For introverts, these lead generation strategies might not appeal to you….but for me I love what I do!  Everyone needs to learn how to Work the Room at Events & Conferences to generate more leads without being annoying and salesy. You want people to talk to you, right?

I love going to events, conferences and inspiring, supporting, coaching and even converting people to become clients. Why do I go to so many live events, even if I have to travel to get to them? Because it’s the biggest form of lead generation in my business! Remember you have to do more of what works. And this works IF you know how to work the room like I do.

lead generation work the room at eventsHere are my Tips for Working the Room when you are at Networking Events & Conferences:

  1. Start with Serving – have a goal of helping others rather than finding people to buy your stuff, you will attract a lot more people to talk with.
  2. Have good Energy stay in the frame of mind that it will all work out in the end, if you give, you will get. I go in with loving energy to hold space for people who need my help and are struggling, what do your prospects need?
  3. Ask Lots of Questions stop talking about yourself unless asked, ask other questions than just “what do you do?”. To find out if someone might need my help I ask, “what are your biggest challenges in your business or marketing right now?
  4. Seek the Unknown stop sitting with people you know already (unless you invited them as your guest), move around the room at every break to meet and sit with NEW people to meet as many people as possible
  5. Provide Value if someone expresses a challenge or asks a question about something you have expertise in, help them on the spot, give them a few minutes of “free advice or resources”, not just a flyer about your services to buy first.
  6. Get the Verbal Opt In grab everyone’s business card or contact information but remember to ask them if they’d like to receive your free tips, resources, report, audio, video, etc. and get on your email list. Otherwise you cannot add them, this is a verbal opt in; do it to build your list faster and making the follow up easier
  7. Move ON! don’t hang out with the same people the whole time, there are way too many more people to meet – keep moving on. If someone won’t “let you move on” then politely introduce them to someone else and bow out of the conversation (I call that passing them off)

Other Great Strategies for you to try.

  • When Planning Travel to an Out of Town to an Event or Conference – Prepare ahead of time; check the event/conference schedule first. Then start connecting with your contacts and friends in the area to set up additional fun meetups, Tweetups (if you are holding a meetup on Twitter) and networking opportunities. You can advertise your meeting on Meetup, on Twitter, Facebook Events to name a few ways to get exposure for free. Try this the next time you go to a Conference or an out of town Event – it REALLY WORKS!
  • Hosting Networking Opportunities When I’m hosting a fun networking opportunity in the area I’m traveling to, I use Private Message to send a message to people on Facebook or LinkedIn to invite them to a networking opportunity in their area. On Facebook, simply go to business groups that are in the area of your destination. You can see all of the members of groups on Facebook, IF the group is not SECRET. Remember – you are not going to spam them with your business offerings – NO! The intent is that you want to genuinely connect with them and let them know that. You might tell them that you are hosting a business networking event in their area and would love to see them there. Of course, ask them to come and to share the information about the networking event/meetup with their connections/friends. That’s not salesy or pushy. You are attempting to connect with others in a different area. People will respond to you. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this approach – it’s one of my guerilla marketing strategies.
  • Remember Your Marketing Materials When you are attending out of town events – always bring your marketing materials, information, forms! I’ve made THOUSANDS at an event where I was attending and not speaking at, by simply being prepared with a sampling of things that I offer. This person invested $40k in one of my high end programs! So, make sure you have your marketing materials AND your order forms on your high end programs when you are attending events & conferences.
  • Regarding the Verbal Opt-In Here’s a great tip to help you get the VERBAL Opt-in Make sure to take along something to give to those you meet at Live Events, something to induce them to be on your email list. I have created a Cheat Sheet of 17 Revenue Generating Tips that I offer to those I meet who are struggling in their business. I hand these out at the time I’m talking with them in exchange for their business card(s) AND I let them know that they will be receiving additional tips and information from me because I’m going to put them on my email list! (so they can receive the tips) You can also create a CD to take along to hand out. Just make sure the person knows that you will be signing them up on your email list so you can send them whatever you’re offering that will help them. As you know, or should know, you can’t just add someone to your email list just because they’ve exchanged business cards with you. Get the verbal opt-in!

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Here’s to learning to enjoy lead generation strategies to grow your business and profits!  Talk to you Again Soon!



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