As a small business owner you’re probably doing a ton of things yourself in your business – some you need to do but some also that maybe you shouldn’t be doing, right?

computerIn talking with hundreds of entrepreneurs every month I find that the majority of them (you/us) struggle with our email inboxes…they’re overflowing right?

You’re either:

  • Overwhelmed with email and your inbox
  • Feeling like you’re tied to it or it follows you around (on your smart phone)
  • Confused on how to organize it better – the flow, the emails you need, the spam, etc.
  • Ignoring it all together
  • Wondering how you can ever take a vacation (or a couple days off) and NOT check in
  • Or you’ve got it down and thoroughly organized like a well-oiled machine

Well, if you’re NOT in the situation of the very last point then you may be interested to know a few things you can do to better manage your emails and inbox.  After all, you’re wasting hours a month deleting and sorting through emails you don’t even need to show up in the first place.

The following are 4 tips I suggest to better manage your emails:

  1. Sort and organize your emails – Use the rules option in your mailbox feature to send specific emails into their own folders in your inbox to start.
    • I send all the emails from my team (various VAs) to one folder so I can hammer out responses all at one time every hour or couple hours or so as it fits my time schedule.
    • I send all my email newsletters (the ones I do want to keep) to a newsletter folder in my inbox to read when I have time.  Guess what?  Rarely do I ever have time nor do I miss them!
    • I send all emails from particular people like my own coach, my mastermind or other group I may be a part of to their own respective folders to keep them organized and my main inbox less cluttered.

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