I had collapsed on the couch when we got home last week until my husband, Jason, announced there was a German Shepherd Rescue Dog event in our area and it was happening right then!

Honestly, we’d been thinking about getting another dog since we moved in February because we have a bit more room and a little more time now. And we thought our dog, Willow, would love a friend. So we were off to the German Shepherd Rescue Dog Event. A few days later, after I flew home from my trip to Austin, we finalized the adoption – just last week.    rescue dog

Introducing….Duncan! He’s an 18 month old, 85 lb German Shepherd

We love to rescue dogs but there are SO MANY who need good homes that never get them.  We couldn’t believe it when the rescue organization told us that WE were the ONLY ones who had adopted a dog out of their whole weekend of live events!  That is SO SAD!

We were both shocked and brokenhearted to hear that.  There were so many dogs to choose from, it was actually very difficult to make our decision. Duncan spoke to us though and he seemed to connect more with Willow, our other rescue German Shepherd. We thought it was a good fit; a great additional to our home and family. rescue dog

Here’s a photo of Duncan and Willow together as they continue to adjust.  Willow is starting to warm up to him. 😉  

So who is a Dog Lover here???  Leave your comments below!

Here’s to creating and enjoying a happy life full of LOVE & MONEY!!

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