Bright Shiny Object Syndrome is anything that keeps you from focusing on your immediate goals and the tasks that need to be completed to reach your goals.

Today I want to talk to you about Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. It’s a serious problem that many people deal with, even me sometimes.

Let me give you a real-world example of what I’m talking about. Are you a Starter but not a Finisher? Do you get GREAT IDEAS and start projects only to lose your momentum for what you started because you are excited about the next new project? Do you jump from idea to idea without finishing your projects? Once the project is finished, do you leave it without monetizing it? If you’ve answered yes, you are someone who is afflicted with Bright Shiny Object Syndrome.

Many people get distracted and invest their time and money in the newest training they’ve heard about. There’s nothing wrong with investing in yourself and learning new skills. The problem occurs when you are investing in something that will not help you where your business is now. Many people lose their focus, invest in training, and then lose interest in that because it’s doing nothing to generate income at the time they invested in it.

Sure, things come up and roadblocks can get in the way of your progress in reaching your goals. But don’t let that lead to procrastination in working on the things you really need to get done! SQUIRREL!

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