Hi Everyone!

I hope you join me for the 2013 Unleashed Biz 2-day business and networking Event in Sacramento, CA!

It will be so great if you do, there are 13 awesome speakers, I know most of them personally myself and we give TONS OF GREAT CONTENT. PLUS the highlight of the event (I know you think it’s ME – thanks!) is Les Brown, yes, THE Les Brown! Wow, can’t wait to see him speak again, he’s fantastic.

But of course you’ll want to hear what I have to share too – so watch this video for more info:

Then go get all the event details here: http://unleashedbiz.com/

And register with this link: http://www.eventbrite.com/event/6181150989/KatrinaSawa/252183010

I’ll see you there!




For a recap of the event – go to this blog post: 


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