So many of you have been asking about this…so here you go! 

For many of you I’ve been talking to lately, you are no where near hitting your goals for this year and I’m sad to hear that. Also though, for many of you that I’ve been talking to, you’re not doing enough marketing and sales in order to even reach those goals in the first place.

I’m sorry to tell you this but it’s true. You may think you’re super busy and doing the right things to market and promote yourself and your business and many of you probably ARE doing the right things but the truth is, it’s still NOT ENOUGH.

  • But you’re already over-extended and working so hard…I know.
  • You’re overwhelmed with it all too which makes it harder to accomplish…I know.
  • And you’ve already invested in programs, people or things that are supposed to work but for whatever reason, they’re not…I know.

I know some of this you know, but maybe you’re aren’t sure what to do to fix it?

You see, I’m a fix it girl, that’s what I do. I’m not just tooting my own horn here, seriously, I can take a look into someone’s business pretty quickly and see just where the holes and opportunities are. Which holes we need to fix and what opportunities are right in front of your face that we can take advantage of.

Often times you just need that set of objective outside eyeballs to look in on what you’re doing to recognize what’s missing or going wrong. I’m telling you, this is the truth, it’s time you did something about it I’d say so we can catch you up for the year and help you reach or exceed your goals!

Now many of you may have already had a look at my Live Big Mastermind program online or maybe we’ve even spoken about it before, this year or prior. Maybe you think you ‘can’t afford it’ or maybe it’s too much of a commitment for you (so you believe)…

But that doesn’t matter, you really don’t know what you don’t know. And it’s not that I know it all because I certainly don’t. But I can promise you that after just ONE CALL with me you will have so much more clarity with what you’re doing in your business, your marketing and/or your life that it will make your head spin (in a GOOD way!)!

Whether you’re intersted in finding out more about the mastermind or how we can make it work for you or not or if that’s even the right program for you…

I propose this: you take advantage of a one time call with me TODAY and if you decide to continue either in the mastermind or one-on-one with me in some way, I’ll credit you the money you pay for this one-time call. That way you can “try me out” so to speak before you sign up – you can test drive me before you buy! Get it?

And if you don’t want to continue doing anything else with me after this one-time laser focused call with me then that’s fine too and you’ll have invested a very small amount towards getting super laser focused in your business & marketing so you know EXACTLY what to do this month, next month and for the rest of this year to MAXIMIZE YOUR SALES!

THE SPECIAL OFFER FOR APRIL ONLY…sort of a delayed birthday offer (it was my birthday, but you’re getting the good deal):

SPECIAL OFFER, THIS MONTH ONLY: I’m doing one-time, 1on1, 60 min jumpstart your business planning meetings for $197 (and I’ll record them too) plus you get a bonus product of mine, one under $100 as a bonus included depending on what extra resource you need and a bonus audio recording on how to maximize your website. We can cover a TON in 1 hour on your overall business plan, strategize on a specific marketing strategy that you’re doing (or need to do!), develop a new program, product or service, clean up your sales presentations, work on updating and fixing your website so it brings in more leads for you and sooooooo much more, those are just some examples of things we can discuss that I see many entrepreneurs missing the boat on.

Go sign up now here (that page talks about websites only but know that we can talk about anything in your biz or marketing on our call)

What a couple recent clients have to say about these laser focused calls:


“You’re the best coach I’ve ever had. You gave me more information in 2 short calls than anyone in the past. I received very specific, clear and practical tips for activities I can do now to change my website and my programs to better serve my target market. What a difference a phone call makes. I look forward to what I will gain from ongoing connection with you. Thanks Katrina!”

~ Norma T. Hollis, America’s Leading Authentic Voice Doctor



Watch a video of what another recent client had to say about her laser focused 1-on-1 sessions – click here or the video image. 

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About Katrina Sawa

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. She works with highly motivated women entrepreneurs (and a few men!) who want to maximize and fast-track their business to make more money and enjoy more free time. Katrina uses online and offline Relationship Marketing Systems & Strategies to leverage your resources, contacts and your expertise; plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too! She does a whole lot more than just marketing coaching these days however, she looks at your entire business from the big picture all the way down to the nitty gritty detail of what you need to do and say to start up, grow and market your business.

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