Lessons Learned and Wins for 2019!

Hello and happy holidays!

For those of you who have seen my Facebook this week you know it’s been a very traumatizing week for my family and I won’t lie it’s been a hard five days. If you’d like to read more about what happened, here’s the post I made. There’s an update if you scroll down in the comments as well. It’s a little too hard to continue talking about however. Thank you though for everybody who shared your thoughts, your love, and your prayers, we really appreciate it.

In the midst of all that chaos and sadness, I somehow managed to pull the energy out and launch another International best-selling book! I’m excited for the 11 other authors in the book, many of whom this was their very first book, so to come out of the gate with an international best-seller was really cool for them. And thank you all so much who bought the book and shared it out for us, we really appreciate all that you did.

Then this morning, I was invited to be on a Facebook live with the Women Speakers Association Premier Members of which I’ve been a member of for four years or more (I can’t remember now).

We were asked to share our “wins” for the year things that we wanted to celebrate and even our “lessons learned.”

What I shared wasn’t what I had planned to share, it just came out. It was all about surrounding myself with communities of people who are full of love, friendship, generosity, and integrity. After all, that’s what really drives me these days.

I thought I would share in this email today a few of those wins, celebrations, and even Lessons Learned in hopes that they can help you in some small way.

And I would encourage you to look at your own “year-at-a-glance,” and see where you thrived, excelled, exceeded your expectations, and even stretched outside your own comfort zone. Celebrate yourself, you deserve it!

So, my big wins as I see them:

  1. Launching a brand-new organization called the International Entrepreneur Network and seeing over 140 people join within the year. I wanted to start this because I feel like I’m just not helping enough entrepreneurs. I meet dozens of entrepreneurs every month from all over the world who still have no idea what they are doing when starting up or growing their business. And they are so passionate but aren’t making the money, it breaks my heart and I want to help them. I want to help everyone. That’s why I made it so stupid affordable that it’s a “no brainer” to become a member. Find out more about this and how you can benefit no matter where you are in your business: www.iEntrepreneurNetwork.com 
  2. I’ve helped 36 entrepreneurs become authors so far too, that’s super cool I think. I LOVE being an author and now I have 10 books – whoo hoo! It gets easier and easier to write or be a part of compilations the more that I do. It’s impressive too when you have one, but more than one is even that much more impressive. I love watching their faces when they light up sharing that they are now authors… and even Int’l Best-Selling authors!! Being an entrepreneur can get you in a lot more doors, book you more speaking gigs and even help you get clients! Find out how you can become an author in the Jumpstart Your _____, Vol III book coming out in 2020:  https://jumpstartyourmarketing.com/jumpstartcompilation/
  3. Consistency continues to be a BIG thing for me, it works. Being consistent with my marketing, lead generation, follow up and sales. Being consistent with my message, my actions, my investments, my networking, my boundaries. Being consistent with my beliefs, thoughts, and ability to make decisions quickly and without conviction.
  4. I really immersed myself in a new organization that I joined late last year called Polka Dot Powerhouse. I really love these ladies, they are so supportive, smart and connected. I was so active, I probably met and/or spoke at chapters with over 300-400 members total all year around the US including being an exhibitor at their Celebration conference in Boston. I’ll be back this coming year too PLUS I was chosen as one of the only 6 Diamond Trainers for 2020!! Showing up BIG (and being consistent) really does pay off. Find out more about PDP, and jump on one of the Open Houses online for free to check it out:  www.PolkaDotPowerhouse.com
  5. I got SUPER OUTSIDE my COMFORT ZONE this year and after 11 years moved my 3-day entrepreneur training event to Los Angeles in November. Now, I probably won’t do that again, not because it wasn’t successful, it was. But because my main goal is to “simplify” in my business and life and having a big event like that with lots of moving parts and “stuff” does not simplify anything, it complicates it. So, for that ONE reason, it’s easier for me and Jason (my husband and now AV guy LOL), we will continue holding the events in the greater Sacramento area moving forward. BUT LA was a good test in “trusting that it will all work out in the end” which is one of my mantras. It did. My 2020 event schedule is up now, registration for the Love & Money Live event will be open soon!


Now, for a couple lessons learned in 2019, beyond what I already shared in the wins…

  1. Put myself first. I just told this to a client today too, in fact, we created her a mantra for her 2020 theme for the year “It’s All About Me”. She’s the opposite of selfish, in fact, she’s negative selfish so she really needs this. I told her to set a timer on her phone for every four hours for the whole year. (hee hee) Hopefully she’ll do this. Then when it goes off, have her stop and ask herself: “If it’s all about me, what do I need right now?” That seems like a weird thing to do I know and that often? But for some people, they need that many reminders, they get off track with putting themselves first in so many scenarios and situations every single day – from business and clients, to loved ones to even holding themselves accountable. I’ve been focused on eating right this past year and taking out of my diet the foods that don’t make me feel good – duh, what a concept right? Sticking with good for me, yummy foods. That’s one way that I put myself first. Another is that I sleep when I need to sleep and I make it a top priority to get enough sleep. I haven’t been sick a day all year!
  2. It takes risk. This year I retired my husband from his full-time job so he could start up his own business. (I guess this is one of my WINS too!) It felt really, really good to be able to do that because he was SO unhappy. We took the risk to reduce our income to one in the household so that he could pursue his dream. Not only that but he invested big in HIS business too, entering into a mentoring program for his particular industry of voice overs. Is it harder month by month? Yes but it will only be short term. Is it scary to let something go like that for him? You bet! But he’s lived through cancer, a bad marriage, divorce and a whole host of other things just like all of us and he now knows he can refuse to settle, whether it’s in a job he dislikes or with people that aren’t supportive. It takes trust, faith, determination and a lot of belief that anything is possible. With the right supportive and encouraging people around you, you can do this too.
  3. Keep my distance from yucky people. What do I mean by yucky? The ones who when you see them or hear them, give you that sick-to-your-stomach feeling in your gut, that’s who. If that means I don’t attend some of the biggest conferences in the industry because of it then so be it. I can no longer be around fake or inauthentic people, period. It hurts my energy and it pisses me off to see them lying to unsuspecting people, and more. I can’t be around selfish people who care only about themselves or them making money off of someone without giving a crap if it’s the person’s next best step or not. I can’t be around people who ASSOCIATE with those people, period. This is part of the boundaries I’ve set for myself. And frankly if that means I make less money by not collaborating with some people then who cares. I’m here to help more people create happier lives for themselves which includes more love in their life and money in their business. If you want support around that with someone who really cares about you and isn’t trying to rape you for every dollar you’ve got then reach out and let’s chat! I’m extremely affordable for what you get, you get me, an expert in all things business and marketing! I’m like the best kept secret of the coaching world, mainly because I don’t compromise my beliefs for money or opportunity. I’m the real deal and I’ve helped thousands of people make a lot of money doing what they love.  www.AskKat.biz

That’s a lot of reflection -whew! Thanks for reading.

Here’s to creating and enjoying your happiest life ever with lots more Love & Money!!

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  1. Yvonne Kriens, L.Ac., M.P.H.

    Love your authenticity.
    Grateful for reminder that we do not need inauthentic people around us, straining our credibility and draining our energy.
    All good blessings for now and the future!


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