I’m so tired of all the hype out there on the internet about “make millions at this or that or by doing this or that”. Every week I talk with a minimum of 5 small business owners who’ve wasted time or money doing the wrong things because they listened to some free teleclass or someone teaching a supposed moneymaking process.

I want to dispel the rumors out there that it’s really that simple to make millions…or even $100,000 because it’s not.

To start, run, market and enjoy a consistently successful 6+ figure business there are two things you want to focus on:

  1. Spending your time wisely (and you may have to spend more time up front than “they say”) doing the right revenue generating activities.
  2. Learning all the things you don’t know as fast as possible, preferably from someone that’s not only been there and done that but is STILL DOING IT AND MAKING MONEY AT IT.

That last part is very important, because it is hard to tell who really is making money on the internet these days. If they have a real swanky website you might just assume they’re making a ton of money. Someone said that to me the other day in fact when I called her on a follow up call. She was shocked that I, myself, would call her in the first place! I told her of course….I do my follow up!

I know if you’re super smart or have a masters or PhD you probably think you can figure out this being an entrepreneur thing, right? Same goes for those who’ve been in high level corporate or even other marketing positions in their careers, right?

I know because about half the business owners I talk to share these things with me. Shoot, I thought that way too for many years in my business! I thought I could figure it out, I thought I knew what I needed to do….but I was wrong and it set me back about 3 years and $100,000.

The unfortunate part is that I see these people out networking again in 6 months or a year and they’re still in the same boat usually or very close to it.

I hope this is not where you are – if so, snap out of it will ya? Let’s teach you what you need to do to jumpstart your business and get you moving! Let’s get you making more money, attracting many more clients, and working smarter not harder!

I want to invite you to learn more about a training program that I’m doing just for you, where you’ll learn the “meat” of what you need to know, not the hype. Do yourself a favor and go find out more about it now. You deserve this. You deserve to have the life and business of your dreams….and you CAN transform your business now with the right training, I know it.

I named this program the 6 Figure Business Makeover – Entrepreneurial Training Program because it shows you exactly what to do, sell and how to market so you can build a 6 Figure Business sooner rather than later. It’s some of the stuff you know you’re supposed to be doing but you’re probably not doing and I show you how to get it done. It’s also the stuff you don’t know you need to know!

You want to know how I’ve built my consistent revenue generating business? How I get all the marketing done every month? How I consistently create new products, programs and revenue streams? How I built a team to support me?

It’s because I’ve taken numerous training programs from other entrepreneurs who’ve been where I am/was and are making money doing the proven strategies they’ve taught me.

That’s what I’m doing in this training program. I’m teaching you all the proven business-building, marketing and how-to run your business strategies and systems (shortcuts too!) that I’ve learned or I’ve developed so YOU can get where you want to be in your business faster than you’re getting there on your own. And by the way, it’s ok to ask for help…it doesn’t mean you’re not good enough or smart enough, in fact it means you ARE smart.

In this program I’m going to teach you and show you how to do or implement the right tasks to spend time on every day, help you prioritize so you’re not overwhelmed and how to attract more ideal clients on a regular basis so your money worries go away.

I cover things such as: business set up, technology, websites, blogging, video marketing, email marketing, social media, outsourcing, pricing, product and service development, time management, bigger picture thinking and so much more.

I’m holding it this month because I hate to see business owners struggling so hard AND I hate seeing you WASTE TIME AND MONEY with the wrong things, doing the wrong marketing, spending time in the wrong places, etc. I can help you focus on the REVENUE PRODUCING ACTIVITIES you should be doing.

Here is the page with all the details, call dates, how many people I will take, how much it is and all the juicy bonuses you’ll get when you register! But don’t wait, it starts soon and I’m not sure when I’ll be doing this program again. The 6 Figure Business Makeover – Entrepreneurial Training Program

I am so excited to help you jumpstart your business, your marketing and your life in 2013, let me know if you have any questions after you read the page!


Are you willing to do what it takes?

Are you ready to make some HUGE shifts in your business, stop working so hard and start making more money FAST? Take a minute to stop and really think about this because many small business owner SAY they are, yet they aren’t willing to do what it takes to get there.

Most small businesses and entrepreneurs go out of business because they don’t realize what all it takes to successfully run their own ‘profitable’ business. They get in over their head quick and either struggle for years because they’re too stubborn to ask for help before they go bankrupt or they simply burn out. Some run out of money pretty quickly and hold on to their every last dollar instead of ‘going all in’ because they KNOW it will be ok.

If your goal is to reach or exceed 6+ figures in revenues in your business you better be prepared to do some pretty BIG THINGS and invest heavily in your business AND in yourself along the way to get there. It doesn’t all have to be hard work or long hours because that’s definitely not a requirement. But you’ve got to have the right systems, business structure, programs, products and services that you’re passionate about in order for you to create a more smooth-running business machine.

And most importantly, you need to be doing the right marketing that works in today’s world. Are you stuck in the old marketing ways? Because most of them just don’t work anymore.

This is where I come in! I have a diverse amount of knowledge on all kinds of different marketing and technological strategies, and I am committed to bring all that expertise to you without you having to spend that extra cash on learning it all yourself! Because of my experience, there isn’t any type of business or professional that I can’t come up with new, affordable and effective ways to market your business for.

I am so excited to introduce you to my new all-access, private group coaching program called the 6-Figure Business Makeover. This program will give you all the tools you need to transform your business into a smooth-running, lead-generating, global selling machine where you will learn how to work less and leverage your time and expertise.

For full program details, check out https://www.jumpstartyourmarketing.com/6figurebusinessmakeover