SPEAKING is the Number 1 marketing strategy to attract more clients these days.  Speaking in your business can help you grow and scale your business to make it consistently profitable.

I’ve been speaking for several years both locally and for speaking gigs that I travel to. Being a speaker doesn’t always mean you are speaking from the stage.  Today, technology has made it possible to have virtual speaking gigs. For example, I also appear on others’ radio shows & podcasts.  I broadcast using Facebook Live and I do webinars and teleclasses.

speaker successI also host the “Sacramento Speakers and Entrepreneurs Network” where members and guests receive focused Speaker Training.  We also have speakers present in person at our live meetings and online in our virtual meetings or Webinars as you can see in the photo of a recent Virtual Meeting on Zoom.

It makes no difference whether you are speaking in person to a group at an event or meeting, whether you are hosting your own event where you are speaking in person, or whether you are speaking virtually – You Are Still Speaking.

Many of you have heard me say “Speaking is your Fastest Path to Cash” and it really is! I’ve been Speaking for several years and it has helped me attract more clients and sell more of my programs and products which has resulted in growth of my business and more income.

I am so passionate about helping others learn to be sought-out speakers, to avoid mistakes that many speakers make, and to use this strategy effectively. I have created programs and I host a LIVE Event/workshop to show entrepreneurs how to get comfortable and confident with presenting their talk, how to deliver their talks, what they need to market themselves to get more bookings, to use PowerPoint effectively, how to monetize their talks, follow-up, and more.

If you have started speaking a little but your efforts haven’t resulted in making enough money to justify your time, this Event is for you. Maybe you are thinking about speaking in your business but you have no idea what topics you should speak about, you don’t know how to present your talk, how to handle back of the room displays and sales, or maybe the thought of standing up before others to speak makes you a bit uncomfortable. If any of this resonates, this Event is for you!

My “Speaker Success Bootcamp” LIVE event, is a hands-on, interactive workshop in Sacramento, June 14th-16th . Some of the topics will help uncover gaps that many speakers experience that hinder their ability to be successful, including:

  • How you are missing out on thousands of dollars in sales and new clients every single month depending on what you offer/sell;
  • What’s lacking to build credibility and exposure for yourself and your business;
  • How you are missing out on thousands of dollars in sales and new clients because you don’t know how to effectively close sales from the stage, back of the room or in your follow up;
  • Why it’s difficult for you to get repeat invitations due to poorly designed presentations or talks that aren’t content or audience focused;

My VIP attendees will also receive BONUSES that all speakers need. One HUGE BONUS that I include is a 5 Minute Recorded Video of YOU on STAGE Rocking Your Talk. All speakers need video of your presentation(s) on your website because promotors want to see what you look like, sound like and how you deliver your message. This bonus alone has a value of up to $1,400.

speaker successOne of my clients has attended this workshop twice and she already has two videos of her speaking on stage uploaded on her website!  If you already have one or two videos of yourself, you can use this one for filler or to create a fun SIZZLE REEL!!

Because there is so much covered in this workshop, you’ll receive 3- days of training, coaching and guidance to help you emerge as a Dynamic Speaker.

I’ve recently opened Registration for this Event and I’m offering Super Early Bird Rates to the first 50 people who register. You can attend this 3-day workshop with a General Admission Ticket and get the Live training for just $97.

And if you are ready to step out and GO BIG by purchasing the VIP ticket, you will receive:

  • An extra session before the event starts where you will get dialed in and crystal clear;
  • My “Jumpstart Speaker Training System” – a 6 week home study course that you can start working on before the event, if you’d like;
  • And the mega bonus – the 5-minute Recorded Video of You Rocking your Talk on stage.

The VIP ticket is your Best Value and the option most serious speakers will choose. It is also special priced at $597. for a limited time until the first 50 people sign up.

If you’ve been thinking about Speaker Training, you WANT someone who has the experience to coach you and train you. You want someone who’s made the mistakes when they were starting out in the speaking arena and who has learned what works and what doesn’t.

So head over to the Event Information & Registration Page today      at   www.jumpstartyourmarketing.com/speakersuccessbootcam/

Take a look at everything that I’m offering in this Workshop.  Register soon to take advantage of these super low rates and to get the VIP BONUSES if you register for the VIP ticket.

I’m looking forward to seeing you there to guide you on your Path to Becoming a Sought-After Speaker!  This training will be a game-changer for you!

Here’s to Your Speaking Success!


Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach, Speaker &

Author of the book, Love Yourself Successful



“Showing You HOW to Make a LOT More Money Doing What You Love!”

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