I’m really having fun with creating new videos this month – have you seen them all? They are ALL different, don’t miss one, you never know what quick tidbit of information you’re going to gleem from one of these videos.

I’ve been doing a lot of mini planning meetings this week from a promotion that I had going and it’s fun, hearing what people want to accomplish and then give them ideas and strategies to even go bigger than what they’d thought! I love this stuff!
PS there are 2 fun live events this month in Sacramento….one with the Women Speakers Association and one with my good friend Kathleen Ronald who is coming up from LA to do a 1/2 day workshop with me for YOU! Click on over to my blog for a list of those events and others.

Watch today’s video (CLICK HERE) all about how to embrace your inner planning diva…yes you can. I know planning is not always the fun and sexy stuff in our business but if you think about it, this is when you get to be creative and think really BIG! It’s fun, watch my video and get some ideas for yourself this coming year.

I’m excited about talking with any of you who want to find out about my 2014 Live Big Mastermind group….go watch the video about this Freshly REVISED annual transformational program that can totally change your life!

Click here to find out more –>> www.LiveBigMastermind.com 

Fill out the quick form on that page and I’ll be in touch to talk with you soon…meanwhile I’m off to speak at the eWomenNetwork in Colorado Springs tomorrow and Friday – pray for me that it doesn’t snow! This California girl isn’t a big fan of snow! 😉




Katrina Sawa

The Jumpstart Your Biz Coach



P.S. Been thinking about working with me but haven’t taken that leap yet or inquired yet about how that would work?

Seriously consider talking with me about the NEW Live Big Mastermind….I’ve made quite a few changes to the program for this coming year and can’t wait to work with a great group of highly motivated entrepreneurs (this program will be my MAIN focus in 2014, you won’t see a lot of other virtual programs or free events anymore….take a look!).

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