Ok, so I work very hard in my business every week – but I also believe in playing hard too!
Now that I’m single again of course it’s time to start going back out with the girls! (I did before too but it wasn’t such a priority)
This was Girls Night Out at the Folsom Pro Rodeo this July with
Me, Tiffany, Allison, Toni and Cynthia!

I think it’s important if you’re a busy small business owner to still take time out for yourself, your family and especially your friends.
Me and my friend Jill, the mobile chiropractor!

Do you take time for yourself?

You should. By doing what you love on occasion it will help you relax, become less stressed and give you more balance in life – don’t you think?

I don’t know about you but I can be a workaholic on a good day. But other days I just want to play. I guess it’s a very good thing I am my own boss now because taking off whenever I want to was not an option when I had a “job”.

I hope you are in a place where you can explore what you really love to do, take care of yourself first and play once in a while too!
So I seem to be the “party planner” of the group in most cases which means it lies in my hands to set up the dates and places that we can all get together.
Here are some photos (some a little crazy towards the end of the night) from the last big Girls Night Out in Folsom. We started with 13 and dwindled down to 3 by 1 am…..
Cynthia, Sherene and Katie
Brooke, Kristi and their friend, the gal I could not remember
her name all night to save my life!
Cynthia and Toni
Oh, and we can’t forget the very nice looking Rocker Dude!
He was the singer for the Van Halen Tribute band we saw….
I have a few photos of this guy!
Too bad he had a wedding ring on – he was a player though, kept getting close
with women on stage – definitely don’t need a guy like that!

Me and Katie

Sherene up on stage

Sherene and Katie – loving every minute of it

That’s all the excitement for now…..next!!

Katrina Out —

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