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YOU Fill in the Blank with the thing YOU do with YOUR clients. Use this book as a MARKETING TOOL to get leads and grow your business.

All authors will be asked to help promote and market this book once it’s finished so this could go out to hundreds of thousands of people – all seeing YOUR message!

Jumpstart Your ______ will Include up to 30 authors from all over the World ~ INCLUDING KATRINA SAWA ~

All topics will be included from business, to self development, to love, health, wealth and more! We will divide the chapters by section so it makes sense when reading once we finalize which chapters will be in book.

Fill in the form to the right if you’re at all interested in this opportunity and give me an idea of what your _____ would be. 

This book will SELL OUT FAST, we have 23 chapters filled already (7/17/18) so don’t wait to at least share that you’re interested… no obligation to purchase by filling in the form today

Have Questions? Watch the Video! I think I answered most that have been coming at me.

More Information to Know:

  • Your chapter submission will be due by the end of August 2018 at the latest, mid August is preferred
  • The goals is to launch and publish by the end of October 2018
  • This example cover is NOT the final, we are working on that now and will finalize the subheadline once we have an idea of all the different topics
  • Your photo and bio will be at the back of your chapter inside the book in black and white, you may include a URL to your website or landing page
  • We have all sorts of chapter topics coming through – from business, to self development and health, yours will fit too
  • You’ll be writing approximately 1000-1500 words, it’s up to you but please do not exceed 1500 words.
  • We will be hiring professional editors, proofreaders, cover designers who will be heading up the production and publication of the book
  • We will be doing an Amazon best-seller campaign when it launches in hopes to get #1 which honestly shouldn’t be that hard with my contacts alone
  • You can include images inside your chapter if you give us a good quality image but it will be in black and white
  • The whole inside will be black and white

Don’t wait to RESERVE YOUR WORD/PHRASE NOW. At least sign up in the interest form to the right now so I have you on my radar.

If you know you are ready to commit and choose/reserve YOUR WORD now, then make it official and click one of the buttons to the right and pay now – two options, paying in full or making 3 monthly payments. 

What this opportunity includes:

1000 – 1500 word chapter per Author

Picture and Bio Page included

Personal links to your website

Professional Copy Editor Experts will edit your chapter and sent to you for review

Interior Layout and design professionally done for you!

Cover Design and Layout

Katrina’s support and coaching to hold your hand

Ebook is distributed through ePub, iBook, Kindle, and Nook

ISBN is secured for your book

Worldwide book distribution to online booksellers, wholesalers, brick and mortar independent and chains, bookstores and libraries

Global Distribution of digital editions to online retailers and wholesalers i.e.: Amazon/Kindle, Barnes&Noble/Nook, Apple/iTunes, Kobo.

Hard Copy and Digital Format provided

Online 3D image of the book provided to put on your website or marketing materials

Option to sell on your own site or refer to Kat’s site with small commission or Amazon of course (no commission)

50 Copies of physical book (Additional book ordering available for approximately $5 each – printing prices change often)

BONUS: BEST SELLER Marketing Campaign included

BONUS: Book Promotion Conference Calls with Katrina Sawa & other Experts included

Custom Cover (Possible) OPTION: Custom Cover 4 – Color with your headshot and name on the cover – Additional investment $595 – it still has to be the main cover design but we add in your name and/or headshot to cover instead of Katrina’s or co authored with Katrina if you’d like

(This could end up being a possible series.)

What’s the investment?

A fraction of what this would cost to publish your own book by yourself that’s for sure! Plus our team does all the work, you just need to write a quick chapter. It’s nothing more than a longer article. You can do this!

Participation in compilation books like this run from $1,500 – $7,500! And usually with most of those you only get 1-10 books in hand when you’re done! You have to buy more immediately.

I’ve personally paid up to $2,500 to be included in a compilation book and I’m in 3 of them myself! They were a great way to add credibility to me and what I was doing early on in my business. I even got on my local news being featured in one of them. I highly recommend being an author as soon as possible in your business and this is a very inexpensive and easy way to do that.

Your Investment for the Jumpstart Your ________ 2018 book is $1,000 and you get 50 copies of your book when it’s done!

And you can even have three months to pay that off while you’re working out the content if you want. (small admin fee for payment plan)

SIGN UP TODAY with the payment buttons here IF YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO DO THIS FOR SURE!

Otherwise fill in the form to the right if you’re ** INTERESTED ** but would like to discuss this with me first. Hurry though as I can only include ONE expert for each ______. So if you want “Jumpstart Your Mindset” or something really common, then you need to get in early on.

My Personal Guarantee: If we can’t find a word for your WHAT that ends up working for you in your business (Jumpstart Your ___ ?) then I will refund your investment in full. 

Here is a huge list of possible WHATs to give you some ideas on what you would choose. Note: these all may not be available when you sign up so you’ll want to give me your top 2-3 choices once you pay. 


Each chapter would fill in the blank, one category per book such as:

Jumpstart Your _______

(I’ve noted “taken” next to it if it’s been taken, there are so many words to choose however!)
– Networking – taken

– Ideas

– Life – taken
– Confidence
– Wealth
– Health
– Mindset
– Authenticity
– Community
– Marketing – taken
– Business – taken
– Motivation
– Love Life – taken
– Sex Life
– Purpose
– Relationship(s)
– Weight Loss – taken
– Goals
– Productivity
– Book – taken
– Content
– Website
– Referrals
– Social Media – taken
– Sales – taken
– Freedom

– Communication

– Conversation

– Integrity

– Gratitude

– Speaking

– Happiness

– Courage

– Self


– you fill in the blank????