This information was sparked by the Info Summit’s A-Z Day on How to Create Info Products basically. (You do know I can help pull your info product out of you right? I do this for clients every week; we figure out ways for you to make money online, via email or over the phone, etc. by turning your knowledge, expertise, advice and resources into Information Marketing Products, Programs and Services like mine!)
I’m not copying what they gave us here because it’s copyrighted but I’ll summarize and give you my advice.

You see I run into this problem with almost every new client. You always seem to have a master database (or mailing list) full of people you haven’t contacted in a very long time or a stack of business cards and contacts on your desk/in your office that you collected within the last year or more.

I know that data entry is an extremely daunting task and pretty much no one likes to do it (except some crazy Virtual Assistants or admin types out there which is why you want to delegate this to THEM!) so either it doesn’t get done (ever) which means no one gets ‘mailed’ any follow up or marketing matertials or the data entry might get done but 99 out of 100 times no one follows up enough!

Therefore, these leads become cold or old, right? Meaning they have forgotten who you are for the most part.

  • Some of you may think it’s ok to simply add them to an email newsletter list now that you’re finally getting around to doing one, right? WRONG!!!!!
  • Some of you decide to mail them, but what do you mail them? A sales flyer, brochure or promotional message to get them to buy now or call you, right? WRONG!!!!!
    Some of you simply do nothing and wonder why THEY AREN’T COMING TO YOU, right? DUH!!!!!
  • Sorry, but you do need an effective follow up system – you can put one in place right now! (see my products section on the sidebar to get my Ultimate Marketing Follow Up System!)

Then you can develop a mail and email (opt in email) campaign (yes, a campaign, meaning more than ONE attempt!) to reintroduce yourself to your list of contacts and start rebuilding that relationship with them again. But ONE attempt will NOT work, you know that right?

And the goal is NOT to sell them in this reintroduction, you know that right?

Your goal should be to get them on your email newsletter list for one – send them to your website to opt in! (What? You don’t have an opt in box on your website that’s easy to find and submit???? Oh no….well, now what are you going to do? This is crucial, get on this!)

Sounds easy huh? But are you doing this effectively? Do you want to? Do you want to transform your website into a lead generating machine and your follow up marketing system into a sales and cash register?

I can help you do this; I’ve done this for hundreds of other entrepreneurs like you but you have to take action now!

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