Starting a Business in Your 60’s and 70’s? Be Inspired By These Women! 

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I am so inspired by all the women I’ve been meeting and have worked with who are starting their own business in their 60’s and 70’s.

Many of them say “I just can’t sit around, I need to be active”, or “I’ve always wanted to do X and now I finally can”.

For whatever reason they decide to wait to start a business until their later years:

  • For some it’s just something they put off while they take care of everyone else first.
  • For others it’s a life event or transition that gives them the revelation to finally take charge of their life and do what they’ve always dreamed.
  • And for a lot of them they do it out of necessity actually as they realize they may not have enough money to enjoy the rest of their lives the way they would like.

Whatever the reason, these folks are so motivated to do whatever it takes to make it happen fast.

  • They realize they can’t know or do it all and they reach out for support.
  • They dive in with two feet and don’t look back.
  • They take action quickly as they know the clock is ticking!

One thing most of them have in common is that they just have more faith in themselves at this stage. Faith in themselves to do this new venture and faith that it will all work out on the end.

I asked a recent gal, 70 years old, that I sat next to on a plane “Why are you starting a brand new business at age 70?”

She said: “First, I could not stand to sit at home all day long and play solitaire. Second, I’ve always wanted to make a difference in the lives of children. I grew up with a really bad childhood and my life’s mission is to prevent other children from going through what I have. It’s as though, everything I’ve done in my life was leading up to what I’m doing now. One of my goals was every year to get some kind of an award and recently I was given the honor of speaking at the White House, and for all of the work I’ve done I got the Presidential Point of Light Award. ”

Again, how inspiring right?

Let’s encourage anyone and everyone to go after their dreams at whatever age they may be!


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