Are you ready to have your best year ever? I hope so!

I know one thing I want to do more of is to put ME and my family first when it comes to my planning, my business and my calendar, how about you?

My husband Jason and I just returned from a really relaxing 9 day vacation in Mexico and we couldn’t have taken that if we hadn’t planned far in advance. You see, we have his ex-wife to deal with on trading days for custody and you can imagine a longer term getaway, either with Riley or without, takes a bit of negotiation in this situation. Plus we have to coordinate dog sitters, all the travel itself, pre-pay, manage my clients, my team and more. And to boot, we decide to sell our house and buy a new house in the process… a last minute decision at Thanksgiving but we found a great new, bigger home and it motivated us to get our current house ready to sell too.

Many people with lots on their plate, even just this amount of things, may not take the time or effort to invest into planning a vacation but we did. We know that getting away alone really rejuvenates us as a couple, as business professionals and just renews our energy and spirit.

So the biggest thing we do to put US first is to make sure we plan ahead to take vacations each year. Typically we do one with Riley (our now 8 year old, soon to be 9) and one without. The second thing is I try to cut down on evening functions that I attend so we can have dinner together and family time for the short amount of time we have together each day.

It’s probably time you put YOU FIRST more often as well I would imagine…right? 

When’s the last time you truly made decisions based on putting yourself first?

What would you add back into your day, week, month or year if you could waive a magic wand right now?

Watch my video tip today to give you some ideas and inspiration on how to do this, why it’s so critical to your success plus a few key secrets that I share too on what gives me more freedom in my own business.

Click the video below to learn more about Putting YOU First in 2018!

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Talk to You Again Soon!


Katrina Sawa

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