This is something I hear from entrepreneurs and business owners frequently. “I need to make more money in my business right now.”

Back in 2010, 5 years into my business, I had made a lot of high priced investments in my business by that point on coaching, coaches, business trips and workshops, etc. I found myself really “tapped out” to say the least.

I was super scared and not even sure of what but I knew that I couldn’t pay all my bills. It was the month before my 40th birthday and I’d never been in that position before of not being able to pay all my bills. It was scary.

ways to make money

Calculator, bill, pen and cash against a white background

I remember, as I sat cross legged on my carpeted office floor, with all my bills surrounding me on the floor, I cried, wondering which bills I shouldn’t pay this month and which I should. Which companies it would matter and which I could hold off.

My live-in boyfriend at the time was pretty scared too because he didn’t make enough to support my business and lifestyle too. In fact, I think this moment is what played a big part in him making the decision to break up with me the month following. He had an employee mindset and was used to regular paychecks coming in each month whereas I was used to the roller coaster cash flow of an entrepreneur lifestyle.

I still didn’t rationalize it well however as I normally do and how I do now so I’m sure if he saw me scared, it meant devastation for us in his eyes, whereas deep down, I do always know that “it will work out in the end”. But I’m sure I didn’t show it.

So, I had to make a few changes. I took a very close look at my monthly and annual expenses and saw that I could literally cut out $1000 per month of unnecessary expenses or expenses that I could temporarily cut out until I had more consistent revenue coming in; things that weren’t critical to the marketing and sales activities of my business (because I desperately needed those still – you don’t want to cut this!).

Luckily, I don’t have to worry so much about the monthly bills now as I’m making a very good, consistent income. It can always be better and I’m constantly marketing more to build on what I make now. But, because I’ve set my business up for ongoing revenue streams, the right business models and rates, a ton of marketing to reach an expansive amount of prospects each month and I’ve automated, systematized or delegated the majority of it… l can enjoy a less stressed life.

This is what I want for you too! I can show you how to make a LOT more money doing what you love in your business, that’s for sure.

Let’s face it, making more money in your business is a very important thing to focus on. However, it’s not only about making money that can help you “make more money” in your business.

Let’s face it, making more money in your business is a very important thing to focus on. Click To Tweet

There are two other ways more money can go into your pocketbook, or “stay” in your pocketbook each month if you take a few moments to see what you can do to maximize them.

1. Earn Cash Back Rewards when you buy things!

  • Do you have a credit card that gives you cash back or reward points you can use to buy things with or use for hotel stays, etc.? If not, get one!
  • Do you use Ebates when you shop online? If not, get it, it’s free! Then on most websites you shop on online, you engage the Ebates link when you’re there (it’s easy to do) and you can earn anywhere from 1-15% cash back on each purchase!
    • I’ve earned almost $200 this year by doing nothing special more than I would, just shop online like I would anyway.
    • Here’s my affiliate link – you make money and so do I when you join!
  • Do you create profiles when you shop on sites like and If not, make sure you do. Don’t just book your travel without using such tools because not only could you SAVE money on the reservations, but you can also earn free nights and free flights. I earn 2-4 free one way flights each year and earn 1-2 free hotel nights each year too!

2. Save money on things that you’re spending on – do an audit of your monthly expenses!

  • Are you still using those memberships that you have and are paying monthly on?
  • What about the software or online services you may be paying monthly on?
  • And check your personal household expenses too, chances are you could go without cable, DirectTV or Dish and just use Netflix, or the opposite might be true depending on your TV watching habits.
  • Evaluate coaching programs, groups, memberships that you signed up for, for professional development. Many of them may be totally worth the investment but don’t continue to pay for something you’re not using. Check the agreement and get out of it if you can and it’s not directly helping you.

See how you can change the course of your income today by taking action on a few of these that make sense for you!

Then to ramp up your revenues and jumpstart your business, you want to sign up to speak with me or attend one of my live events! These are your fastest paths to learning what YOU need to do to tweak what you’re doing in your business to make more money.

You can also check out a whole host of my do-it-yourself products, programs and even free video tips and resources, but that’s the slower way to get where you want to go.

Either way, take action today! You deserve a less stressful, more profitable business and life as soon as possible!


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Katrina Sawa

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Are you an author now? Want to become an author? 

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Do you have a story, message or content inside of you that you want to get out? You want to make an impact with for others?

Well this is a trick title really because frankly I don’t believe there are any cons to being an author, only pros. Let me share a few with you in case you don’t realize how cool it can be to be an author and also how much more money you can make in your business by being an author as well!

And as a quick note before I do that, I’m talking about a print author, not an ebook author, there is a big difference although you do not have to be published by a big name publishing house these days, you can self-publish to get the same results in my opinion.

And there is nothing wrong with publishing ebooks, however in my opinion it’s not as powerful as publishing a hard copy book.

6 Big Pros to Being an Author:

  1. Credibility – Yes, as you would imagine, being an author does give you more credibility with your topic or expertise. It’s amazing though how much people really admire and look up to you, like WOW, she’s a published author!
  2. Publicity – Getting featured on your local TV show, radio shows (regular and online) and even getting featured in print magazines or newspapers is really pretty easy if you make this a focus. You have to do the work though, to have them notice you and to entice them to want to bring you on as a guest. As for national exposure and PR, you could go after that yourself if you know what you’re doing but it’s best to hire an expert for that part, a Publicist.
  3. Respect – Whether you feel more important or not, you will when people see that you’re a published author. Don’t let it go to your head but enjoy the heightened state of expert status!
  4. Speaking Gigs – If you go after them, it won’t be hard to get speaking gigs where you can talk about your book. But again, you do have to do the work to find the right opportunities, contact them in the right way and to make sure first that you present yourself on your website especially as the expert, author who can rock a room!
  5. Money – Many people who want to become an author believe they’ll make money on the sales of their book but typically that’s not where you make your money. You usually make your money in the back end with the other business models you want to have to compliment your book. These could be revenue streams such as but not limited to audio compliments, home study courses, group programs, webinars, live events, coaching/consulting, membership program and many more. This is where you’ll make your money so make sure you don’t go out promoting your book until you’ve figured out at least one or two additional business models that you can funnel people into from your book.
  6. Impact – And lastly, many of us who write books simply want to make an impact with it. We want to serve or help others with our message. The more hands you get your book into, the more impact you can make so don’t forget that you need a good marketing plan when you become an author whether you plan to be in business or not with it. It won’t get into that many hands unless you market it effectively.

You can do this! I can share what I know about becoming an author with you if you come talk with me, just reach out!

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Katrina Sawa

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Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful
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Influence is one of those words that I never thought about too much until just last year in fact. One of my speaker peers and friends mentioned it a couple times during her talk at a conference we both spoke at. When I stopped to think about it, and what having influence truly meant, I was excited to discover that I’d been doing many of the right things to BUILD INFLUENCE all throughout my 11+ year journey as an entrepreneur.

Here are a few thoughts about what I see can help us all Grow Our Influence in order to Make a Difference With Our Messages.

Definition of INFLUENCE: The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

So where do you start?  What can you do to grow your influence?

I’ve identified 4 keys to growing your influence:

  1. Massive marketing to gain exposure
  2. Effective leadership and community building to gain trust
  3. Considerate and conscientious sharing of referrals and resources to gain love
  4. Impactful educating and motivating to gain credibility

You want to have people tell you “I see you everywhere” or “I hear your name everywhere”.

Let’s talk about each one of these independently…

  1. Massive marketing to gain exposure – For marketing, I typically recommend focusing your on 3 different types of marketing (I wrote an article on those two weeks ago), they are:
  2. Database Marketing – communicating with everyone you have access to and that are in your database via email, mail, phone and in person if you can too.
  3. Referral Source Marketing – communicating to see if or how you can help each other via email, mail, phone and social media or in person too if you can. Offer them opportunities to write posts for your blog, be a guest on your radio show if you have one, a teleclass to your list or other way to joint venture.
  4. New Business Marketing – searching out places where your target market is hanging out such as local or national events, virtual conferences or programs, social media sites, publications or radio shows and so much more. Reach out and connect and drive them to a next step.
  5. Effective leadership and community building to gain trust – This has to do with leading in your business, leading a team and building a following of people who love you, trust you, want to be around you or take every training you’ve got to offer and who refer you.
  6. Considerate and conscientious sharing of referrals and resources to gain love – This has to do with really having the spirit of giving first. Finding all sorts of ways to give of your expertise, your content, your time if able and give of your resources. This doesn’t mean you have to give all your products and services away, but being that go-to-gal that people reach out to when they’re looking for answers or a resource or a person and you offering whatever you can in that regard anytime without question.
  7. Impactful educating and motivating to gain credibility – This has to do with your expertise and showing the world what you know, what you do and how you can help others. It’s by providing great content, products and programs. It’s about inspiring and motivating those you come in contact with regardless if they’re paying you or not or even if you remember them three years later; it’s them remembering you and how you impacted their life.

Let’s set examples for the women who follow us, follow in our footsteps online and offline so we can build a truly remarkable, loving world.

Now, if you want more specific examples, steps and samples of ways to do all this then you really want to attend my 3 ½ day Jumpstart Your Marketing® & Sales Summit this April where I lay out everything you need to do to market and build influence in all of these areas.

Join me in April and let’s jumpstart your business! Go to for all the details and sign up today!

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Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear.  She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs that want to maximize their business to make more money, enjoy more free time and fully embrace your happiest life ever.  Katrina uses online and offline strategies to leverage your resources, contacts and your expertise; plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too!  Katrina is an author, speaker and coach and she has been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork, ABC and the CW.  Get her Free Entrepreneur’s Success Kit + couple other gifts online at!



One of the biggest things I see with entrepreneurs in February is that they typically get into a funk. They set lofty goals maybe in January that still aren’t really coming to fruition or they’ve already backed out of the resolutions they’ve set and for whatever reason get into a funk about business stuff or personal (which in turn affects their business too).

Some of the things that can put us into that funk include:

  • Realizing that what we’re doing to grow our business isn’t working
  • Having negative people around you and saying unsupportive things
  • Not having the funds to invest in or do the things you KNOW you need to do

I did a little poll on Facebook recently along with asked some friends, peers and clients: “What do you do when you get into a funk”?

Here are 20 Ways I found or that came up in that poll that could help you when that FUNK hits you too:

  1. Pray
  2. Say some positive affirmations
  3. Read a chapter in an inspirational book
  4. Get out into nature
  5. Pamper yourself with a massage or pedicure
  6. Call a supportive friend, peer or mentor
  7. Read thank you notes, letters and cards
  8. Review the testimonials of your clients on your website
  9. Watch an inspirational video on YouTube
  10.  Shift your plans or appointments for the day and go do something fun or play instead
  11.  Get to a networking event to socialize and brainstorm with others
  12.  Set a NEW goal and take some action towards it
  13.  Get hugs
  14.  Exercise
  15.  Nurture yourself on the inside
  16.  Take a nap
  17.  Wallow in it all for a little bit – set a timer for just how long and feel it
  18.  Get a caffeine fix
  19.  Straighten your office, get organized
  20.  Watch a funny movie

For more information on how to JumpStart your small business with creative ideas and a clear plan to reach your unique target market find out how to talk with me in a complimentary Strategy Session, go fill out the questionnaire at www.AskKat.bizLet’s plot out YOUR Big Picture Strategy now to get a jumpstart on your year!  Oh and if you know you could use better and more consistent marketing and sales strategies then join me at my NEW Jumpstart Your Marketing® & Sales Summit in April, 2014. Visit for all the details. 

About the Author

© Copyright 2013 K. Sawa Marketing international Inc.
WANT TO USE THIS ARTICLE IN YOUR E-ZINE OR WEB SITE? You can, as long as you include this complete blurb with it:


Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear.  She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs that want to maximize their business to make more money, enjoy more free time and fully embrace your happiest life ever.  Katrina uses online and offline strategies to leverage your resources, contacts and your expertise; plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too!  Katrina is an author, speaker and coach and she has been featured on the Oprah and Friends XMRadioNetwork and is a regular Business Expert on News 10 in Sacramento.  Get her Free Entrepreneur’s Success Kit online at!

This may not be what you think it is… When asked, many business owners think I mean more marketing, and yes you need that too.

However the number one reason I see businesses fail is due to lack of their own confidence and faith in themselves to some extent.

That may not seem possible to some of you extroverts reading this article right now but I can only share what I know. What I see each and every month is an overwhelming percentage of entrepreneurs who don’t believe in themselves enough or have complete faith in themselves and what they’re doing to act like they need to act and make decisions like they need to make in order to be extremely successful.

Continue Reading…

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