Learn How To

Transform Your Mindset Around What’s Possible, Stop Settling and FINALLY Create Your Happiest Life Ever with Lots More LOVE & MONEY!

What You’ll Learn in this Teleseries:

How to make some HUGE shifts and see results quickly

How to LEAP out of your comfort zone and evolve in your personal life

Get more IN TUNE with what you want, what you’re doing and selling

Become more self aware and learn what really makes you tick

Embrace your journey for more self love and knowing your worth

Enhance your true purpose and how to share your gifts with the world

Evaluate your support system and how to get rid of toxic or unsupportive people

Communication keys for enhancing your relationships and love life

And so much more including valuable resources, templates and interactive exercises!

Love Yourself Successful 3-Part Teleseries to Take Charge of Your Life & Design the Business of Your Dreams

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It’s time to finally take charge of your life and design the business of your dreams!

Without confidence, are you going to be as motivated, determined, focused, fearless or productive?

Probably not. That’s why many small business owners don’t survive, go out of business, or struggle out of stubbornness to
try to make a go of it.

The Love Yourself Successful 3-Part Teleseries is a HIGHLY CONTENT RICH PROGRAM that will show you how to put more LOVE in your life and MONEY in your business. There are experiential exercises included for figuring out what you want in life, in a love relationship, how to get rid of or tame toxic people in your life plus it will give you so much more confidence to go after what you truly want because YOU DESERVE IT!

Love Yourself Successful 3-Part Teleseries

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“In Love Yourself Successful, author and business coach Katrina Sawa provides straightforward, proven methods to create lasting change. We learn how to change our confining beliefs that keep us small so we can enjoy abundance in our work, finances and even our romantic relationships. This is a must-read for everyone who wants the freedom to design and manifest their greatest vision.” – Sandra Yancey, CEO and Founder eWomenNetwork.com

“Feeling stuck? Author and business coach Katrina Sawa helps you to see exactly what’s holding you back, and shows you that freedom, wealth and love are entirely within your grasp.  By following her simple, innovative strategies you will see how you can be truly successful in every aspect of your life.” – Loral Langemeier, CEO/Founder of Live Out Loud, international speaker, money expert and best-selling author of the Millionaire Maker 3 book series and Put More Cash In Your Pocket. LiveOutLoud.com

More About Your Host, Katrina Sawa:

Katrina Sawa is known as The JumpStart Your Biz Coach because she literally kicks her clients and their businesses into high gear. Katrina is the creator of the JumpStart Your Marketing™ System, JumpStart Your Business in 90 Days System and author of Love Yourself Successful of which she holds a live event on every year.
She works with motivated entrepreneurs who want to start, grow and market your business the right way from the start. Katrina helps you move faster and more affordably towards your ultimate revenue and professional goals using online and offline marketing strategies, plus she kicks you in the butt to implement it all too!
One thing that makes Katrina different is that she also focuses on your personal life when she works with you on your business. She found that most business owners lack enough self confidence to truly enable them to get to their next level or take those leaps of faith they need to take to finally achieve their ultimate dreams.
Katrina’s goal is to inspire, motivate and educate entrepreneurs how to love themselves fully, live a bigger life and leverage themselves to complete happiness.