What does JUMPSTART mean to you?

It just came to my attention from the last email I sent out to my subscribers about my Jumpstart Your Biz in a Weekend event (I got dozens and dozens of people replying) that many have the thinking that: “I don’t need a jumpstart” because…

  • I’ve been in business for 5, 10 or more years and things are going good
  • I’m too busy, I don’t need clients right now
  • I’m slowing down and trying to stop working so hard I certainly don’t want to get a jumpstart
  • I need to scale my biz, not give it a jumpstart
  • I need an exit strategy, not give it a jumpstart

Well… great!! Those situations in fact ARE also things that I believe you still need a “jumpstart” with. At least that’s how I look at it, let me explain.

I have a LOT of clients who are in these situations, I don’t work with just new business owners you know…

I work with seasoned business owners too. For the newer businesses, getting a jumpstart makes sense to a lot of you, for obvious reasons I think.

However, for my seasoned clients we do things like: 

  • Develop more systems (online and off) to help you manage your business easier and work less in it but ON it
  • Create systems for more nurturing of your database for more referrals, automation, reminders or upsells so sales are made while you sleep!
  • Changing your offerings, raising rates or adding other income streams that are more leveraged perhaps so you don’t have to work so many hours to make the money you’re making – changing it up, doing things differently takes planning, strategy, support and even bigger ideas than some people may generate on their own.
  • Adding team members so you can do less yourself and have more free time for vacations, family or just plain working less with less possibility of potential burnout. Plus, having more team allows you to expand, grow, exit, franchise, hire a manager to run things, be a better CEO.
  • Upleveling or evolving your brand – creating a new website and direction with new inspiration due to change or something that recently happened in your life OR that you WANT to happen but there’s no room for it to the way you’re going. I worked with a fitness trainer once who was holding classes at a gym and also doing mobile training 1on1 and when we changed her business model to doing virtual fitness training and having an online membership and community she could actually stop working so much, she met a man and had two kids!
  • Upleveling yourself as an expert with a book, speaking, more worldwide exposure, hosting a podcast, developing a movement, hosting live events and your exit strategy even. These are things we often want once we’ve got a good book of business already but there’s no time to even think about implementing all of this when you’re IN the business day after day.

Being busy IN the business isn’t good if something does end up happening that could take you out of the day to day sales and client interaction, right?

What would happen if you or someone you loved got sick, hurt or worse right now? 

Would income still be coming into your business regularly even if you didn’t have to concentrate on it?

The “what if” Factor is real. Do you have a plan in case something happens? This is what a lot of seasoned biz owners are NOT prepared for – how to make their business run and make money if THEY did not have to be there every day.

  • What if you had to go take care of a loved one for a month?
  • What if you had to have a surgery and were out for 3 weeks on pain killers?
  • What if your kid/husband/mom/fill in the blank couldn’t work or got hurt/sick and it was just YOU to take care of them?

None of us are getting younger, more stuff happens to us and the ones we love as we get older no matter how hard we work at preventing it.

So much stuff has happened to me and those I love since I started my business – what makes you think nothing like this will ever happen to you?

  • I’ve been through a divorce and also another really horrible breakup with a boyfriend, that made it hard to concentrate on work throughout the whole process (for 4 months!).
  • My dad died and as an only child had to fly to his home multiple times, deal with all his “stuff” and settle his estate over the course of 12 months and $23,000, taking care of everything through probate.
  • I’ve had two total hip replacement surgeries – all in ONE year, out for 3-6 weeks each time, thinking I could work from the couch but not realizing what recovery really took out of me, wasn’t able to.
  • I’ve had a toe surgery another year, a really bad sprained ankle another year and now have knee issues (Oh and speaking is my main biz strategy, right? Hard to do on crutches or brace.).
  • My current husband went through cancer the year he proposed. We had to postpone our wedding a year and I had to spend half my days all week long for over 8 weeks in the chemo center cutting my work time in half if not less as I was a full-time caregiver. (Thank God he’s healthy now!)
  • My mom fell 3 times in one year and I had to fly to her a couple times for surgeries, and to get her set up with in home health care.

I’m sure there was more than that but those are the biggies… beyond that I’ve had multiple website changes and team changes that have cost me tens of thousands of dollars and months of delay in my marketing.

You seriously can’t wait to get more SYSTEMS set up in your business. 

Stop thinking that you’ll focus on this “later” because you’re “too busy or too ___” now.

This is just something to chew on and maybe a “reality check” for some of you too. 😉

I don’t want to see ANYTHING bad happen to you or anyone you love but IF IT DOES I want you to be ready for it. I also want to see you making a LOT more money doing what you love!!


This is not a squirrel or a bright shiny object. Instead it’s what most people I see need, including myself all the time! A jumpstart somewhere…

Whether you are a NEW business or a SEASONED business, you need to be SMART about your business.

I’m happy to chat with anyone who wants to discuss any of this and what it could look like to work with me on this.

  • For some of you it could just be a couple quick calls because you have things so dialed in.
  • For others you might need a total overhaul of your business, your website, your team and your operations. 

I don’t know until I can discuss it with you but I’m telling you, I see things in systems, I’m very detail oriented and I’m super organized and I can help anyone do this stuff so you can create a smooth-running, CONSISTENT moneymaking business around the kind of lifestyle that YOU want to live.

You need to do things in ORDER OF IMPORTANCE though or it will take you way longer to see the success that you hope to see.

Come talk with me, sign up here.

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