Many of you know about the Sacramento Speaker and Entrepreneur Network Meetup that I hold monthly here in the Sacramento area. This group is open to those who are new or experienced speakers who meet to network with each other, collaborate, share resources and who want to learn more about speaking in their business.

Attendees receive training each month on topics that relate to the business of speaking and we work on ways to find more speaking opportunities and to build our businesses. There’s a lot of energy generated at these meetings as well as sharing ideas! It’s a great group to network with.

In the past, we have met for Live Events monthly, but I chose to hold the meeting in December as a Virtual Meetup to give more people, especially those who are not in the Sacramento area, an opportunity to attend.

Did you know that speaking is the #1 way you can get clients when you have your own business? The Sacramento Speaker and Entrepreneur Network is a great place to get some valuable Speaker Training and tips, similar to the training I provided in this Virtual Meeting, to help you get booked as a Speaker. .

Click the video below to hear the webinar of the Sacramento Speaker and Entrepreneur Network December Meetup.!


Starting January 2018, my goal is to hold a live event once per month as well as a webinar once per month for this Meetup Group. This will give more people an opportunity to join and be active in this Group if they are unable to attend regular meetings in Sacramento. It will also give more speaking opportunities to more people.

Going forward in the New Year, we will continue to need speakers for the Live Events each month in Sacramento. We will also need speakers for the virtual Meetups. So here’s your opportunity to perfect your speaking skills and to share your message with more people.

To sign up to be a speaker at one of our upcoming events, either at a Live Event or a Virtual Event, please go to SacSpeakerSubmission on my website and complete the form.

Are you interested in learning more? You’ll find the meeting schedule, meeting description and registration at

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Katrina Sawa

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