I hope you’re enjoying the holidays and Santa brought you everything you wanted. If not….lets figure out how to GET YOU everything you want in 2013 shall we? It’s not all about being good boys and girls afterall…some of the naughtiest boys and girls seem to make some of the most money huh? LOL

So read on if you’re interested in making some BIG CHANGES and BIGGER MONEY in 2013! You may not want to start 2013 off without some of the below resources and opportunities!

#1 – I want to remind those of you who have emailed me back but not signed up – those ONE-TIME 90 MINUTE *SPECIAL 2012 RATE* COACHING SESSIONS ARE GOING TO BE UNAVAILABLE STARTING IN JANUARY! Book your session today to get a jumpstart on your business, your marketing and your life!

Here’s where to go for the one-time 90 min call you can do with me in January but you have to reserve your space and SIGN UP BEFORE THE END OF THIS YEAR – 2012!

#2 – My book launch is coming to an end…you’ll still be able to buy my book in January and beyond but three things will happen if you wait:

  • The price will go up a couple dollars to the regular price of $16.95 + tax and shipping.
  • Most of the BONUSES WILL BE GONE!
  • I will only be signing the books I have in stock now and when those are gone, you’ll most likely have to purchase it from Amazon without my personal signature.

Go grab your copy and $1000’s in bonuses before December 31st to ensure these things don’t happen to you!

#3 – Interested in having me mentor you for ALL of 2013 in many different ways – 1on1, in person, live events, group calls, added resources, daily emailing and even texting?

I have room to discuss my Live Big Mastermind with 3 interested parties either on January 2nd, 3rd or 4th….
this is a very small group of highly motivated entrepreneurs and you’re welcome to come find out if or how you can join us. I am selective who joins so I need to know if you’re interested in doing this by this Saturday so I can reserve your appointment time for us to discuss this. The call with me for this is ABSOLUTELY FREE to you and there is NO OBLIGATION for you to join. IN fact its an interview for you as well as for me.

hy not at least check it out and see how
much you can accomplish this coming year when you do invest in yourself at this level?

Email me back with “mastermind” in the subject and I’ll email you some times. Or click here and let me know too.

Read more about the mastermind and watch videos of me and other members at www.LiveBigMastermind.com.

In the meantime….

Enjoy the season with family and friends, be merry and joyous as much as possible, try not to sweat the small stuff, don’t drink and drive on New Years, stay safe, and treat yourself too if you can – you deserve it!

One way or another, I look forward to helping you jumpstart your business AND your life this year, next year….whenever you’re ready to get serious. Let’s go!

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