If you’re trying way too hard to make the amount of money that you thought you should be making by now then this webinar is for you.

If you’re just starting your business – THIS WEBINAR WILL SAVE YOU MONTHS, IF NOT YEARS OF TIME, & THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS INVESTED IN THE WRONG PLACES. You just have to trust me on that, you see, I’ve been there.
During this webinar you will learn and discover:

How to look at your business growth and what’s possible using Kat’s 3 Year Evolution Plan

What else is possible for you to do, develop, create or sell in your business based on your big vision

How to realistically plan for and create the revenues you want using proven strategies Kat teaches

How to get more clarity around what you’re offering, how much you’re charging and who you’re serving

What’s missing in your online presence and platform that could totally double or triple your revenues

Where to start with your marketing action plan and revenue generating activities

Many ways to drive more sales using Kat’s Interactive Sales Conversation Techniques

Ideas for developing residual income streams

Keys to more referrals and collaborations to jumpstart your business for free!

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This webinar for Entrepreneurs who want to monetize more of what you’re doing, automate and leverage more in your biz too so you can create your happiest life ever!

I’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars on my business including workshops, programs, trainings, mentors and masterminds in the last 8+ years in my business but no one ever taught me as much as I teach clients all in one place (and in the order of importance I might add!).

In fact I keep evolving my programs based on new ideas, technology and trainings that I’ve learned and continue investing in to hone my skills. I recommend you do the same. But make sure you spend your time wisely with those of us who have actually made good money (and still ARE) doing what we teach! Many people teach stuff they aren’t even doing anymore…that’s not me.

You see, what I’ve found over the last almost 12 years of working with thousands of small business owners and entrepreneurs is that it takes time.

It takes time to grow and enjoy a smooth-running, passion-driven, freedom-based, moneymaking business that fits the kind of lifestyle you want to live. There is no magic pill regardless of what some people may say. The majority of entrepreneurs will just not get to $100,000 in income or revenues in their first, often second or even third year in business.
Is it possible?
Of course, anything is possible. It’s just not realistic and if you’re planning your life around really difficult to attain goals then you may be very disappointed. Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE big picture thinking, planning and action taking and I recommend this always. But I also am a very realistic, tell-it-like-it-is business and marketing coach that will help you plan for your business growth in a manner that can sustain you.

Award Winning Business Coach and Author Katrina Sawa


JumpStart Your Biz Coach, Katrina Sawa, kicks her clients & their businesses into high gear, turning their inspiration and ideas into smooth-running, moneymaking businesses. Katrina is the creator of the Jumpstart Your Marketing® & Sales System, award-winning coach and author of Love Yourself Successful.
She inspires, motivates and educates women entrepreneurs in her annual events, virtual bootcamps, free webinars and video trainings plus one-on-one coaching. She loves helping entrepreneurs develop leveraged strategies, market and monetize more plus teach the “how-to” of what you need to grow your business FAST.