Ok, so it’s been quite some time since I posted something on my blog. Mostly because I haven’t had time.

It’s funny, a couple years ago I went through this program and lost a bunch of weight and changed my way of thinking about food (could use a refresher now) but part of the program was that I was supposed to journal about my thoughts and what I was feeling about when I decided to eat something???

I was a little hesitant to take the time to write out my thoughts then and now for some reason tonight I have a block too.

Earlier today I had a session with one of my clients, she’s a Health Intuitive. No I’m not sick but she and another Intuitive I also know both mentioned to me that I had some ‘blockage’ inside me. At first when this all came about I was kind of freaked out….”I have blockage?”.

After a bit of reflecting and my session today I do feel a lot lighter, like some of the pressure I had been putting on myself to succeed or to be a certain way in public was gone.

I was scared to talk about it at first because I’ve always considered myself a very practical, reasonable person and for some reason not very spiritual. The older I get, the more friends I seem to attract that are extremely spiritual and I haven’t always felt like I fit in.

Well, in Vegas at my mastermind meeting I probably had one of the biggest breakthroughs in my life in a long time – that I was spiritual, in fact I was pretty deep and I have a lot of emotion and energy that still needs to come out. I believe now that there is something that I am meant to do in my life that hasn’t made itself clear yet to me but I know it’s almost here and soon I’ll know what that is.

Sometimes in business just like in relationships you have to understand and know who YOU really are before you can give to others or be fully present in your skin/life.

After meeting with my Intuitive friend today, she confirmed for me that in fact my energy is very spiritual. She felt that I was extremely good, giving and spiritual. She also mentioned that I was afraid to show it which I guess is true. I had been brought up to only share what was necessary (if I was hurt, in trouble, etc.) but not always that it was okay to share my deepest emotions and feelings. Hmmmm….it’s amazing what kind of growth can come and when.

So, I think I’ve figured out who I ultimately am supposed to be:

  • a problem solver
  • a connector
  • and a resource to others

I’ve kind of known that for some time now but I guess I always thought “Well, that’s great but how do I make money at doing that?”.

This is what has kept me from really exploring my own inner authentic self all this time although it’s entrepreneurship that has helped me get closer and closer to this day from which I am thankful.

So, for all of you who are reading this, you might be somewhat confused or maybe you aren’t sure what I’m even talking about but that’s okay. It will all work itself out in the end and if you stick around, you might even totally benefit and grow yourself along the way with me!

I’m headed for more emotion and spiritual awakening from here I’m sure so stay tuned….

Katrina Out —

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