Walt Grassl and I talked about Love and Money on his Stand Up and Speak Up Radio Show.  The topic was about Putting More Love in your Life and More Money in your Business.

Walt’s Radio Show is about facing your fears so you can live your dreams.  All of us have had to do this at some time in our lives or careers.

When I was working in my corporate career in sales and marketing years ago, I quickly discovered that people don’t know what they don’t know. I still find this to be an issue with some of my clients.

A few years after I left the corporate world and started my business, I found out myself in that same boat, especially when it came to online marketing and leveraging.

I knew that I wanted to make more money and online marketing was a way for me to serve more clients. But I was trading hours for dollars and I knew I couldn’t continue to do that because there’s only so many hours in a day.

Once I made the decision to use systems and automate my business processes, I had time to create more programs for my clients and was able to cut the time I was working from 60 hours per week to 10-15 hours working with clients. The rest of my time is spent marketing myself and my business, training, and speaking engagements.

Love and Money – What I Learned

The way that Love impacts the ability to make more Money comes from my personal experience. I learned that a love of self, supportive people in my life to love me and yes, a change in my own mindset was what I needed to nurture my big ideas into reality. Attracting and having Love in my Life helped me make more Money!

In this interview, Walt and I discussed a variety of business topics like speaking in your business.  Many speakers have had to overcome the fear of public speaking and making a mistake while in front of people.  I’ve experienced many of the struggles and challenges that other speakers experience but I’ve learned to overcome them.  And one big mistake that many speakers make is failing to make a connection with their audience in their intro. If you don’t do that, you’ve lost them for the rest of your presentation.

I’ve shared some issues or landmines that speakers can run into when they are hosting their own live events and ways to avoid those costly mistakes, the beauty of making Fast Cash and more.

Click to Listen in to our discussion about Putting More Love in your Life and More Money in your Business!

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Here’s to Your Success!! 


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