Why is Delegating and Building a Team So Important as a Small Business Owner?

Because you can’t “Do It All Yourself” and “Make a Lot of Money”!!

I know you’re smart, but let’s face it, you’re NOT Superwoman or Superman!

Get out of your own way and start outsourcing, delegating, and even systematizing or automating more in your business so you can finally work SMARTER, not HARDER and so you can finally start building a SMOOTH-RUNNING, MONEYMAKING MACHINE of a business.

  1. Want to take more vacations or enjoy more time with family?
    • You need to delegate more
  2. Want to attract and convert more prospects into your business that become paying clients?
    • You need to delegate more so you can REACH more people (you’re not doing enough marketing)
  3. Want less stress and overwhelm?
    • You need to delegate more and stop trying to do things you’re not good at or that you don’t like to do!

“Katrina has so many tools and systems to help business owners to elevate their business and get them on automatic. She took my new website with beautiful graphics and made it state of the art to handle every aspect of the technology age of business. She is my “go to” for so many things and she’s just amazing! I highly recommend her and her team.” – Syndee Hendricks, Insightful Coaching

Just want to share that I’ve gotten two new clients from my website in the last two months!  Woo hoo!  Thank you again! – Lucas Roy Lehman, Speaker & Coach on Personal Power & Intimacy

Jumpstart Your Techy Team – How We Work

Instead of hiring a variety of Virtual Assistants, Website Designers and other Techy People or Contractors on your own… and potentially not hiring the RIGHT PERSON for the tasks you need done, you can hire the Jumpstart Techy Team and get it all done in one place.

If you’re not sure what you need us to do or need to delegate in the first place, your initial call with Katrina Sawa will help you determine that. Katrina is your strategy point person and project manager.  You don’t have to hire, train, interview or fire your team members when you use us. We bring in the right people for the right jobs and make sure it gets done for you.  On your call (s) with Katrina she will help you determine what’s missing, what needs to get done and which tasks you should delegate first, second and third. We make delegating EASY for you, especially in the beginning when you aren’t sure how to get started.

Techy VA Services Range from $40-60/hour. Website Design Ranges from $2,000 – 2,200.

Not sure if you want to use us for your website and techy services?

  1. Let’s have a conversation! – You can come to a complimentary business strategy session with Katrina Sawa to see if it’s a good fit to work together first and make sure she “get’s you and your business”. Sign up for that here.
  2. You can learn a lot more about what needs to be ON your website first if you want with our Secrets to Success with Your Website Audio Training here:  www.JumpstartYourWebsite.net 

But don’t wait! Your website needs to be the HUB of your business you know. You’ll get so much farther with a professionally designed site!

“Being a very creative, right brained Astrologer, Intuitive Reader, Healer and silk painter, I had no clue on how to promote my business. I now have a beautiful, functional website, I am doing teleclasses and newsletters monthly and I have learned how to promote myself (including learning the technology too). My business is growing steadily and I cannot tell you enough good things about Katrina and her style of coaching. I would not be where I am without her expertise!” – Debra Sholly, Astrologer, Healer, Baton Rouge LA www.WhiteDoveIntuitiveAwakenings.com