Ready to Use Speaking as your #1 Marketing Strategy OR Business Model?

Great! You just found an amazing resource to help show you WHAT TO DO, HOW TO DO IT & HOW to BECOME CONFIDENT in yourself as a speaker – you can do this!!

I put together this little Starter Kit for newer speakers or entrepreneurs who are speaking but aren’t yet really monetizing it. Grab this very low-priced package to GET STARTED and learn how to make more money from speaking in your business!

You will learn the 4 Components of a Good, Effective Introduction in Your Talk and Why It’s Vital to Your Success, Especially if You Plan to Sell From Your Talk plus so much more… take a look! It’s just $27 for ALL of this!

In the audio training you will learn:

How to Prepare for Getting Speaking Gigs So You’re Much More Confident

The easiest, quickest ways to develop your signature talk, speaker sheet and special offers.

What materials you need before, during and after presentations so you maximize your time and amount of leads you receive.

In the ebook you will learn:

The different kinds of Speaking Gigs you could get including free or paid ones

The 6 components to prepare yourself to be a good speaker, get booked and make money

Where to go to get booked on podcasts, radio shows and other virtual platforms

Then use the Speaker Sheet Checklist to build yours so you don’t miss any pertinent information that could prevent you from getting booked.

Don’t Wait to Start Speaking – It will bring you SOOOO many more clients!

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