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There are probably thousands of people you could connect with on Facebook alone much less other sites, in-person networking events, people who are already in your database and more if you really think about it.

But more than likely you’re not taking the time to connect, right?

Maybe you don’t see how it could bring you business or maybe you aren’t sure what to ask them or say to people to get them interested in working with you on some level but doesn’t it make sense to try?

Here are a few ways to start thinking of how to get in front of other people’s lists to leverage your time and expertise.

  1. If someone hosts you as a guest on their teleclass or radio show, you have access to all of their followers, friends, contacts and clients right? That could be thousands of people depending on who it is.
  2. Someone could also run one of your content rich articles in their ezine or on their blog and you’d have access to all their subscribers.
  3. You may run across someone who would be a perfect partner to do a live, in-person event or workshop with.

Now keep in mind you may want to reciprocate these efforts with them to your list or find some way to make it a win-win opportunity for them too.

 Also remember this could be a more long-term marketing strategy because what you promote when you do get an opportunity to be exposed or introduced to their group, list or followers is some way to find out more about what you do for free. You want to offer freebies to get them on YOUR list so you can continue to market to them. You don’t always want to try to sell them right off the bat because they don’t know you yet and they’re less likely to buy first, you want them on your list so offer fun, easy ways for them to do that. 

Your Action Step Today Is: Call, email or send a message on a social site to 5 people each week that could be a good fit for doing this. Seek them out on social sites in groups with complimentary subjects if you aren’t sure where to find them. Look in your organization or chamber directories locally even. Drive them to a phone call where you can discuss if doing any of these is a good fit for both of you and then find a couple a month to take action on!

You can do this! This IS a revenue generating marketing strategy and it works if you do it!

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