How to Get More Clients Using Your Database or CRM

Are you really utilizing your CRM or your database the best you can? Probably not, no one I see is doing enough in ALL the various ways I recommend, to be nurturing and reaching out to their database. Yes, you’ll see online marketers send 11 emails a week during a launch but that’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about using a VARIETY of ways to build the relationships with your subscribers, friends, followers and connections – whether they’re officially “on your email list” or not. Watch the video for tips on what I do and teach to get more clients from your CRM and your database marketing. Good luck! Come talk with me in a free consult to help you! Apply here:

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Today I’m sharing marketing tips that all small business owners should be spending time on.

marketingMost small business owners focus their efforts in only one area – going after new business. But by solely focusing on acquiring new business, there’s a tendency to forget or to be inconsistent with marketing to their contact databases or referral sources. Those are two areas that are the easiest to go after.

The 3 Types of Marketing You Should Focus On

  1. Database Marketing
  2. Referral Source Marketing
  3. New Business Marketing

Your Database Marketing is marketing to everyone you know…, regardless of your relationship. This includes your hair dresser, dentist, neighbors and friends. Keep in mind that it’s likely that everyone you know could be a potential prospect or referral source.

Database Marketing needs to be done via email, mail, phone, social media, and in person visits – the more ways the better! Your ultimate goal is to be top of mind with everyone you know all of the time so you are the first person they of if they know needs your products or services.

Database Marketing Methods:

  • Send out bi-weekly or weekly emails (monthly is not frequent enough for most businesses);
  • Hold regular teleclasses or events they can attend for free or paid;
  • Mail to them often and consistently;
  • Make reminder phone calls and follow up calls;
  • Connect with them on the social media sites you belong to or where they’ll see you most often;
  • Drop by their offices or drop materials by their homes can be effective, if it’s a good fit.

Your Referral Source Marketing is marketing to all those individuals, companies or groups that directly market to your target market.

These are complementary businesses to yours or big fans of yours that will be most likely to refer business to you. You want to go through your database and build a list of these people, companies or groups that you can market to. You can also do a Google search by industry or type of business or person to find or connect with more individuals or companies to add to your Referral Source list to market to.

The marketing messages that you’ll send to Referral Sources will greatly differ from the ones you send to your regular database of prospects and contacts, and will be very different from the ones you send to new businesses.

Referral Source Marketing Methods can Include any or all of the above plus:

  • Invite referral sources to be guest on your teleclasses, radio or TV show, or speak at your events (and offer to do the same for them);
  • Invite referral sources to use your articles or content in their email newsletters, blogs or websites (and offer to do the same);
  • Build an automated online referral program (typically called an Affiliate Program) that can track referrals;
  • Send referral sources pre-written email or web copy or mailed materials they can send out to promote your products, services, events or classes (making sure you have a tracking system in place of course to reward the ones who send you business);
  • Connect with them on social media, letting them know online when something comes up they can promote, comment on or share with their followers.

Your New Business Marketing will consist more of direct marketing to your targeted list of prospects. You can buy a list if you want so you can do a mailing but make sure you’re very clear on the demographics and psychographics of your prospects in order to narrow the list down.

New Business Marketing Methods can include any or all of the above plus:

  • Social networking is one of the most popular ways to do this today. There are hundreds of sites and places to find prospects online but you’ll need to be efficient with your time. You can easily get sucked in and spend too much time on social media. Go searching with a goal of who you want to connect with, where you want to drive them to (ie; your website, opt in box, call with you, etc.) and have an appropriate way to introduce yourself without being too self-promoting.
  • Find blogs and groups or forums online where your target market congregates and post on them often. Ask and answer questions. Learn how to become an expert on that site and if possible, submit content. Share your expertise.
  • Speak, sponsor or network at events where your target market will be in attendance. Learn how to “work the room” however so you can meet and connect with as many people as possible.
  • Run advertisements in your local area or even national publications or online publications that reach your ideal prospects.

Keep in mind that for all types of marketing, the goal should be to get them into your mailing list and into your email database so that you can continue to market to them. But never rely solely on email marketing to reach all of these people, not in this era; you have to connect with them in many different ways if you really want to be seen. You’ve got to build relationships with them over time and that is the most effective way to market to anyone. People will do business with people they like, trust and connect with so make it easy for them to do business with you and refer their friends to you too!

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So where do you start?  What do you do to market and grow your business?

There are so many options right? It’s possible even, that you’re somewhat overwhelmed right now just thinking about it.

Well, I like to start with ‘free first, then pay’ options…how does that sound to you? The reason being is that typically these days people need to experience you somehow or in a couple different ways before they will sign up, buy or pay for anything you have to offer. It’s not always the case but usually. That’s why we give free gifts on our websites, do free talks and teleseminars and why we write articles on our blogs and more.

I usually recommend focusing your marketing in 3 different types of marketing, they are:

1.  Database Marketing

2.  Referral Source Marketing

3.  New Business Marketing

The reason I break it down like this is because most small business owners focus most of their efforts in only one area, going after new business, and they forget or choose not to do much to market to their databases or referral sources which are the easiest to go after!  (Let me explain each and give you some examples.)

Your Database Marketing is marketing to everyone and anyone you know….regardless of your relationship.  This includes your hair dresser, dentist, neighbors and friends.  More than likely everyone you know could be a potential prospect or referral source (but we’ll talk about referral sources separately for this example).

Database Marketing needs to be done via email, mail, phone, social media, in person visits possibly and maybe even fax if you or your customers still use it – the more ways the better!  The goal is to be on top of mind with everyone you know (and those you add to your database too) all the time so if they or someone they know needs your products or services, you are the first person they think of.

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Influence is one of those words that I never thought about too much until just last year in fact. One of my speaker peers and friends mentioned it a couple times during her talk at a conference we both spoke at. When I stopped to think about it, and what having influence truly meant, I was excited to discover that I’d been doing many of the right things to BUILD INFLUENCE all throughout my 11+ year journey as an entrepreneur.

Here are a few thoughts about what I see can help us all Grow Our Influence in order to Make a Difference With Our Messages.

Definition of INFLUENCE: The capacity to have an effect on the character, development, or behavior of someone or something, or the effect itself.

So where do you start?  What can you do to grow your influence?

I’ve identified 4 keys to growing your influence:

  1. Massive marketing to gain exposure
  2. Effective leadership and community building to gain trust
  3. Considerate and conscientious sharing of referrals and resources to gain love
  4. Impactful educating and motivating to gain credibility

You want to have people tell you “I see you everywhere” or “I hear your name everywhere”.

Let’s talk about each one of these independently…

  1. Massive marketing to gain exposure – For marketing, I typically recommend focusing your on 3 different types of marketing (I wrote an article on those two weeks ago), they are:
  2. Database Marketing – communicating with everyone you have access to and that are in your database via email, mail, phone and in person if you can too.
  3. Referral Source Marketing – communicating to see if or how you can help each other via email, mail, phone and social media or in person too if you can. Offer them opportunities to write posts for your blog, be a guest on your radio show if you have one, a teleclass to your list or other way to joint venture.
  4. New Business Marketing – searching out places where your target market is hanging out such as local or national events, virtual conferences or programs, social media sites, publications or radio shows and so much more. Reach out and connect and drive them to a next step.
  5. Effective leadership and community building to gain trust – This has to do with leading in your business, leading a team and building a following of people who love you, trust you, want to be around you or take every training you’ve got to offer and who refer you.
  6. Considerate and conscientious sharing of referrals and resources to gain love – This has to do with really having the spirit of giving first. Finding all sorts of ways to give of your expertise, your content, your time if able and give of your resources. This doesn’t mean you have to give all your products and services away, but being that go-to-gal that people reach out to when they’re looking for answers or a resource or a person and you offering whatever you can in that regard anytime without question.
  7. Impactful educating and motivating to gain credibility – This has to do with your expertise and showing the world what you know, what you do and how you can help others. It’s by providing great content, products and programs. It’s about inspiring and motivating those you come in contact with regardless if they’re paying you or not or even if you remember them three years later; it’s them remembering you and how you impacted their life.

Let’s set examples for the women who follow us, follow in our footsteps online and offline so we can build a truly remarkable, loving world.

Now, if you want more specific examples, steps and samples of ways to do all this then you really want to attend my 3 ½ day Jumpstart Your Marketing® & Sales Summit this April where I lay out everything you need to do to market and build influence in all of these areas.

Join me in April and let’s jumpstart your business! Go to for all the details and sign up today!

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