolutely wasting your time (and money) doing the networking in the first place!!

    I can’t stress to you enough that if you find yourself not being able to get your follow up done – then figure out someone to delegate this to. It’s worth whatever it costs to pay someone to do this for you because it could mean the difference between one sale and fourteen sales!

    P.S. Want my help getting some clarity in your business or business idea? I can take your ideas or current business and literally figure out how to put it into OVERDRIVE within a really short amount of time. Contact me or sign up for one of my 1on1 services!

    –Kat Out !
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    I know for some of you ‘control freaks’ out there this one’s gonna be tough for you. But read on! You might find how EASY this can be, really.

    When I finally gave in to delegating from my extremely ‘do-it-myself’ mentality at first I admit it was a bit hard. I was always double checking things and everyone around me to make sure they were doing it ‘right’. I probably drove my first VA (Virtual Assistant) absolutely NUTS!

    However my coach at the time, Ali Brown, kept showing me how important it was to become really successful in my business, and to make a six or seven figure income, that I needed to surround myself with experts and a support team of people who could take on all the things in my business (and my life!) that:

    • I didn’t like to do
    • I didn’t want to do
    • I didn’t know how to do or
    • That someone could do BETTER AND FASTER than me!

    So, one day I put together a list of things like this and to my surprise the list was quite long! It was kind of a ‘wish list’ so to speak that if I could wish for someone else to do these things, then it would free me up to do the things I LOVE TO DO which is brainstorm and consult with clients on new ideas they can implement to get them more business!

    Plus I had a TON OF IDEAS to implement in my own business too – but there was never enough time in the day/week to get to ANY of them! This bummed me out. I knew that it would take me years to implement all the great ideas I had if I continued to do it all myself.

    I just saw an article that

    Ali Brown wrote (and I’m not including it here but I’m giving her credit for this part!), she’s an expert at this delegation and virtual team building stuff, and she mentions there are 5 things you MUST DO to overcome being a CONTROL FREAK:

    — First, you have to change your MINDSET
    — Second, you have to know WHAT’S MORE IMPORTANT
    — Third, you have to hire the RIGHT PEOPLE
    — Fourth, you have to have SYSTEMS
    — Fifth, you have to have TRUST

    Here is my main list of tasks that I typically will delegate to a VA, copywriter, web designer or some other support team member of mine – it’s fabulous – you should try it!

    • Bookkeeping: tracking expenses, sales and tax records
    • Internet research to get me better SEO, more traffic, etc.
    • Article Marketing all my current articles, shuffling them around, refreshing them
    • Maintaining my customer mailing lists on an easy to use database
    • Creating extra pages on my website as needed
    • Handling recordings of teleclasses, burning CD’s, mailings, etc.
    • Handling bounced emials from Constant Contact, updating with new
    • Formatting e-books and other online products
    • Designing PowerPoint presentations
    • Sending out ebirthday greetings to clients
    • Handwriting follow up notes and mailing out postcards
    • Data entry of all new contacts
    • Transcribing teleclasses
    • Posting on blogs, forums and social/biz networking sites
    • Developing my Networking Calendar every month
    • Managing my shopping cart account and merchant account as needed
    • Creating Google Alerts
    • Proofreading
    • Updating my YouTube page, videos and adding technology to my website
    • Submitting press releases online or locally

    So, what’s on your plate that you shouldn’t be doing, hate doing or aren’t really that good at doing that you should DELEGATE???

    • And don’t forget about the personal tasks too like housekeeping, landscaping/mowing, shopping, cooking, making travel plans, errand running, etc. – you can pay someone to do ALL OF THIS you know?
    • Ask yourself “What is YOUR time worth?” and free it up to do BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS!

    I do know many Virtual Assistants personally and know who is taking on new clients that I could refer so if you email me back I’m happy to give you a personal referral!

    Otherwise there are a few places online you can submit a request (be very specific on what you need them to do!) to hire or interview a VA, such as an online VA directory.

    For more information on HOW to build your Virtual Team you can do a 1-on-1 Planning Meeting with me and we’ll cover that and sooooo much more OR you can check out a friend of mine, Melanie Benson Strick‘s Virtual Team Building Tele-Bootcamp! She’s got a great program specifically for this!

    – Katrina Out !

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    I’ve literally been like a little MAD SCIENTIST working away in my office creating a bunch of new smaller products I’m going to be launching very soon.

    There’s 20 of these small products in total, all on specific yet different topic regarding marketing or growing your business so that you can learn one by one, topic by topic.

    Then I’m also working on a redesign of my own website! I’m so excited, it’s needed a boost for a while now and for both of these huge projects I couldn’t do it alone; I’m so thankful I have a bunch of VA’s to delegate stuff to and help me pull it all together!

    –Katrina Out !

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    Hi! Well, I just returned Monday from Nashville where I attended the Glazer-Kennedy Marketing and Money-Making SuperConference! Here’s a photo of me with the ONLY GUITAR I could find however!!

    This was a good conference. Are you familiar with Dan Kennedy and Bill Glazer?? If not, you should be! They are expert copywriters and direct response marketers. I learned a few things yes, but I mostly went for the high powered networking. Since I’m no longer a ‘local’ business and marketing consultant; it’s important to stay in front of the faces of my referral sources and peers – all over the country!

    –Katrina Out !

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