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I made it to International Best-Seller!

As you know, to get a book out to the masses, it takes a lot of work…  This is a great book for NEW business owners and those who want to START UP a new business but aren’t even sure where to begin. There is a LOT in this book from start up ideas, business model explanations, pricing your programs, online business set up tools and recommendations, where you invest money and where definitely NOT to and so much more! 

Where you can help me is:

1.  This is really all I’m asking for today… Please commit to going onto Amazon the day I launch (I’ll tell you when ahead of time and give you reminders) and buy the book (it will only be $.99 on Kindle). Please fill in the form to the right so I can remind you and give you all the marketing copy you’ll need to do this.

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4.  If you have a radio show, podcast, TV show, Facebook live show or any other way to get the word out virtually and want to invite me on as a guest, I’d love to schedule that in anytime from now through the end of this year is fine too!

While you’re waiting for me to launch… and as a thank you, I would love to give you a Free Video Series I created called: Make Money Now. You’ll get access to that once you sign up –>

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