Jumpstart Your Business NOW – Focusing and Planning Tip #1

–>> Connect with 1000 or more NEW prospects EVERY MONTH one way or another.

Yes I said 1000 and it IS possible to do this yourself…but you’ve got to have key strategies in place and the systems to manage this kind of volume.

Face it, you’re NOT doing enough marketing to see the results you want for revenue! 

Plain and simple.  In my experience too, most small business owners don’t know which marketing strategies are the quickest, easiest to implement and the least expensive.  Over the next few weeks I’m going to show you a few my clients and I use every week to generate business.

4 Possible Ways to Connect with 1000+ prospects every month include:

  1. In person networking events – have a plan for generating and converting leads and follow up and get to as many events as possible if you need more clients fast. (In person relationship building is the FASTEST way for someone to build trust and connection with you.)
  2. Create your own free teleclass or webinar – these are easy and fast to initiate and market and you’ll have a way to educate, inspire and urge prospects to take action with you once they hear more about what you do and how you can help them.
  3. Get booked for speaking gigs either in person, on the radio, telesummits or other people’s teleclasses or online platforms. This is quite easy if you’re prepared with your speaker sheet, outline of what you talk about, headshot and bio.

Go on a social media networking rampage – you can’t just post, comment and update on social media to reach the masses, you want to reach them one-by-one which is way more personal and it will get a much better response rate. Treat your social media like an in-person networking event, messaging them one by one with a prewritten template message asking them to talk. (This strategy takes a lot longer to explain and you don’t want to mess it up and spam people the wrong way, you can find out more about it here –>> http://www.jumpstartyourmarketing.com/infoproduct-socialmedia)

Ideally you want to delegate as much of this initial connecting as possible but if you can’t right now, that’s ok, just plot time on your calendar every week or every day to make this happen.

This is a revenue generating marketing strategy and it works if you do it!

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