Hey everyone, here are some quick tips on how to successfully network INSIDE FACEBOOK GROUPS run by other people First of all, let me say that posting in other people’s groups and other pages and things on Facebook here is one of the main ways I engage with people. HOWEVER… I do it very strategically and NOT salesy. So many people (a few of you too have done this and I’ve private messaged you about it) will think that by joining groups like this one, it gives you the right to just post whatever you want whenever you want and that’s mot a good plan.

What to do when networking in Facebook groups

You first want to read the groups “rules” or description which is usually located on the right column and/or it’s often pinned to the top of the group as an announcement. That will give you some basic guidelines as to when certain posts might be allowed for example; promotions on Wednesdays, inspiration on Tuesdays, Tips on Fridays, etc. I would also recommend trying to ENGAGE in the COMMENTS of a post whenever you have something of value to add. It will make you look good in the light of the leader of that group because Facebook loves it when posts get comments, not just likes and hearts. I would refrain from posting salesy mentions about your products and services except maybe once in a while, and best to do this INSIDE THE COMMENTS if you’re able to help someone with your expertise when they ask for support or have a question about something.

Blatently posting ads and salesy posts can get you removed and you’re not making friends then, just enemies. Instead, offer to give free advice, answer questions, give examples and share stories on posts that your comments are encouraged. If people like what you have to say then “ideally” they will click on your profile name to find out more about you and/or private message you. As for private messaging people inside other people’s groups… there’s nothing wrong with doing that if you have a reason OR if you’re very careful about the wording that you use. Again, do not send a message to promote yourself, it’s like asking someone to go to third base with someone on a first date. NOT COOL.

Build relationships by networking in Facebook groups

Social media is all about connecting, building relationships, sharing other people’s info, standing out, getting visibility but in a good way so people perceive you as an expert and THEN that makes them want to know more. Social media marketing and connecting takes time sometimes, it’s not a wham bam thank you mam kind of place. Try offering to have a phone conversation with people to find out more about THEM… NOT to talk about you. Business will come if you do the right things in your marketing plain and simple. If you aren’t sure what to do exactly or what to say then ask for and seek help – you must or you may end up burning bridges and being that person no one wants to get to know.

Comment below with your thoughts on this! Oh and PS – start your own group and build your own community, then you can do whatever you want inside that group. (although I still recommend giving a lot of value first before trying to sell or no one will come back)   —> Want to join a community of other motivated entrepreneurs for networking & masterminding every single month? Check out the new International Entrepreneur Network and Join Today for just $7/mo! www.iEntrepreneurNetwork.com  

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