I’ve done probably over 100 different displays for my business alone in the last few years and I keep learning in fact on what works and what doesn’t. But for the most part I’ve managed to figure out how to pick the right shows for me, think up the right promotions, plan out a good follow up strategy and design an effective purpose and plan of action for the events themselves.

I have all this knowledge and expertise in this area and I wanted an easy way to share it with you so you wouldn’t waste a bunch of your own time or money figuring it out the hard way like I see so many business owners doing when I go to shows.

So ask yourself these questions:

  1. Have you displayed at a tradeshow or biz expo and when it was all over you had nothing to show for it but hundreds or thousands of dollars spent on marketing materials and your time?
  2. Do you want to find out how to make more sales and contacts from tradeshows and biz expos whether you’re a vendor, speaker or just an attendee?
  3. Have you attended a tradeshow or biz expo and not gotten anything out of it – meaning you didn’t get even one contact that developed into more business or more money?

If you answered “Yes” to any of my questions then you need to listen to the recording of my FREE teleclass: “How to Work the Room For Lead Generation at Networking Events, Tradeshows and Speaking Gigs

During the call I announced a contest and the winner would receive a free seat in my upcoming Webinar Training on Relationship Marketing. Go to https://jumpstartyourmarketing.com/worktheroomforleads and sign up to get the recording to get more details but it was for whoever posted the best testimonial for me basically on my facebook fan page www.facebook.com/jumpstartyourmarketing by the end of the day this Sunday (February 19, 2012). The winner would be chosen mostly by whoever’s comment had the most like’s on it and partially by me. So you’d want to post something then go drive traffic there to get people to like the comment. You can do a written testimonial or video – but remember the BEST one wins!



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