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Great news this week! I will be a guest speaker for both NY Connect And Grow AND Create Indestructible Wealth Radio. They are FREE, LIVE and for anyone that wants more tips on Marketing, Business, Money-Making and their Love Life.
 Join me this week and tune in for either or BOTH!


TUESDAY JULY 14th 2015 @ 4pm PST/ 7pm EST
NY Connect And Grow

I’m excited to be the guest on this month’s Virtual Meetup Webinar for anyone that is interested! I know what you’re probably thinking how will I get there? No worries! Unlike a typical meetup this one is virtual, which means you can conveniently access the webinar no matter where you are. I give a TON of great content so make sure you register for the 14th.

I’ll be sharing: Your Email Marketing “Must Haves” Checklist! Such as:

  • Why the size of your list doesn’t matter?  mail contact
  • How to balance selling and relationship building?
  • How to increase action with urgent offers?
  • 3 Tips/ways to increase email performanceand MUCH MORE! Come learn what’s new with email marketing, new spam laws, new software to deliver your messages, how to sort your contacts and get the biggest bang for your efforts using email marketing. so be sure to register for the FREE webinar here:






Then on WEDNESDAY JULY 15th 2015 @ 4pm PST/7pm EST
Create Indestructible Wealth Radio
Katrina_radio show

I’ll to be the guest with Paul Mata on Create Indescructible Wealth Radio Show. So TUNE IN to hear me LIVE as I share with you all how to get more LOVE in your life and MONEY in your business? I can definitely go so MANY directions with that talk – personal story, tips to make money, tips to get more love, etc.!






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