Marketing isn’t static, it’s always changing and there are different types of marketing that will be good for you to use going forward. So, today’s tips are about what’s going on in marketing and how to effectively manage your marketing.

I’m talking about the marketing before the sales process – the lead generation and follow-up to get your prospects into your sales process; your sales funnel.

As many of you know, I talk about marketing a lot. At my next Live Event, Love & Money LIVE! – the event where we will focus on getting more Love in your life and more Money in your business – I’m going to talk about Online Marketing vs Offline Marketing. Why? Because when you talk about marketing strategies, you have to talk about both.

Many people today talk only about online marketing and I think that’s a huge mistake. I find most of my clients as a result of my offline marketing efforts. Most of my 6-figure business was built using offline marketing.

So, if you have been in business for a while and you’re not making enough money, the question is: Are you using only online marketing strategies? If you’ve answered yes, there are some offline marketing strategies you should be using.

The #1 Strategy that you can do that incorporates both online and offline marketing is Speaking! You should be speaking about your business no matter what industry or business you are in.

Click the video to hear how you CAN start speaking in your business and get speaking gigs and “Online vs Offline Marketing” tips.



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It’s January which means it’s a great time to discuss your plans for the new year. Today I’m talking about the difference between visioning and planning.

Most of you have probably completed your Big Picture Planning for 2018.  Maybe you’ve also worked on a Vision Board. I’m sure some of you already have a picture in your mind where you want to be at the end of this year. That’s all great!

My interpretation of Visioning is seeing yourself where you want to be with Big Picture Items, Events or things that you want that are not tied to something measurable like a time line or a number goal.

With visioning, we see big things we want to happen, but we just don’t know how or when they will happen. For example:

  • About 10 years ago I wanted a Lexus. I didn’t have enough money to buy it at that time. Once I did have enough money to pay cash for it, I bought my Lexus.
  • I also had Oprah on my Vision Board about 9 years ago. I wanted to meet Oprah and be on her show. An opportunity presented itself where I could go to Chicago to see a couple of tapings of her show and while there, I was invited to be on her Radio Show.

Like many of you, I keep my Vision Boards next to my workspace so I can see them every day!

Planning is very important for your business and personal life. I’m not talking about resolutions but plans that help you reach your goals.

Click the video below to hear more about my tips and the tools I use for Visioning and Planning.

I hope these examples have helped you think more about your Visioning and Planning. If you’d like to have a conversation with me about your planning, your marketing or your business, just go to to sign up for a call with me. I want to see more entrepreneurs succeed doing what you love. I’m here to serve you to help you make money.

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Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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Today I want to give you some Holiday Marketing Tips to help you get more clients!

It’s crunch time, we are nearing the middle of December, and you want end the year strong with more income that you’ve made so far in your business, right?. Who doesn’t?

But what is actually going on in December? Lots of distractions, that’s what! Holiday parties, holiday luncheons, holiday shopping expos, and so on. But think about it, there is not a lot of business networking going on during the month.

So what is your plan to find those prospects who are actually ready and willing to buy from you in December, something that is not holiday oriented or a holiday gift to buy?

The number one goal is to get people on the phone with you! If you are an online marketer, are all of your prospects also online? Are you sure they are seeing all of the things on your website that you have for sale?

And what about your higher priced offerings. When people have their mind on the holidays, they are less likely to click the button to purchase your $200 offering. People who are going to pay a few hundred dollars or a few thousand dollars with you will most likely want to have a conversation with you first.

So how will you generate someone’s interest to have a phone conversation with you?

Click the video below to learn more Marketing Tips for the Holidays – #1 Thing to do to Get Clients!


Get more personal, pick up the telephone, and have a conversation. Reach out to people, one by one to schedule those conversations and I think you’ll find more success during this month even though many people are focused on the holidays!

If you want more information about how I can help you Jumpstart Your Business, come to a call with me. I can help you prioritize and organize your plans, get focus and clarity, help you plot out your Big Picture for the following year, and so much more. Don’t wait because my calendar is filling up fast. Come to a call with me this month. I want to help you make a Big impact, make Big changes, and make Big money in the coming year. Go to to schedule your call with me.

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Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful


“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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This month is THE time for you to be working on your Plan – a great plan of Action for the coming year. So today, I’m sharing tips about a great process you can follow to plot out your marketing calendar for 2017.

tips for plotting out your marketing calendarI’ve been talking about the NEED number a lot lately and I’m working on the Marketing Planning Process with several of my 1on1 and VIP clients right now.  I hope you are working on your plan as well!

There are so many ways to plot out your Plan of Action for your year such as a Mind Map, a Vision Board, your Google Calendar or even sticky notes.

But, you can’t create an effective PLAN without knowing how much money you need to make in your business!  If you haven’t already picked up your FREE download of this resource, click here to get my worksheet to develop your NEED Number today!  

How do you plan to get in front of enough people to make money?

Start with the big rocks first, have you heard that?

It’s true…listen to this video to get some insider tips on how I plan out my year from big plans to nitty gritty daily and monthly marketing plans and how YOU can do this too!

Make life easier on yourself and do this type of planning every year. If you already have your “plan” in order I would still look at this video as it may give you some ideas of things you are NOT doing and should.

Check out the video below for more detail about my Tips for Plotting Out Your Marketing Calendar!!

Tips for Plotting Out Your Marketing Calendar!


Now that you knew the Steps – Start Plotting Out Your Marketing Calendar!

All of this type of planning is critical to your business. This is something I coach people on. It’s so much more than knowing how to post on Facebook or how to create a Facebook Video. Sure, it’s good to know those things, but if you are not thinking about the Big Picture in your business – like How to Plot out your Marketing Calendar and in what order of importance – you will find yourself half way through the year struggling to make the money you wanted. And you’re not going to reach your Goals!

Remember – we created our businesses so we could have the kind of life we WANTED to live. And guess what – it takes some work! Get out of your comfort zone.

It all comes down to “what do you need to make every month”. If you don’t have the clarity and understanding of how much money you need to make each week or each month, my Need Number tool will help you!

So pick up my free resource that will help you determine your Need Number. I developed this because I needed it and then I found my clients did too! So head on over to number and download your worksheet today!

While you are at the site, check out the dates for my next LIVE BIG EVENT and get registered for the next one that interests you!

Talk to you Soon!



Katrina Sawa

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You LOVE!”

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One thing a lot of entrepreneurs avoid doing in their business is implementing systems and structure. Why is that? 

  • It could be that you aren’t sure how to be more efficient or automated or what to do to get you there.
  • It could be that you’re more of a free spirit and systems and structure sound hard, foreign or horrible at best.
  • Or it could be that you just don’t recognize that you need them.

Systems and structure (sometimes only need to be done one time too!) if put into place in various areas of your business will definitely help you get out of frustration and overwhelm about so much to do!

What I mean by systems and structure is not specific software or programs of some kind necessarily. It’s the strategy and process behind what you’re doing in your business, marketing, follow up and sales. Systems and structure like the ones I’m referring to could lie on your website, shopping cart, software or even offline systems for things that need to happen to run and market your business more effectively and efficiently.

Typically, entrepreneurs who are more creative types of big picture thinkers don’t tend to gravitate towards these types of details whereas those more educated or detail oriented entrepreneurs take too much time with these details and often don’t get to the necessary sales and marketing activities which is not good either.

Let me share a few key reasons why, if you’re someone who’s a bit more resistant (or oblivious) to creating and implementing systems and structure, you want to start paying attention pretty quickly.

You will:

  1. Gain more hours back in your day.
  2. Reach and impact many more people and prospects.
  3. Sell more and make more money regularly.
  4. Become more known and elevate your expert status.
  5. Get more exposure and visibility.
  6. If something tragic happens in your life you will have the time and ability to handle it.

No one thinks anything tragic will happen to them of course, but I’d like to have you please rethink that. If I was talking to you right now in person I would tell you my story and why it’s made me so passionate about helping other entrepreneurs embrace and implement more systems and structure into their business. What I can tell you is that things were going along great about two years ago.  In fact, I had just met the man of my dreams.

But within two years, I had to have two full hip replacement surgeries (at age 42 and 43) and my fiancé has had kidney stones and now an even more urgent medical issue, he developed cancer in his tonsil. (If you’re worried about him, it seems as if he will be ok with a couple surgeries, we’re hoping for no radiation and chemo.)

All of these issues we never anticipated or thought would happen to us but they did. All of them also took us out of our work or business for a minimum of a week if not a lot longer in the case of my surgeries and possibly the current situation.

Luckily I do have many systems and structures in place as well as a pretty decent size team that helped me get stuff done and keep the marketing going while I was out of the office. It did still however cause my income to drop during those times regardless since most of my sales are still made personally by me. My fiancé doesn’t necessarily have a lot of systems in place however.  He has one or two people in his office that he can ask to do things for him if necessary but not too much automated marketing or structure to consistently bring in more leads.

I wanted to talk about this today because if anything, I mean anything, happens to you or someone you love (not to mention unforeseen issues due to mother nature or home repairs), you could be faced with challenges with continuing to generate leads, sales and revenue. I want to make sure YOU are prepared as much as possible just in case. Trust me, do this now, don’t put it off; you just never know what’s going to happen or when and life is too short too to not enjoy it as much as possible now. Systems will do that for you also.

Action Step:  Watch a recent video I recorded all about Embracing Systems, then come talk, with me



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The top questions from entrepreneurs are “How do I find clients” and “How can I make more money?” 

So how do you do it?  How do you continuously attract and find new clients, build the business that excites you and make more money … all at the same time?

Entrepreneurs get distracted with so many ideas and options that you either do nothing or you do too many things at once but none of them very well.

Don’t be fooled by all the tricks in the internet marketing world out there….if you’re in business and NOT seeing the kind of income you want to make then this is the perfect strategy for you to hone your skills in. I KNOW you’re not doing enough networking, relationship marketing or maximizing it when you do network. No one does….

Networking is STILL THE FASTEST PATH TO CASH for myself and any of my clients who need to generate business quickly.

So what is the fastest way to cash, and what about building relationships?

You need to meet as many people as you can and then keep in touch with them consistently and persistently in order to stay on top of their minds at all times. So, networking is the fastest way to build your list of customers and prospects and even referral sources. There are online networking strategies these days as well as offline, on this webinar we will touch on both.

Where can you start?

1:  Find More Places to Network:  More local events, luncheons, meetings, conferences plus national or regional ones too. I recommend making a habit of attending one larger conference or 2-4 day event every quarter at least. Then monthly locally you can attend anywhere from 1-4 per week in most areas if you look hard enough. All the people you meet may not be exact prospects but you could find a lot of prospects, referral sources, opportunities to be a speaker and many other opportunities you wouldn’t have with less networking. One tip on where to find more networking groups or meetings is to search beyond your local chambers, go to and do a search for the keywords that would be of interest to your target market, do a search on Google for groups with your specific focus or even search on Facebook or LInkedin.

2:  Have a Clear Strategy For Working the Room:  To just attend is not good enough, you want to go with a goal of how many people you want to meet, what other goals you can achieve, like how many potential referral sources you want to meet too. Sometimes you also want to become an exhibitor or sponsor of an event, not just an attendee for added exposure and added opportunity to showcase yourself and what you do. One tip for working the room is to ask lots of questions of everyone else and talk more about them than yourself. Asking for everyone’s cards so you can follow up later but even suggesting to them then that you’d love to set up a follow up, get-to-know-ya type of a call.

3:  Make Sure You Always Follow Up Like Crazy: This is where most business owners fall down and don’t actually maximize their time networking in the first place. Most sales will be made on the follow up. Most opportunities for speaking gigs or joint ventures will be made on the follow up. Calling to follow up is the best strategy but you also want to follow up via email and direct mail too. If you really want to make a big impression or get to someone quickly and they’re not responding then go search them out on Facebook or your favorite social media site and send them a message there too. One tip about follow up is to NOT add everyone you meet to your email newsletters or a subscription via email however, that is spamming and not good etiquette. If someone asks for you to send them your info or be added to your list then of course you can oblige. Finally, you want to follow up more than one time in each way, minimum of 2 direct mail attempts, emails and phone calls for best response.

Hopefully that helps you figure out how to fit more networking into your schedule and how to maximize your time too.  Remember, if you’re not that busy in your business and you need clients; your time spent networking could be the biggest bang for your buck and time to build your business quickly. This is why having a strategic business coach can really help you; we don’t let you go crazy implementing the wrong things first, we help you get focused.

For more information on how to jumpstart your marketing, your business or your life, make sure you’re receiving Katrina’s emails, video tips and more. She gives a bunch of free gifts when you check her out online at and you can even talk with her for free in a jumpstart your business strategy session through that page too.

One of the main things that stops a lot of entrepreneurs from moving forward in their business or holds them back from reaching the 6-figure mark is being in overwhelm.

Overwhelm can cripple a business owner. It sometimes gets so bad you may do nothing at all! And that’s not going to help you make more money or get more clients….you want to stay in constant action to see the best results. BUT those actions should be very strategic, planned and targeted to what you need to do to start, grow or market your business.

Many small business owners focus on the wrong things first in their business therefore sometimes filling their schedule with unnecessary tasks rather than revenue generating tasks.

So how can you overcome overwhelm?

Here are 3 ways that could help you get out of overwhelm faster or help you become more focused in the first place.

1:  Clear Space:  One of the first things I do sometimes with clients who are in overwhelm when they come to me is figure out where they’re spending time every week in their life and their business. This is one activity you can do to evaluate if you are spending your valuable time on unnecessary tasks or actual revenue generating actions. Keep track of ALL your activities for 7 full days, whether you’re working or not. Write them all down, everything you do plus how much time you’re spending on each task. Yes, down to doing the laundry and especially time on social media and email. Try to determine if you are doing things that will lead to a sale or talking with a prospect one way or another. If not, take note. After that week, review what you’ve been spending time doing and think of how you can shift time spent.

2:  Hire Team:  For many small business owners who are in the first 3-5 years of first starting your business you typically don’t believe you can afford to hire anyone just yet; usually because you’re still not making the amount of money that YOU want to make. But if you think differently about this; that by hiring one or two people to help you get more revenue generating activities done every month you could actually be in a place to talk with and sell more prospects into your programs, products and services. If you already have the beginning of a team, then evaluate your team. Are they doing the right things? Are you delegating the right tasks? What else is missing? More Marketing, more follow up, more connecting online, more touches with your database, more phone calls? These are the main revenue generating tasks that a team could be doing for you so you can reach more people every month.

3:  Evaluate Options: This is the most important of all. As entrepreneurs we typically have no shortage of ideas. Ideas though, sometimes are what overwhelms us. We want to develop this new product, that new program, send this email, hold a special sale, plan a big event or write that book. I could go on and on of course as these are all ideas I’ve had as well. Then there’s the outside influencers who give us more ideas and share things we “should be” doing in our business or our marketing. Just be careful who you listen to and how you prioritize what you do and keep a list or journal of ALL your ideas for the future. You don’t want to implement them all at once and there are certain things you want to do depending on how long you’ve been in business so also be careful about doing which things too early on in your business or you may not see the results from them that you want.

Hopefully that helps you with a few ways to get out of the overwhelm you could be in. Take it slow and get help if you need it. This is why having a strategic business coach can really help you; we don’t let you go crazy implementing the wrong things first, we help you get focused.

For more information on how to jumpstart your marketing, your business or your life, make sure you’re receiving Katrina’s emails, video tips and more. She gives a bunch of free gifts when you check her out online at and you can even talk with her for free in a jumpstart your business strategy session through that page too.


Go check out a Free Audio Download I made for Entrepreneurs, whether you’re newer in business or seasoned, my guess is that you’re NOT doing all of these strategies to attract clients.

Many of them are FREE or LOW COST strategies too so definitely go get access to this recording. Then let me know if you have any questions or want to talk ok?

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I’ll talk to you soon!

Katrina Sawa
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The first and one of the most important steps to Relationship Marketing is to realize your UNIQUE TARGET MARKET – narrow it down as much as possible because you aren’t going to be able to afford to market to everyone with your time or your money – guaranteed.

So narrow it, niche it out, identify characteristics or demographics about your favorite type client that you like and duplicate it. EVERYTHING YOU DO REVOLVES AROUND YOUR TARGET MARKET – where you advertise, what you say in those ads, what you put on a flyer or brochure or your website, where you network and what you say when you follow up – the target market is the key.

Then when you figure out who you want to work with you need to find out what their Hot Buttons are. Because what matters most to your prospects about your products and services is going to be what you communicate to them about in your marketing messages. If you aren’t sure what their Hot Buttons are, then conduct a survey and go find out.

Relationship marketing isn’t hard, but you do need to know the basics in order for it to be worth your time and effort.  My Relationship Marketing 2-Part Webinar give you step-by-step instructions on how to get the most out of in-person marketing.  Check it out here!


I’ve done probably over 100 different displays for my business alone in the last few years and I keep learning in fact on what works and what doesn’t. But for the most part I’ve managed to figure out how to pick the right shows for me, think up the right promotions, plan out a good follow up strategy and design an effective purpose and plan of action for the events themselves.

I have all this knowledge and expertise in this area and I wanted an easy way to share it with you so you wouldn’t waste a bunch of your own time or money figuring it out the hard way like I see so many business owners doing when I go to shows.

So ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have you displayed at a tradeshow or biz expo and when it was all over you had nothing to show for it but hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on marketing materials and your time?
  2. Do you want to find out how to make more sales and contacts from tradeshows and biz expos whether you’re a vendor, speaker or just an attendee?
  3. Have you attended a tradeshow or biz expo and not gotten anything out of it – meaning you didn’t get even one contact that developed into more business or more money?

If you answered “Yes” to any of my questions then you need to listen to the recording of my FREE teleclass: “How to Work the Room For Lead Generation at Networking Events, Tradeshows and Speaking Gigs

During the call I announced a contest and the winner would receive a free seat in my upcoming Webinar Training on Relationship Marketing. Go to and sign up to get the recording to get more details but it was for whoever posted the best testimonial for me basically on my facebook fan page by the end of the day this Sunday (February 19, 2012). The winner would be chosen mostly by whoever’s comment had the most like’s on it and partially by me. So you’d want to post something then go drive traffic there to get people to like the comment. You can do a written testimonial or video – but remember the BEST one wins!