Last week I shared some REALLY JUICY TIPS about maximizing your networking AT conferences such as these and more….did you watch that video?

This week I want to share more about how to get more joint venture opportunities, referrals coming in or how to position yourself to be seen as a bigger player so you get asked to do stuff like this…I do JVs all the time with other like-minded entrepreneurs who “get it”. You can too if you focus on a few specific things I share about in today’s video.

This week’s video is about targeting in on what you really need to be doing to get more referrals or to do more joint ventures with other complimentary business owners. Go watch it, I promise you’ll get some juicy new ideas for yourself!

Many small business owners are NOT utilizing joint venture opportunities or referral marketing enough in your business. Listen in to my message on this to get some great ideas on how to maximize joint ventures, referrals and collaborative relationships to get more business! 


Oh and I happen to have an excellent product on my website where you can get much more in depth training on all this stuff. 

For the $57 Relationship Marketing Webinar product I have where I go into much greater depth on how to do this, go grab it if you really know this is ONE area you need to improve upon.

Have a great week!

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