Finding speaking gigs of all sorts is an extremely important revenue producing activity that I believe most entrepreneurs want to be focused on each and every week.

If you’re not speaking weekly at this point and you are a speaker, what are you doing?

There are opportunities EVERYWHERE to speak.

Heck, you can create your own speaking gigs – online, in person and all over. If you’re not doing that, why not?

One of the best ways I use to get speaking gigs and opportunities I share more about on this week’s video tip – go listen in!


A couple others that I forgot to mention on the video are:

1 – Put a Google Alert on for “Call for Speakers” then when anyone puts that on a webpage you’ll be notified. Now, you might be notified QUITE OFTEN if you’re not careful or if you don’t narrow that phrase down a bit but give it a try!

2 – If you wish to speak to corporations or larger associations and conferences, besides doing the things I mention on the video or in #1 above, you will also want to build a PROSPECT LIST of companies and organizations. Then you have to reach out in a direct marketing approach to those people, connections and companies multiple times over a period of time to build relationships with them. Normally you’ll have to allow them to get to know you over time before they may be ready to speak with you so don’t give up after just one or two contacts!

Now… in order to get booked these days often you also must have a video of yourself doing your talk or with an example “sizzle reel” of some kind.

You want to figure out how to get a video of yourself in front of a couple audiences or more if you don’t already have some footage.

We do supply you with a video in front of an audience doing a 5 minute video clip of your talk at my upcoming Speaker Success Bootcamp by the way. It’s a perk of attending as a VIP!

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Here’s to creating and enjoying your happiest life ever!



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