It’s Time to Update Your Email Marketing Strategy

For Better Results!!

Times have changed and email marketing is NOT working as well as it used to. With social media, many of your followers and contacts want to hear from you in different ways.  You may be doing more on social media but have you lost sight of what’s important in your email marketing?clip-art-email-marketing-co[1]

Whether you’re currently sending an email newsletter in your business or if you haven’t started one yet; I guarantee you’re missing some crucial aspects of it or you’re forgetting to do a few things that could be affecting your open rate, your click through rate and your unsubscribe rate.

With this digital collection, I can help you learn more about how “The Rules of Email Marketing Have Changed”.

What You Will Learn When You Purchase This Digital Product Collection

  • Learn how to structure your email newsletter (ezine) and how to make it simple to get done every month in my 2 part build your own ezine class included,
  • Figure out what tools and functionality you MUST be using in your email marketing strategy so you aren’t considered spamming PLUS so you get the highest open rates,
  • Develop a quick and easy ezine outline so you can make sure yours gets done on time and that you know what to do,
  • Generate a huge content topic list to pull from when writer’s block sets in,
  • Repurpose everything you put in your ezine into other marketing formats such as your blog, Facebook posts, tweets and article marketing websites – this saves you time and allows you to reach entire new audiences with your content,
  • Determine what and when to delegate some of your email marketing in order for you to concentrate on bigger and more important marketing tasks in your business,
  • Make simple changes in your email marketing practices so that you’re attracting the attention from your subscribers that you want but with what they want to see,
  • Develop a simple way to find out how your subscribers want to hear from you moving forward AND what they want to learn from you too!

This is not ONLY for those who haven’t yet started an ezine, but it’s also for those of you if you already have an ezine going in your business. You want to learn how to maximize it, delegate it, automate it, get more sales from it, repurpose the content from it and so much more!

What is Included in this “The Rules of Email Marketing Have Changed” Product Collection:

You find a wealth of information included this collection of Audios, Videos and an eBook.

Effective email marketing is still crucial BUT there are some key strategies and things you must do to get the best results as times have changed and your marketing needs to change with it.

Click here to Get your Digital Collection today and begin focusing on this very important aspect of marketing your business! 


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