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One thing I was reminded about yesterday when helping a friend’s mom out was that we always want to remember to put ourselves first. Even at nearly 80 years old, this woman, a very dear friend to me, was still putting everyone else’s needs in front of her own.

She is in the beginning stages of Dementia and really should be living in a facility where others are around her all the time rather than traveling from the US to Austria back and forth, to visit and help out her aging sister, brother and school-age friends.

Why I’m sharing this with you today is to give you that gentle reminder that you may need to stop putting everyone else first. No matter where you are in your life, your business, with your health or even with your finances; I truly believe that in order to be YOUR BEST SELF and be able and available to give and help others in the first place, you must first take care of YOU.

self-confident-girl-relaxing-on-couch(purchased)Don’t wait until…

  • Something happens to you health wise and you realize life is too short
  • You burn yourself out
  • You run out of money or savings
  • The Universe puts some HUGE ROADBLOCK in front of you that really sets you back

Do it now.

Take care of yourself more now!

Here are some suggestions for those of you who are doing this and you may also be entrepreneurs trying to run and grow a successful business:

  1. Put your own self care appointments or needs and time slots on your calendar FIRST each week/month. That means scheduling that yoga class you want to take instead of being open for client calls every M/W/F from 8-9 am. (Your clients and prospects can book a time when it’s convenient for you!)
  2. Put date nights and fun romantic getaways on the calendar with your honey if you have one and dating time on the calendar if you’re currently looking for a partner.
  3. Reach out to girlfriends or family members and get some scheduled FUN time on the calendar at least once a month.
  4. Don’t avoid or ignore these appointments with yourself. Don’t push them out another week and another week….do them now, you deserve it!

When you set aside ample time for yourself and YOUR own needs, you will find that you’re in a much better mood, you get more sleep, you become more productive and focused and overall you’re happier which sets out a ripple effect to everyone around you.

Put yourself first now, you can do this!

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